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We pioneered online DRM-free digital sales of Bengali music supported by non-interactive, non-downloadable, low-bitrate, real-time, always-on Internet stream (also called web radio, net radio, streaming radio and e-radio) - an approach already proven by your western peers as the only effective way to achieve digital sales and a potent weapon against rampant piracy, provided prices are reasonable for the customers.

In addition to our own popular WBRi Official Online Digital Media Store, we are also authorized affiliates of major online Digital Media distributors, like,,, iTunes etc.

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Submission Guidelines | Washington Bangla Radio


We are first and foremost a community Bangla live radio station serving a global Bengali audience. We broadcast performances by independent singers, elocutionists, instrumentalists, poetry and prose recitations and audio and video feature presentations from Bengalis across the world. If you are an independent singer, instrumentalist, performer, elocutionist or artiste, we shall gladly air your performances to our planet wide audience. Please contact us if you wish to contribute to WBRi Bangla Online Live 24x7 Radio broadcasting.

We publish exclusive audio and video Interviews, Biographies, Profiles, Song and Album information, Event announcements, etc. of and about Bengali artists and musicians. Unfortunately, for artistes who are signed up with record companies, we have to confine any copyrighted audio and video material included in these articles to industry-standard 40-second clips, unless of course we obtain a clearance from the copyright owners to include complete digital media files. This is, of course, not an issue if you are an INDEPENDENT ARTIST.

If you are an artist, musician, singer or record label wishing to have your music, audio or video featured on our widely and globally popular Exclusive WBRi Interviews and Features sections, please use the form below to contact us.


If you are a film production house, please send us your promotional material (posters, stills, synopsis, cast & crew details, audio samples, electronic press kits, links to trailer videos etc.). Send us your press releases and electronic press kits. We will promote your movies by posting all the information asap. This is a free service from us. Please e-mail or fill in the form below.


We make available our internationally popular website and associated services for you to announce, disseminate information about, attract greater attendance, and online post-event retention of events you organize. We also partner with online ticketing services in certain geographical locations. Please e-mail or contact us using the form below to learn more about our online event partnership services.

Advertising on WBRi

WBRi is among the top 150,000 sites in the entire world from among billions of web-sites and online services (reference). It regularly scores among the top 100,000 sites worldwide, and is among the top 15,000 sites about India. WBRi's services are deeply respected and have a well-earned reputation for quality among Non-Resident Indians and Indian Entertainment organizations. WBRi is regarded for the accuracy, breadth and originality of it's services, and appreciated for providing genuine value-added services to listeners, web-site visitors and commercial organizations in India and USA doing business in the Music, Film, Television and Entertainment industries. With tie-ups with all major record companies and film-producers in Bengal, WBRi has the unique poisiton of being the only web-site operating in the Bengali music broadcast and film industries that offers technology verticals that are unmatched.

All advertisers on WBRi are carefully reviewed and monitored for quality and relevance. If you wish to advertise on WBRi, please refer to our advertisement rate sheet and advertiser contact information here.

Phone Numbers

  • Supratim Sanyal : Chief Editor, Founder & CEO of Washington Bangla Radio -, +1.301.244.WBRi (+1.301.244.9274) (Germantown, Maryland, USA)

General Comments, Opinion, Feedback, Advice ...

Write to us for any reason, or no reason at all. We love to hear from you, and cannot stress enough the importance of your opinion and feedback, towards improving our services and retaining our enthusiasm.

Our Mission is: Supporting Bengali Artists, Musicians and the Bangla Music Industry while delivering reliable, reasonably priced, high-quality digital music to our customers. Thank you for contacting Washington Bangla Radio.

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