Film Review: ANJANA ANJANI (2010) Hindi Movie - A wonderful road movie

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Directed by Siddharth Raj Anand, Anjaana Anjaani is a romantic comedy, where Priyanka (Kiara) is playing a character based in San Francisco, while Ranbir (Akash) is doing the role of a young man residing in ‘The Big Apple, i.e. New York, who is extremely introvert by nature. Ranbir has portrayed the role of Akash perfectly and I assure you that his total persona will remain with you long after you leave the theatre.
Akash and Kiara meet in NYC under in bizarre situation and travel across cities.
The drive down Route 66 in Texas on their way to Las Vegas happens to be the best with dry tumbleweeds rolling in the hot desert sun and getting blown on the highway itself with the constantly billowing breeze. Reminds me of the paperback “Shadowfires” by Dean Koontz, “Dolan’s Cadillac” by the master of the genre Stephen King and also scattered images of Hollywood hit “Thelma and Louise” (A Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon film), along with the nerve shattering thriller “Death Valley” from the early eighties.
Films are what? Nothing but images that sometimes carves itself right into the brain like a razor sharp scythe.

Coming back to “Anjana Anjaani” - both are trying to find success in their own lives - after several failed attempts to be hit the right chord in their careers and love – life. .
It happens so; fed up with the ongoing incidents and several other situations, they both decide to end their life by jumping off a bridge.
The fun is, they both land up on the same bridge to complete the act of suicide at the same time.
Ranbir stops Priyanka from jumping and tells her to travel with him to Vegas to make it big, Priyanka toys with his idea first and then decides to give it a try.

A very basic truth has been dealt with in this movie. Which is; Love happens between strangers, and that’s absolutely true. At the beginning of each ball game called love or whatever, the boy and the girl happens to be strangers to each other.

Music by Vishal Shekhar is entertaining; especially the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan number – “Aas paas hai khuda”.  “Tujhe bhula diya” by Mohit Chauhan and Shruti Pathak also deserves special mention for its innocent and deep appeal. Bappi-da’s “I am a Disco Dancer” has been used in a male strip-tease bar scene is quite funny and hits the right bone. Background music is scarce, but effective. Cinematography by Ravi K.Chandran is fabulous. He has done a job which can match the potential of any cinematographer of Hollywood movies.

Anjanaa Anjaani is a story of two strangers Akash and Kiran who meet as strangers and fall in love with each other and don’t realize it.

The two strangers go on fulfilling their last wishes on their bicoastal road journey, which is packed with a lot of adventures and then- there is a twist in their journey.
The two part as strangers as they met, will the two discover their love is the story of Anjana Anjani ever…???