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বাদামী মনির চোখ | Badami Monir Chokh - Bengali Short Story By Sudipuddin Srirampuri - Online Bengali Magazine

"Badami Monir Chokh" - a Bengali short story by Sudipuddin Srirampuri. This post is in Unicode Bengali font.

বাদামী মনির চোখ

সুদীপ উড্ডীণ শ্রীরামপুরী

শুঁড়েকালনা থেকে তারকেশ্বর আসব। বাস স্ট্যান্ডে এসে শুনলাম বাস আসার তখনো কিছু সময় বাকি। বাস স্টান্ডের লাগোয়া চায়ের দোকান। এগিয়ে গেলাম দোকানের দিকে। দোকানের ঠিক সামনে বাঁশের বেঞ্চি, বেশ লম্বা। পাঁচ ছয় জন ভালো করে বসা যায়। জনা দুই আপেক্ষারত বাসের যাত্রী বসে চা খাচ্ছিলেন। আমিও অদের পাশে বেঞ্চির এক ধারে বসে, দোকানিকে এক কাপ চা দিতে বললাম। তেলচিটে বয়ামে লোকাল বেকারীর তিন-চার রকমের বিস্কুট দেখে, রং ছাড়া খাস্তা লেড়ো বিস্কুটটা দিতে বললাম। ...

Floatel--The Floating Indulgence (Calcutta, India)

Michigan, February 24th, 2011: I first saw Floatel while I was driving down Strand Road in Calcutta (yes, I prefer to call it Calcutta). Quite an interesting concept, I thought and made an appointment with the manager to have a dekko at this floating indulgence.

Academy Awards Nominee for Art Direction & Visual Effects (Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows--Part 1)

Michigan: February 20, 2011: Just about a couple of days left for the Oscars to happen; Sunday, 27th February, 2011. The red carpets will roll and the glitterati of the tinsel town will gather to see who would be the lucky ones to take home the knight and millions of cinelovers will tune in to watch the World’s most glamorous ceremony.


Michigan: February 18, 2011: In Japanese, teppan means an iron plate or a steel sheet, and yaki, stir-fried food or stir-frying and Teppanyaki is stir-fried meat and vegetables cooked and eaten off a large, table-top grill.

Agra Fort (Agra, India)

February 16, 2011: Michigan: The show ended with Aurangzeb taking up the throne of the ‘Sultanat of Hindusthan,’ amidst thousands of mosquitos, trying to taste the blood from each and every exposed part of the body and the fort authority, desperately trying to get rid of the menace with the help of smoke.

Romance(in) the Niagara (Canada)

In case anyone ever thought that the mesmerizing ‘Niagara’ would overpower the honeymoon romance, she or he would definitely be proved wrong. The mystical natural wonder will rather enhance it. Couples have made Niagara their choice for years even though the area has not made it onto the Top Ten list of lovers' destinations for quite some time.

Love is in the Air (Valentine's Day...Bollywood Style)

Love is in the air…yes, it’s once again Valentine’s Day and the entire world is busy buying ‘heart’ shaped chocolates and candies, roses and balloons and what not. Since we all consider Bollywood to be a part of our lives & even agree that it has a significant role to play so far as love is concerned, why not take a look at all those hit films in the last ten years that spoke of feelings and emotions. 

Let there be peace... (Cairo, Egypt)

With the recent political turmoil in Egypt and with Cairo being turned into a semi battlefield with thugs and protestors clashing, the only thing that the World can pray for that country now is Peace. I have travelled across the World extensively and Egypt was perhaps one of the nicest of all countries that I have visited in my lifetime. So, this is a prayer to God Almighty to restore peace in that “otherwise” peaceful nation. The country is full of historic treasures, nice, polite and friendly people, great food and the majestic river Nile… let peace be restored and let everything and everyone be safe. 

Tapas 'R' Us

‘Tapas’ are the famous snacks of Spain and before we went into venturing this unique kind of snacks, we did a bit of prodding to understand the origins of this fare. 

Putrajaya (Malaysia)

Putrajaya is the new administrative capital of Malaysia. The development of this swanky new city marks a new chapter in the history of modern architecture. Set to be a model ‘garden city’ with sophisticated IT network, Putrajaya has virtually become a key to the vital developments of the country.

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