Imagine you are the next Jesus - Secrets of Eastern Super-Men Revealed To West

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San Francisco, California, United States of America, October 5, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / - You are living in a period of rapid changes. The next 14 days will be filled with opportunities and dangers. But will you be able to recognize them? Fortune will smile on some men. Disaster will dog the footsteps of others. Which ones will you choose?

We have heard it from Einstein, we heard it from Emerson, Carl Jung said it, so did Napoleon Hill... your mind is thousands of times more powerful than you have ever dreamed! We all have heard a version of it, yet very rarely do we come across a proven step by step method that actually shows us how to tap into this apparent reservoir of untapped potentials! In the recent years we have seen the popularity of new age ideas like law of attraction rise and fall, some saying it works yet many others sorely disappointed by lack of success. Yet while the debate still goes on and scores of new age books overflow the shelves of bookstores, one underground teacher has been steadily changing lives and consistently delivering results to virtually anyone who is able to find him. Today, celebrating his 100,000 student mark, this reclusive mystic and spiritual teacher opened up to us.

"Its a great day for us" says Shafin de Zane the author of the online bestseller "Redefine Your Reality" and the founder of this life changing course. "Today marks the day we have been able to touch lives of 100,000 students directly, entirely for free. It was a vision, a dream that started about 5 years back and today it has been fulfilled."

It's a little hard to believe what incredible impact Shafin's course has on his students unless you see it for yourself. Testimonials upon testimonials, from university professors to celebrity psychologists to famous magicians to every day people around the world, are showcased on his website. In only 14 days people experience a total life makeover. Unbelievable but true.

One Dean Jacobsen from South Africa writes "I have been telling everyone I know about (Shafin) and how my life has changed. (Shafin has) given me a reason to live again, and for that I am eternally grateful." Truly remarkable are the stories of people who come together on his website and write about the miraculous results they have experienced.

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A Journey Beyond Law Of Attraction, Spiritual Healing & Mind Power

On the website, we also learn about the startling story of a book that contains secrets far beyond what the usual new age ideas like law of attraction propose, a book passed from hand to hand by the few who were fortunate enough to know of it till it became a veritable legend, a book that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the limitations you have been led to accept for your mind and body are completely false . As we come to the end of the book, we find ways to develop the “Super Powers” locked today in our unconscious - powers that most people never dreamed existed until this book begins to reveal them, one by one.

Backed by cutting edge research of the frontier sciences like quantum physics and psychoneuroimmunology, the book shows hows every human being has access to almost-unbelievable mental powers that can liberate every aspect of our entire life - literally overnight ! This book is Redefine Your Reality - Awaken to Light. Far from wishy washy, pie in the sky theories about mind power and visualization, this book goes into topics very rarely encountered in the usual metaphysical books. Yet what we loved about this book is that very rarely does it venture out of what the modern science already has proven or at least point to very directly.

"The problem with most people is not that they have no power, but they are not willing to accept their power" says Shafin de Zane to us. "With great power comes great responsibility and most people, at least subconsciously know this to be true. Its so much easier to be mediocre, all you have to do is nothing at all. Yet if you are ready, if you are willing, the truth will set you free... as these 100,000 people will tell you."

We are definitely convinced. And anyone who sees what life enhancing effects Shafin's course has on people will be too. So move on law of attraction! The new secret is here, and its far deeper than any of the feel good commercial/pseudo spiritual ideas out there.

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