Washington DC Indie Band Side FX Hits Top 40 Radio

KIM CAMERON - Singer-Songwriter for Side FXWashington, DC, October 4, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) Relatively new indie band ‘Side FX’ makes its way to CHR and HOT AC stations across the US. In a surprise move, and outside of the industry standard, this indie band released a new single, (digitally only), from their unreleased third album ‘The Blond Side.’ This was a bold move considering their latest album ‘Turning Point,’ which was just released in January 2010, is now charting on CMJ stations across the US.

“The industry is so upside down right now,” says Kim Cameron, lead singer and songwriter for Side FX. “Our fans are very devoted and I sensed that they wanted something new given the emotional climate across the country. This song is very different then our other material, but stays true to the telling of stories.”

Kim says ‘Sexy Smile’ is about a woman she met on tour earlier this year in Black Mountain, NC.

“She had a sincere sadness in her eyes as she told me about another failed relationship she just completed, and that she really needed to find emotionally available men,” Kim says. 'Sexy Smile' has a upbeat tempo with heavy synthesizer throughout, putting it on the cusp of almost club music.

With only 4 weeks out of the gate, ‘Sexy Smile’ has already hit the playlists on Voice of America and 20 other Top 40 stations, which is big news for an indie band who only began their musical journey a little over 2.5 years ago. CHR and HOT AC stations have traditionally been known to accept large label singles only and rarely take the time, or the chance, on a new band from across the country.

“The past few years have been tough for indie bands trying to break through radio“ says Hunter Scott, head of marketing for LaFamos PR & Branding, “but outstanding music still has room in today’s ever-changing musical climate.”

Side FX is a five piece band that hails from Washington DC with an alternative pop sound that is all their own. The band, who is well known for exploring new sounds and combining rhythms and beats that together offer the unexpected, continue to break traditional boundaries within the music industry. In a short period of time, Side FX has accomplished what takes most bands years to do. The band is fronted by sultry singer-songwriter-designer Kim Cameron.

Side FX was formed in 2008, the band was launched with their CD, 'Contradictions.' The CD was featured on hundreds of US and International radio stations. The band's sophomore CD, ‘Turning Point’ was released January 19, 2010. 'Turning Point' was produced by Robert Jazayeri (No Doubt, Britney Spears) and already received national placements on Poolside Palisades Pool Party Web series, Fox Sports, Eos music, Pure Play, More Magazine, Smart Money, and others. Side FX is also known for their contributions to the U.S. Veteran’s Administration with the donation of over $27,000 in free concerts and gifts to former military personnel.

Upcoming live performances can be found on Shows or the band's two websites sidefxband.net and kimcameronmusic.com.

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