Interview | Film-Maker SUNIT BHATTACHARYA (Director, Kolkata Bengali Movie SMRITI MEDUR) talks to MOU SANYAL, acclaimed singer

Smriti Medur premiered in Kolkata at the Nandan cinema hall on April 2, 2009. The film is written and directed by Sunit Bhattacharya with music direction by Soumitra Talukdar & Subho Nandi. Lyrics are penned by Tarun Singha.

Soumitra Talukdar and Mou Sanyal talk to the director Sunit Bhattacharya on Washington Bangla Radio in this exclusive and intimate interview  about the film-maker's career in films.

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Smriti Medur is a story of romantic love between an older beautiful woman Smriti played by Sreelekha Mitra (Tolly Lights, Hello Kolkata) and a younger man Ayan played by Ritwik Chakraborty.

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The shooting of Bengali feature film Smriti Medur was completed in just eleven days, including Outdoor and indoor says the Director Sunit Bhattacharya.

Sunit, at the time of his childhood, loved to watch plays, sometimes he used to burst out crying or laughing aloud as he got entirely involved while watching.

While a student in Rahara Ramkrishna Misssion, he participated in different plays on stage. He started his career in theatre with ‘Jatrik Natyagosthi’ at Naihati.

At the same time he got admitted in a Film Editing Institution in Kolkata to achieve more knowledge in film direction, editing, script writing, dubbing and background music. After achieving more knowledge and experience by being in the Pre and Post Production of a feature film Sunit decided to produce the feature film Smriti Medur as a Director and Script Writer.

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Smriti Medur is not a commercial film as such, but a mixture of entertainment with realism. In his opinion,a commercial feature film should contain good culture, taste and be  entertaining at the same time.Thus, it could be an ‘entertainment’ by a general viewer as well as an intellectual viewer.

When Sunit Bhattacharya was asked about his future plan, he said that he has a plan to work with a Producer/Financier with an intellectual bend of mind either from our country or from abroad.

He also plans to start a dubbing, editing studio and a training school of acting, direction, editing and dubbing so that the production cost could be minimized in a Film.