Live Mahalaya Broadcast - Birendra Krishna Bhadra on WBRi Washington Bangla Radio USA at 4 AM Worldwide Free MAHISHASUR MARDINI

By Supratim Sanyal

WBRi wishes to thank Mr Ramji Sathyamurthy of Saregama, USA and Mr. Shameek Banerjee of Bhubneshwar, India for making the internet livecast possible.



The Mahishashurmardini audio broadcast will be repeated per the following schedule. Please note that the 4 AM Indian Time broadcast will be a live relay of the original AKASHVANI KOLKATA program; the others will be playbacks of recordings.

10/15/2012 4 AM @ SYDNEY AUSTRALIA - WBRi Studio time: 10/14/2012 2 PM

10/15/2012 4 AM @ CALCUTTA INDIA - WBRi Studio time: 10/14//2012 6:30 PM (LIVE RELAY FROM ALL INDIA RADIO)

10/15/2012 4 AM @ BERLIN GERMANY - WBRi Studio time: 10/14//2012 10:00 PM

10/15/2012 4 AM @ WASHINGTON DC/Eastern Time USA - WBRi Studio time: 10/15/2012 4 AM (of course!)

10/15/2012 4 AM @ SAN FRANCISCO/Pacific Time USA - WBRi Studio time: 10/15/2012 7 AM

Washington DC, September 16, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio): As in past years, Washington Bangla Radio USA (WBRi) - the pioneering internet Bengali online Radio station - will air Birendra Krishna Bhadra 's legendary Mahishasurmardini program on the day of Mahalaya on Monday October 15 2012 repeated at 4 AM across various time zones across the globe.

In a Bengali Radio tradition for more than half a century, All India Radio (Akashvani) Kolkata broadcasts spiritual poet Birendra Krishna Bhadra's recitation Mahishashura Mardini (a collection of shlokas and songs dedicated to Goddess Durga) at 4 AM the day of Mahalaya, ushering the Bengali festival of Durga Puja that stars a week from the day of Mahalaya.

All India Radio (AIR), officially known as Akashvani, founded in 1936, is the radio broadcaster of India and a division of Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India), an autonomous corporation of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

Washington Bangla Radio is a path-setting online Bengali Radio station operated by WBRi, Inc. broadcasting classic and contemporary Bangla songs and Music from Germantown, Maryland, USA.

Mahishashurmardini by Birendra Krishna Bhadra is broadcast free on Washington Bangla Radio on Mahalaya courtesy of Saregama Plc, erstwhile HMV.

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