Explore How Baby Boomers Make Decisions About Life, Love

St. Charles, IL, October 08, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PR.com)-- People make all kinds of decisions every day of their lives, whether it’s what they should have for lunch or what kind of care they should arrange for an aging parent. Everyone’s decision-making process is different, driven by his experience in understanding, relationships and God. This engaging book explores what drives the nation’s 75 million baby boomers and the decisions they make regarding love, school, career, family and fun. It moves from love and prejudice to the daily reality, dreams and worries of baby boomers, driven by snippets that “expose the author’s best and worst decision making,” Francis J. Kostel writes.

A Baby Boomer’s Decision Making, published by Dog Ear Publishing, leads readers through the process of making decisions, from learning the tools to the peaks and valleys of choices to reflecting on choices made. The author shares his own decisions, such as agreeing to serve as interim principal at a high school he’d served for many years, and how he made his way after not being named officially to that position. Or his decision to attend St. Augustine Seminary for high school and learning meditation, which helped him later in life in his career and as a family man. A series of discussion questions mirroring the 11 chapters of the book allows individuals to reflect in private and provides small groups the opportunity to explore decision-making issues together.

Author Francis J. Kostel has experience with organizational success and conflict resolution. He serves as executive coach and mentor through August One Consulting and as an educator has given presentations on leadership, strategic planning, personnel evaluation, change and policy decisions. He has served on statewide and regional boards. Kostel, who earned a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, was superintendent of schools in St. Charles, Il., and principal of St. Charles High School.