Tata Motors Group global sales grow by 19% at 86,996 vehicles in September 2010

CALCUTTA, Oct 15, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / pressreleasepoint) The Tata Motors Group global sales, comprising of Tata, Tata Daewoo and Hispano Carrocera range of commercial vehicles, Tata passenger vehicles along with distributed brands in India, and Jaguar and Land Rover, were 86,996 nos. in September 2010, a growth of 19% over September 2009. Cumulative sales for the fiscal (April 2010 - September 2010) are 511,934 higher by 38% compared to the corresponding period in 2009-10.

Sales of all commercial vehicles were 40,961 nos. in September 2010, a growth of 18%. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 233,573 nos., a growth of 32%.

Sales of all passenger vehicles were 46,035 nos. in September 2010, a growth of 21%. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 278,361 nos., a growth of 43%.

Tata passenger vehicle sales, including those distributed, were 26,507 nos. for the month, a growth of 24%. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 166,074 nos., a growth of 45%.

Jaguar Land Rover global sales in September 2010 were 19,528 vehicles, higher by 16%. Jaguar sales for the month were 4,861, higher by 10%, while Land Rover sales were 14,667, higher by 19%. Cumulative sales of Jaguar Land Rover for the fiscal are 112,287 nos., higher by 40%. Cumulative sales of Jaguar are 29,780 nos., higher by 27%, while cumulative sales of Land Rover are 82,507 nos., higher by 45%.

Tata Motors is India's largest automobile company, with consolidated revenues of Rs. 92,519 crores ($ 20 billion) in 2009-10. Through subsidiaries and associate companies, Tata Motors has operations in the UK, South Korea, Thailand and Spain. Among them is Jaguar Land Rover, the business comprising the two iconic British brands. It also has an industrial joint venture with Fiat in India. With over 5.9 million Tata vehicles plying in India, Tata Motors is the country’s market leader in commercial vehicles and among the top three in passenger vehicles. It is also the world's fourth largest truck manufacturer and the second largest bus manufacturer. Tata cars, buses and trucks are being marketed in several countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and South America.

- pressreleasepoint