Roger Waters bows to Jewish criticism and alters video for "The Wall" live concert show

Oct 11, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / pr-inside) World famous Pink Floyd Rocker ROGER WATERS has bowed to pressure from officials at America's Anti-Defamation League and 'tweaked' an offensive video which plays on a big screen behind him during his THE WALL shows.

The video segment causing all the trouble juxtaposed the Star of David and dollar signs.

Abe Foxman, the director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), criticised the veteran musician for projecting the image above the stage, insisting the display could be seen as anti-Semitic.
Waters initially insisted Foxman had misinterpreted the imagery - and he wrote an open letter to him to explain.

He wrote, "(This is a) serious charge that demands a response. Had Mr Foxman come to my show before passing judgement and commenting publicly he might, I hope, have held his peace, as there is no anti-Semitism in The Wall Show. The song to which he refers, Good Bye Blue Sky, describes how ordinary people, military and civilians alike, suffer trauma in the aftermath of war.

"Mr Foxman's concern was that potentially the juxtaposition of a Star of David and a Dollar sign might incite hatred of Jews. Contrary to Mr Foxman's assertion, there are no hidden meanings in the order or juxtaposition of these symbols." But it now appears the former Pink Floyd star has had a change of heart - he has subtly separated the symbols.

According to, the Mercedes symbol now follows the stars.

Prior to the tour, Waters told Rolling Stone magazine he knew his questionable stance on the conflict between Palestinians and Jews would raise controversy - but he insisted he wasn't trying to start trouble.

He told the publication, "There are huge, huge profits to be made from war, and that, by and large, is why they happen so often. This show is unashamedly about all those big questions.
"Some people think that people shouldn't use the platforms that they have because of their celebrity or success. I don't subscribe to that view at all."