Durga Puja in the United States

The trucks are all loaded in Kumartuli, the mandaps or the pandals glittering, teens and not-so-teens in Calcutta have long included choturthi in their puja days….the scene is very different among the Bengalis in Calcutta, may be even in Delhi. But what about us, the NRI Bongs of the United States of America? Some of us have already celebrated Devi Ma’s arrival in America. After all crossing the Atlantic is not an easy job J

Some pujas are to be held in the coming weekend of 16th and 17th October. Here are a few glimpses of the Durga Puja held in the United States:

South Bend (Indiana): Organised by Chhandam, the local Bengali group. The unique idea of Prof. Amitava Dutt of the University of Notre Dame, (Indiana) brought Bengalis from state and neighboring states together to celebrate Durga Puja. the arrangements were just too good; elaborate Prasad, bhog and a vegetarian meal. The puja was held in the Hindu Temple complex in the same city.

BAGC (Bengali association of Greater Chicago): celebrating the 41st Durga Puja in Bartlett, IL.

The budget is certainly high and the arrangements are also elaborate. The festivities will go on for 3 days, starting Friday, 15th October to Sunday 17th October 2010. The evenings are full of cultural activities with well known singers from Calcutta flying down to perform.

Saikat: a charitable, non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting Bengali culture in San Diego and neighboring communities; the durga puja was held during the week end of 8th and 9th with cultural programmes and activities for children.