Autocar Performance Show in India

Mumbai, India, Oct 15, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / pressreleasepoint) In 2005, more than 40,000 people congregated at Mumbai’s Nehru Centre to visit the first Autocar Performance Show. Since then, every year, the show has been getting bigger and better. In 2009 over 80,000 visitors came to the show. A growing list of reputed exhibitors Audi, Bajaj, BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar – Land Rover Lamborghini, Mahindra, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Yamaha and TVS prompted the organisers to switch to a larger venue at Mumbai’s MMRDA grounds. The reason for this phenomenal growth is because this is not just another auto show.

The Autocar Performance Show is one-of-a-kind, dedicated to the car and bike enthusiasts in this country. It is a show that celebrates the sensual over the sensible, the extravagant rather than the economical and spectacular scores over sober.

Now here are 10 good reason for you not to miss APS 2010.

1. The Supercar Gallery: You have seen them in posters. You have seen them in Hollywood films. You have seen them in coffee-table books. But still they are guaranteed to make your heart a skip a beat and your jaw hit the floor when you see these beauties in the flesh. Cars penned by Italian designers obsessed with Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci. Madcap motors engineered by Germans under the influence of Oktoberfest. Vehicles designed by Americans dreaming of world dominance. Can you guess what these cars are? Come and check your answers at the Performance Show. We assure you it will be worth your plane ticket.
2. The Royal Garage: Mumbai’s Navnit Motor has built a reputation for catering to the exacting demands of the rich and famous. Now check out those royal chariots from their garage that deliver an iron fist under the velvet glove. The new Rolls Royce Ghost. The iconic BMW 7-Series that marries adrenalin-pumping performance with opulent comfort. And this gentlemen, is just part of the garage.
3. M&M Track Experience: Get into a Mahindra SUV and get the ultimate off-road experience. Get into the thick of action on a specially created track with mud, slush, gravel, water and obstacles to challenge vehicle and driver. Great help if you are preparing for the Paris-Dakkar Rally.
4. JBL Beach Party: There’s a certain music in the burble of a V12. But JBL’s Beach Party at the Performance Show is going to stick to the more conventional kind of music like rock and hip-hop. Crazy cars plus headbanging music plus beach party equals one kickass experience.
5. Power Doctors: How do you wring out that last ounce of bhp from an engine? How do you extract that extra burst of acceleration out of your machine? How do you turn Dr.Jekyll into Mr.Hyde? Bolt-on exhausts, air-filters, spoilers, sport-seats, NOS kits, custom shocks, modded cam heads, ECU tuning are just some of the answers. Meet the big daddies of tuning and performance enhancement kits at the Performance Show.
6. Toys for Boys: Stamp your personality into your car with a basket of after-market gizmos and accessories. From entertainment systems to driving aids to cosmetic makeovers, there’s something for everyone.
7. Bikeworld: You normally see them only in posters. Now see them for yourself. These are not the fill it-shut it-forget it types of bikes. These are the big boys.
8. The Kotak Lounge: You don’t just have to lust after all the heavy metal on show here. You can make them yours. Kotak car finance will be hand to make it a reality for you.
9. The Surprise Specials: Yes there are some surprises waiting for you at the Performance Show. We have been sworn to secrecy about the machines that will be unveiled here. All we can say is that India will see it here first, at the Performance Show.
10. The Autocar Experience: Come meet the people who put together your favourite auto magazine. Come meet up with a community of enthusiasts for whom driving is a religion. Come make friends, widen your horizons, feel the fuel pump through your veins and enjoy yourself.

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