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The Tale of the Lone Traveller: Kuntal Mukhopadhyay and Sanlap Kolkata; An article written by Nilanjann Nandy.


As I was reading his plays, I mean the paperback publications of his myriad thoughts, put on paper, having been acted out in numerous stages around this country and continent, I was wondering what if this man is not actually writing, in the true sense of the meaning of putting pen to paper, but simply puts his unique thoughts and arranges it in such a pattern that takes the form of “Ghare Phera”/ “Shudrayan”/ “Haye Raam” or Sanlap Kolkata’s latest “Niraasroy”, which mesmerizes with it’s veil like quality underneath which runs the ‘dark rivers of the heart’, which empties into an ocean of conscious understanding...which comes to one only after a thorough travel, a trek through the serpentine by lanes of the human mind...reading every subtle nuance and the whole range of colours which explodes in the deep recesses of our minds when we come face to face with ourselves through the characters in the drama that he portrays and which touches us with a fantastic vibrancy of warm flesh and blood?
 What if, the material that he explains as his script is nothing but the ‘whole result of his life-long search’? What if Kuntal Mukhopadhyay, the PhD holder in specifics of theatre, who is also the ‘main-spring’ of the “Sanlap Kolkata watch”, a professor, educationist, drama director, actor and a playwright is actually not a plain creative person, but a wanderer, a traveler, an explorer?

কাঁঠাল্ - ডঃ অশোককুমার মিশ্র | Kaanthal: A Short Story By Dr. Asokekumar Misra (WBRi Bangla Online Magazine)

Dr. Asokekumar MisraEditor's Note: Dr. Asokekumar Misra is a Bengali poet, short story writer, dramatist, literary critique and Associate Professor of Bengali Dept. at Bhairab Ganguly College in Belghoria, Kolkata. He has authored many books on Bengali on literature, including text books and reference books for M.A. courses of Calcutta and other universities. Dr. Misra can be reached at asokemisra6 at gmail.

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ডঃ অশোককুমার মিশ্র

জামাইষষ্ঠীর সাতদিন আগে থেকে  ঘর- বার ,পোষ্টাপিস -টাপিসে যাতায়াত করে করে হল্লাক হয়ে গেছে গোবিন্দ – না শ্বশুরমশায়ের চিঠি না শ্বশুরমশায়ের টিকি ...

Cambodia: Pol Pot Horror

Cambodia Pol Pot Jail and Museum: Killing Field and Mass Burial Graves

Coming out of the hellish killing field of Pol Pot, I dropped down numb on a bench beneath a Longan tree. Lucrative fruits were dangling within easy reach, but I ignored them. Grave silence around me was occasionally interrupted by suppressed weeping of female visitors.

In Quest of Our Glorious Past: Cambodia

Dr. Ratan Lal BasuAs soon as I looked out the exit gate of Phnom Penh Airport at late afternoon I felt as though I have entered into an unknown enchanting world radically different from the drab modernized Bangkok where I had been only a few hours ago. Later on I was marveled by the exquisite architecture of the city, a fine blending of French and Buddhist architecture.

Shahrukh Khan and Indonesia

Ramayana Show in Bali Indonesia

I could at last find out the mobile stall at Bali island of Indonesia and asked for an international sim-card. The man at the counter said, ‘sir you can buy a cheaper one at 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah but I would suggest you the better one at 50,000. I asked him to show the better one and handed over my passport. The boy beside him looked intently at my passport and said in a jubilant mood, ‘India, Shahrukh Khan, kuch kuch hota hai’. In front of my bewildered eyes two girls at came forward from behind, looked at me intently and then started singing in perfect Hindi accent (although they had disclosed later on that they don’t know Hindi at all)

“Tum paas aaye yoon muskaraye
Tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
Ab to mera dil jaage na sota hai
Kya karoon haye kuchh kuchh hota hai”