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By Subhomoy Mukherjee

CALCUTTA, Oct 13, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Chetla Agrani Sangha is a old puja of South Kolkata and they are renowned for their unique theme Durga puja. This year their theme is motherhood with growing of a child, more specifically, different phases of life of a human being.

Kolkata Calcutta Durga Puja Online Picture - Chetla Agrnai Club Durga Puja

They show the entire theme by comparing grow of the human being with grow of a Lotus. The front of the pandal shows birth of a child from mother’s womb by sculpture and laser rays whereas peak of the pandal shows a full grown lotus as symbol of a adult person. At the background of the idol, the light is changing to depict different phases of mother hood whereas the idol has only two hand instead of ten for blessings only and the idol is sitting here is conventional Bengali style keeping her children on her lap and the demon is portrayed as evil power to be protected by the aura of mother. Agrani Sangha has taken care of making the pandal and idol as environmental friendly and fire protected.

Agrani always participates and encourages social and cultural activities by helping destitute, poor students, arranging blood donation camps, cultural programs and donating in the funds for economically weaker sections. Agrani is in the final round of IIDR sarood Samman.

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