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Rabindra Sangeet | Kanika Banerjee | Mohor - Soul Of The Ashram | Bengali Rabindranath Thakur Songs

Bengali Rabindra Sangeet Kanika Banerjee, Suchitra Mitra, Hemanta MukherjeeThe album "Mohor - Soul of the Ashram" is a celebration of Kanika Banerjee and her involvement with Shantiniketan. This album surely belongs to every Tagore song collection. The twelve beautiful songs are:

1. Diye genu bosonter ei gaan khaani - Kanika Bandopadhyay With Suchitra Mitra
2. Ami jakhan chhilem aandho
3. A Parobashey robay ke
4. Tumi ebar amaay loho he nath
5. Sakal janam Bhorey, o mor dorodiya
6. Aar rekhona andharey aamai
7. Ami rupay tomai bholabona
8. Kholo kholo daar
9. Toree amar hothat dubey jai
10. Ami phool tulitay alem boney
11. Kichhui to holo na
12. Ami Chitrangada - Kanika Bandapadhyay with Hemanta Mukherjee

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Rohini & Debasis Roychowdhury | Ganer Surer Ashon Khani | Latest New Music Bengali Rabindra Sangeet Song Release From Kolkata

Rohini & Debashis Roychowdhury
Ganer Shurer Ashonkhani

Hindusthan / INRECO

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The Dust and the Sunlight | Songs & Recitation from Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali | New Bengali Song Releases from Kolkata

The Dust and the Sunlight

Songs & Recitation from Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali

New Bengali  Song Releases from Kolkata by Hindusthan / INRECO

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Sama Rahman | Godhuli Gagane Meghe Dekhechilo Tara | Latest Album - New Songs Release in Kolkata

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Rabindra Sangeet | New Bengali CD Release in Kolkata / Calcutta | Rajeswari Dutta - Abar Chai Shunabare | Bengali Tagore Songs


Bengali Rabindra Sangeet classics from the famous Tagore Singer Rajeshawri Datta.

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Srimati Hey - Tribute by Sravasti on 150 years of Kadambari Devi | Latest New Bengali Song Album Release in Kolkata / Calcutta

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Rabindranath Tagore spent a considerable amount of time reading and writing poetry with Kadambari Devi who was perhaps at the same intellectual plane as Rabindranath. Kadambori Debi was the wife of

Rabindra Sangeet Top 50 Hits. Listen Free To Previews Online & Download MP3 Songs. New Kolkata Album Releases | Partner CD Store

New Rabindra Sangeet Album Release from Kolkata - WBRi Kolkata Live Online Radio - Partner MP3 Songs & CD Store:

Listen to free previews and download bengali rabindra sangeet MP3Songs Of Tagore Top 50 Hits: Saregama Sampler : Music From India

A comprehensive 3-CD set of Rabindranath Tagore classics from Saregama (previously the venerable HMV), featuring 50 collectible classic Bengali Rabindrasangeet songs by Chinmoy Chatterjee, Dwijen Mukherjee, Hemanta Mukherjee, Suchitra Mitra, Kanika Banerjee, Debabrata Biswas (George Biswas), Sagar Sen & Sumitra Sen. Listen to free previews online and download Bengali Rabindra Sangeet MP3 songs from this album.

Rabindra Sangeet | Sahana Bajpai | Notun Kore Pabo Bole | Music Composition By Arnob

Sayan Chowdhury, popular in Bangladesh as Arnob, is a new-age alternative Bengali singer / song-writer with a distinctive indie sound in his compositions that have taken the Bengali music world by storm. Arnob is a student of Shantiniketan, where he met Sahana. Arnob and Sahana are married.

Sahana is a fantastic singer, and Arnob a brilliant singer and composer. In this Rabindra Sangeet album, Arnob sets the music to Sahana's rendition of Tagore's songs - the result is fascinating. A far cry from the modern remix of Rabindrasangeet (oo la la Pagla Haoa types!), Arnob captures the subtle emotions of each song performed by Sahana in a uniquely sensitive music score, which is pleasurable to the ear and not shocking at all, despite the use of non-traditional instruments (for Tagore songs).

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Rabindranath Tagore | Sahana Bajpai | Arnob

Arghya Sen | Rabindrasangeet

Tagore Classic, from WBRi Kolkata Bangla Radio.

Bengali Rabindra Sangeet | Mohan Singh | Washington Bangla Radio MP3 Songs Download & CD Sales Store

Mohan Singh is a popular Rabindra Sangeet singer known for his emotionally charged delivery of somewhat lesser known Tagore Songs in addition to more popular mainstream Bangla Rabindrasangeet songs. He is a Tagore singer from the classic nostalgia Bangla Music period, and has still not lost his touch, as heard in his special appearance in Abraham Mazumder's "Tagore In Symphony" concert. Washington Bangla Radio has recently gained exclusive access to a live video of that landmark concert, and is working to bring the video to you for sale on WBRi Online Video Movie DVD Blu-Ray store soon.

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