Fitness Expert Robin Farr (Mommy Baby Exercise) Films at Paris Fashion Week

October 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / I-Newswire) Interviewing hot male models in the heart of Paris, the city of love, is just another of Robin Farr’s perks as she continues to follow her passion to help moms get their best body ever.

The interview this time was at Fashion Week with easy-on-the-eyes model David Guerre in the produce section of his local grocery store. Robin and David chat about the simple and healthy preparations that moms can make at home to get in bikini body shape and lose weight fast. Combining simple, flavorful foods with simple exercises, Robin’s mommy baby exercise sensation is one of the most popular women’s fitness programs introduced this year.

Robin Farr’s fun and easy fitness solution includes simple recipes that include plenty of food and don’t leave you hungry. As she says, “…high protein, high fiber, high water content foods are the magic formula to a great body and a full tummy.” Her healthy approach to postnatal fitness and weight loss is designed to shape and tone a hot body while ensuring all the energy a mom needs to keep up with the demands of a newborn, a family and work.

As a former financial industry manager who held Series 7, 24, 31 and 66 certifications, as well as an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Robin is no stranger the demands of today’s successful moms. Couple the “never enough time” stresses of a working mom and the daunting challenge of shedding those “extra pounds” after childbirth and it’s a recipe for the all too typical rollercoaster weight loss and frustration.” says Robin. Though you’d never know if from looking at her slender and toned body now, Robin should know; during her mid 20’s her peak weight was over 200lbs. Using this combination and her sassy style, she shed almost 70 pounds of unwanted body weight and has kept it off for almost 10 years and after pregnancy.

Offering a fun and easy solution to new mothers asking “How do I lose baby weight fast?”, Postnatal fitness expert Robin Farr and her site leverage 22 exercises that are based on the common daily activities most moms are already doing. By including the infant child in most of the exercises, the fitness solutions is also building the connection with the baby, working on infant communication and rapidly toning mom’s body.

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