HDTV Deal - The beautiful Samsung LN40C630 40 Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV & Peerless PA740 Articulating Wall Mount

With standard-definition TVs, the rule used to be that viewers would feel comfortable watching a set from a distance of 3 to 6 times the screen size in inches.

With HDTV, the resolution is so much better that you can sit closer to a larger TV without noticing the pixels. So with HDTVs, the rule tends to be you can sit anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times the screen size (in inches) for the best experience.

If you know the size of the room you have already, where you want to sit, and where your new HDTV should go once you get it, you can figure out the size HDTV you should get.

* Minimum size = Viewing distance/3

* Maximum size=Viewing distance/1.5

Make the move to the smoothest LCD action ever. Samsung's LN40C630 LCD HDTV offers incredible color and rich clarity, all on a 40-inch screen. Add the power of Samsung's Wide Color Enhancer, for a picture that optimizes a given color's hue, resulting in more natural rendering of colors and lifelike action. Samsung HDTVs are also ENERGY STAR compliant, helping the environment by using less energy while saving you money.


"Basically, the deal is this: this tv is super sweet - the video quality is incredible." says S. Weaver from Stone Mountain, GA, United States. "I have a Samsung 32" LCD with a 60 MHz refresh rate, and the letters that swoop by at the bottom ticker on CNN/ESPN/FAUX News noticeably "ghost", leaving a little white afterimage. This tv? Barely, if at all, so the 120 MHz makes a differenct folks.

The Auto Motion Plus - this setting does indeed make movies and shows look weird, like soap operas (just trust me) - but, my dear sports fans, when you have the game on it is awesome, just awesome. (Wish the remote had a shortcut to cycle the AutoMotion Plus options!)

Sound - good, and quite loud - I can only go up to about about volume 18 before it is too loud. In my bedroom, I will not be needing a sound system, so I'm glad the sound is good enough out of the box.

Looks and setup - no problems, it was trivial for one person. The glass base and stand is an elegant touch.

Remote - backlit keys, and thoughtfully ergonomic - too bad it won't control my Comcast box.

Summary - the only lingering question is durability. Rest assured that any problems I have will be dutifully reported here in this space."

Buy this amazing HDTV with a matching wall mount that assures the best viewing position when you can effortlessly pull the screen out from the wall, position it in almost any direction, even turn it around corners and then smoothly return it to the wall when finished. The Peerless PA740 Articulating Wall Mount lets you level the screen at any time, even after installation, for that picture perfect end result. What's more, the cable management system means you never worry about cables and cords getting in the way again.

Technical Specifications

The Samsung LCD 630 HDTV is a smooth operator: 120 Hz Clear Motion Rate technology allows you to see fast action with a smoothness that’s clearly ahead of the competition. The AllShare feature even allows you to sync up your entire household: A wired or wireless DLNA connection lets you stream your PC audio and video files to your HDTV using your remote. And Samsung’s Touch of Color design combines texture and color that will complement any décor.

Key Features

    * Screen Size: 40 inches
    * Full 1080p HD resolution: Enjoy the powerful picture quality, vivid colors and stunning clarity of Full HD 1080p resolution.
    * 120 Hz clear Motion Rate: Samsung 120 Hz technology allows you to see fast action with a smoothness thats clearly ahead of the competition.
    * Touch of Color: Exclusive Charcoal Grey Touch of Color design combines texture and color that can complement any room.
    * ConnectShare Movie: Connect a thumb drive or digital camera quickly and easily. User-friendly interface allows access to videos, a music
      playlist and pictures via the remote.
    * Exceeds ENERGY STAR Standards: Up to 43% more energy efficient than ENERGY STAR 4.0 minimum standards.
    * Game Mode enhances dark areas, sharpens the picture, speeds up the image processing response and enhances the sounds of your games. Picture and sound quality optimized for the special needs of gaming systems at the touch of a button.
    * Wide Color Enhancer Pro delivers the entire spectrum of color and luminance for rich, saturated images with intense detail.
    * BD Wise: Automatically adjusts all your componets for the best picture and sound quality.
    * AllShare: Sync up your entire household. A wired or wireless DLNA connection lets you stream your PC audio and video files to your HDTV using yoru remote.
    * 10 Watts x 2 audio power stereo broadcast reception: Supports multichannel sound (MTS)and second audio program (SAP) with 181-channel capacity.
    * DNSe: Delivers high-quality sound with more natural effects than conventional methods by reproducing the “genuine” stereo sound.
    * Warranty: 1 year parts and 1 year labor warranty (90 days parts and labor for commercial use), backed by Samsung toll-free support.
    * Swivel Stand


    * 4 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface):
        3 back, 1 side
      HDMI makes it easy to connect your home theater with one cable per component.
    * Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Allows peripheral AV devices such as a DVD player to be controlled by a Samsung TV remote control.
    * USB: 2 side
    * PC input: 1 back


    * TV without stand: 38.5 x 23.4 x 3.2 inches (WxHxD); 31.3 pounds
    * TV with stand: 38.5 x 26.0 x 10.0 inches (WxHxD); 38.8 pounds