Having Hamsters as Pets and the Things You Need to Know

A Hamster is a creature belonging to the family of rodents. They feed on plants and animals both and thus belong to the category of Omnivorous animals.

A Hamster cage, a hideout or an empty aquarium is the best place for the Hamster to be kept. It is advisable to not to use wooden cage or hide out, because Hamster can eat it all and can make space for its escape and can even injure itself. A cage made of metal is the best. Try to buy the biggest possible cage, bigger the cage more is the moving space for the hamster and better for its health and life. An empty aquarium or a glass cage is also advisable because it gives a feeling of open space to the animal and it does not feel poisoned behind metal bars of the cage. For hide outs you can always experiment. Usually they prefer to make their own hideouts under cupboards or near corners in dark places by eating out the wooden surface. Never pull them out of their hide outs because they always feel safe and snuggled in them.

Initially it can take time for the hamsters to mix up with you, but do not force your friendship on them. Hence do not risk yourself by picking them up if you are not sure of their comfort, because they might byte you. Hamsters get scared from new or unknown people and can byte when they are scared. Once you are sure of their comfort cuddle your hands around them to pick them up in your hands. They like to play with toys also. Their best toys are Toilet paper roll, pipe, wheel etc. But this animal does not like to have all the toys together at once. It is a change loving animal, so it likes to have new toy after some days. So give it new toy after a gap of few days.

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