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Panchgani & Around (Maharashtra/India)

Situated among the Sahayadri Range in Western India, Panchgani, a beautiful hill retreat is a welcome break, well adorned with lush green amid rocky hills, valleys, rivers and nature trails and home to Asia’s second largest ‘Tableland.’

Poetry in Stones II (Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad, India)

Michigan: Sept 8, 2010: Aurangabad was founded in 1610 by Malik Ambar, the minister of Murtaza Nizam Shah II on the site of a village called Kirkee. When his son Fateh Khan came to power, he renamed it Fatehpur. It finally came to be called Aurangabad when the Moghul Emperor Shahjehan's son Aurangzeb was put in charge of the Deccan and made the city his capital.

ছোটো গল্প: এক অভিশপ্ত রাতের কাহিনী - পলাশ দে | Tale of an accursed night - a Bengali short story by Palash Dey

Tale of an accursed night - a Bengali short story by Palash Dey on WBRi Online Bangla Magazine. The following story is in Unicode Bangla font.

মিনিবাস - সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায় | Minibus - A Bengali Poem by Santwana Chatterjee

Minibus - a bengali poem by Santwana Chatterjee in unicode Bangla font.


সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায়

ইস্কুলেতে গিয়ে তুই কি করিসরে খোকা ?
চুপ করতো ভাল্লাগেনা কথা বোকা বোকা .
একিরে তুই কেমন ছেলে বোকা বলিস মাকে !
তা নয়তো কি, জান তুমি, সবাই আমায় খোকা বলে ডাকে !
অনেক বড় হয়ে গেছি একাই পারি যেতে
এবার থেকে আমায় তুমি আসবেনা আর নিতে I

The Glorious Success - a short story - Ratan Lal Basu | WBRi Online Magazine

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Maoist activities in India may not be desirable, but the persons involved in such activities are human beings and citizens of our country. They may be misguided, but instead being blindly hated, they could be treated more humanely as fellow citizens.

Keshab Rao felt hungry and fingered out the biscuits from the small container and started chewing them. They were too dry and he felt he should have brought drinking water along which he had forgotten in haste. The water course was not far off and he could find it after moving about hundred meters through the hilly forest. The water was clean and cool and it relieved his fatigue. He would have to walk three more kilo meters to get at the hiding where the other boys would assemble. They are not likely to come before twelve p.m. and it was now just eight o’clock. So he could take some rest at this place. He fell flat on his back on the mossy ground and felt the soothing coldness of the moist velvety mosses.

Bangla Kobita | পূজো এল ঐ - A Bengali Poem by Sharmistha Dutta | WBRi Online Bengali Magazine

"Pujo Elo Ei" - A Bengali poem in unicode Bangla font, written by Sharmistha Dutta exclusively on Washington Bangla Radio Online Bengali Magazine.

পূজো এল ঐ

একটা পূজো  বড় মন কেমন করায়...
শিশুর মতন মানুষ জনেরা সারা কলকাতা ছুটে বেড়ায়.
কেনাকাটা ,আন‌নদ,উৎসবেরই তোড়জোড়.
পূজো শুরু যেদিন মহালয়ার ভোর.কাশফুলে লেগেছে হাওয়ার দোল..
বাজছে কানে পূজোর ঢাক ঢোল ...

Poetry in Stones.....Ellora Caves (Aurangabad, Maharashtra/India)

Michigan: August 27th, 2010: We were all set to witness the structural grandeur of Verul…more popularly known as the Ellora caves in Aurangabad, a town in the state of Maharashtra, India.

রমজান - সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায় | Ramadan - A Bengali Poem by Santwana Chatterjee

Ramjan (Ramadan) - a bengali poem by Santwana Chatterjee in unicode Bangla font. This is one of the favorite poems of the poetess herself.


সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায়

রশিদমিঞা রিক্সা চালায় সকাল দুপুর রাত
তাইতে তাদের জোটে কাপড় তাইতে জোটে ভাত ।

Rotorua Rocks!! (New Zealand)

Michigan: August 23, 2010: Rotorua is the most famous city in the north island of New Zealand. Full of natural geysers, mud pools, craters and volcanic valleys, this city is the hot bed for geo thermal activities.

The Seat of Learning...Chirst Church College (Oxford/United Kingdom)

Michigan: August 21, 2010: Christ Church College, originally known as the Cardinal College and named after its founder Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, is the largest of the Oxford University colleges.

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