What's Hot This Halloween Season? Costumes for the season - a Latest Fashion and Trend Overview

Garnet Valley, PA, October 04, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PR.com) Every Halloween season there are some costumes that are more sought after than others. In no particular order below, HalloweenAdventure.com presents the customers most popular picks of Halloween Costumes for this season.

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1.) Super Mario Bros Costumes for both adults and children. Not only can Dad dress like Luigi, but Junior can don Yoshi as well. The costumes became popular thanks to the Nintendo's Wii Video Game system.

2.) R.I.P. Michael Jackson. Customers love the Sequined Glove and matching socks. They can't get enough of the rocking Thiller Jacket! The King of Pop will never go out of style. This season, just as last year, Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes will stay among the favorites of the season.

3.) Lady Gaga Costumes have got it going on with their abstract geometric dresses and hair bows made of ... well hair. People have been asking about them ever since she released Poker Face and they haven't stopped asking so far.

4.) Avatar Costumes have entered their charts thanks to the great movie and Ben Stiller's movie awards ceremony performance.

5.) Before the movie was ever released, Tim Burton's version of the ever famous Alice In Wonderland was in huge demand. People were Mad for the Mad Hatter's Costume made famous by Johnny Depp. This year is no different as the costumes are finally available for the masses as they jump down that rabbit hole.

6.) Vampire costumes have been in high demand ever since Anne Rice's "Interview With a Vampire." But now Werewolves are making a come back due to fan-demics like True Blood and Twilight.

7.) Iron Man 2 costumes are on the list for a second year in a row, with more War Machine costumes than ever before. The Arc Reactor is hotter than hot and these babies are flying off the shelves.

8.) Toy Story 3 Costumes are big this year for adults as well as children. Just about every character is available including Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Although Buzz and Woody are the toys everyone wants to be, there is a significant demand for The Army Men or T-Rex Costumes this year.

9.) A surprise this year are The Jersey Shore Costumes. Who would have thought that people will talk about The Jersey Shore so much, that someone would decide to manufacture costumes for someone who names their abs The Situation. If you thought that punch in the face was hilarious or just plain brutal you too can act it out with your own Snookie wig.

10.) Yo Gabba Gabba has got to be the most sought after line of costumes so far this year for the small children and even the big kids too.

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