Augmentation Might Affect Breastfeeding: Women may be several times more likely to be unable to breastfeed after breast implants

NEW YORK, NY, October 03, 2010 /Washington Bangla Radio - 24-7PressRelease/ -- The majority of women in New York and elsewhere who get breast augmentation  are in the age range 18-34, which means they are also in the age range that may still be looking forward to having children and may want to breastfeed their children. This leads many women to wonder whether breast augmentation will affect their ability breastfeed or whether breast implants can harm their children.

Breast Augmentation Might Affect Breastfeeding

But it's impossible to know exactly how much. Many women are unable to breastfeed anyway. The number that are physically incapable of breastfeeding is relatively small, but many women face difficulties and in the absence of appropriate support and instruction may give up before giving an adequate try. There have been a few small studies that suggest women may be several times more likely to be unable to breastfeed after breast implants, but these studies are old and their results have not been replicated. Currently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that there is no risk of breast augmentation interfering with breastfeeding.

It does, however, acknowledge that nipple sensitivity changes are a known and possible complication of breast surgery, and changes in nipple sensitivity can affect a woman's ability to successfully breastfeed. In many cases, nipple sensitivity change is a surmountable challenge for breastfeeding women.

Breast Augmentation Does Not Affect Baby Health

Currently, there is no good evidence to suggest that breast augmentation or breast implants have any effect on breastfeeding infants. Suggestions that silicone breast implants may pass silicone to a breastfeeding child have not been shown, despite several attempts. Breastfeeding infants seem to gain weight, bond with their mothers, pick up immunities, and receive all other benefits associated with breastfeeding. Nor have breast implants been associated with autism, autoimmune disorders, or systemic disorders in breastfed infants.

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