FCC confirms Unlocking Cell Phones Entirely Legal

New York, NY, October 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PR.com) This past summer, the Federal Communications Commission released revised rules governing a number of intellectual property issues with respect to modern media and technology. After a lengthy process of reviewing the changes in regulations themselves, online super-retailer Cell2Get.com is pleased to announce that the unlocking of mobile handsets is indeed perfectly legal and here to stay.

“From the very beginning our own lawyers had advised us that it was all right,” said company spokesman Asa Kindling. “But this recent ruling will give our customers an even greater confidence.” Long famous for helping to pioneer the unlocked cell phone phenomenon many years ago, Cell2Get.com has long since expanded into selling all kinds of mobiles, even those bearing contracts from some of the industry’s staunchest advocates of the old system, major carriers like Verizon and AT&T. “Most of our business derives from sales of contract handsets anyway now,” Asa added, “but we retain this service because it is still in some demand and because it was where we first started as a company.”

Also known more colloquially as jailbreaking a phone, unlocking a phone can be as simple as dialing a special code into the handset to as complicated as requiring special hardware. According to Cell2Get.com, the vast majority of makes and models on the market can be unlocked remotely, without requiring the unit to be shipped in.

“We always knew we had fair-use rights under long-established precedent, but the FCC now removes all doubt, hopefully discouraging forever any attempt at a lawsuit.” As a kind of celebration, Cell2Get.com is planning to offer special sales on selected handsets and accessories. More details are available at the company website or through their facilities in Brooklyn, New York.

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