Devi - The Ethos of Empowerment capturing the essence of Durga in the contemporary times

An exhibition of painting by Camellia Suman & Biswajit Das ,14th to 17th October 2010, 9am-12pm The tryst between the deities and the artists is not a new tradition. It dates back almost to the origin of the art of paintings, through which the artisans have always revealed their imaginative embodiment of the deities and their virtues. However, in the seasoned hands of Biswajit Das and Camelia Suman (the duo hitherto famous for their HORSEPOWER and NOSTALGIA - Down the Memory Lane), the art of deity depiction has a reached a new height altogether.

New Delhi, Delhi, October 11, 2010 /Washington Bangla Radio / India PRwire/ The artist have selected the famous Durga Puja season to host an exhibition at Kalibari, C R Park, New Delhi. In essence, the duo artists have tried to delve into two different sides of Durga through their exhibition. One side tried (successfully) to depict the embodiment of feminine power, as envisioned in the Hindu scriptures. This side of Durga highlights her image in various forms, starting from the destroyer of the evil, to the restorer of goodness in the society. The bold stokes, beautiful color blends and shades have given a unique touch of power and depth to these forms of Durga.

On the other hand, the artists have tried to capture the essence of Durga in the contemporary times with their strong imagination and vividly metaphysical mysteries. It goes without saying that, albeit of all the jargons of women-empowerment in the current society, the fairer gender is still facing discriminating exploitation, humiliation and un-called-for subjugations. That's why the artists have tried to capture the essence of Durga in contemporary times and have successfully depicted the transformations women are going through at various levels of societal ladder. This half the exhibition leaves a bold mark in the viewers minds with its unique blend of color, shades and heightened display of splendid imagination of the cosmos, that centers around the power of nature (women).

In their most unorthodox style, Biswajit and Suman have successfully conveyed their message through the polluted minds of the apparent viewers and the message is simple - emancipation and empowerment of feminine power has always been the source of energy behind the progress of the universe.

In the critical times like now, we need more of such young artists to come forward and offer their heightened imagination, so that we, the lesser mortals, start realizing the power of paintings! I'm sure, the appreciators of this exhibition will go back home with an enriched mind that will always ponder and value the flow of empowerment of women in our society. The impact will definitely outlast the festive frenzy, as the message itself is as deep and old as the mankind itself. We must congratulate the artists for the grand success of this exhibition and we expect our appreciation goes a long way as an encouragement for the duo to come up with such exceptional offerings in near future as well.