Behala Pragati Sangha - Interview with Nilmoni Roy | Kolkata Durga Puja Parikrama Online

CALCUTTA, Oct 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Subhomoy Mukherjee, WBRi reporter in Kolkata, spoke with Nilmoni Roy, one of the chief organizers of Behala Pragati Sangha Durga Puja committee this year.

Around the year 2000 AD, the spectators found a new destination in Kolkata puja map, that is. Behala. That is due to start of new generation theme based pujas planned by eminent artists as well as young talents from art collages and designing institutes.

Right now, Behala is observing many pujas and Behala is established as most popular puja hub to all.

Uniqueness with growing concern of people regarding our heritage, culture, environment, tradition, etc. are the main objectives of Behala based pujas. Pragati Sangha is no exception and they are popular and reputed in Behala league of high profile pujas. They are well known not only for their theme but also for their cultural and social activities. They try to provide lunch to all the residents of the are during puja. At the same time they participate in literacy campaign and help NGOs who are working for destitute, old people and children. They are fund raiser towards providing clothes to poor people.

At the time of worshipping Goddess, they always take care of maintaining tradition. They also obey all the Government rules and take care of fire protection, energy saving, water conservation etc. though they are strong contender for awards, their objective is to please the spectators and make the aware of social issues through the puja itself.