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Kalamandalam Calcutta has been one of India’s most respected dance institutes for South Indian Classical dance. For more than 4 decades, the academy has been imparting dance training to students from Calcutta and around the country. WBRi caught up with Kalamandalam’s secretary Shri.Somnath.G. Kutty to know more about the founder, the institute and its Premier Classical Dance Troupe of Kolkata, Performing Wing. 

Interview: A Musical Tête à Tête with Bengali Singer - Pianist NIPOBITHI GHOSH in Calcutta

By Hirak Bhattacharyya and Supratim Sanyal

Nipobithi Ghosh Bengali Songs on WBRi Washington Bangla RadioCalcutta, Jan 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) As you know, Nipobithi Ghosh is a talented pianist, guitarist and singer. Her remarkable proficiency with the keys has grabbed the attention of Bengali music lovers across the world. We caught up with Nipobithi in Kolkata and spent a wonderful candid and informal evening learning about the beautiful musician and listening to her Rabindrasangeet songs and guitar. Watch the exclusive WBRI video interview-feature.

Audio | RABINDROMOYEE - A Special Songs & Narration Presentation Contrasting the Romance in Chandalika, Shyama & Chandalika

Rabindranath Tagore Hampstead England 1912

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Washington, DC, September 10, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Thakur, Shri Barid Baran wrote "Rabindramoyee" which depicts the comparison of THREE very popular and well known female characters created by Rabindranath - SHYAMA, CHITRANGADA and PRAKRITI (in CHANDALIKA).

The similarity between these characters is that they wanted their loved ones desperately. But the dissimilarity lies in the ways they opted to pursue their loved ones and the final outcome of their love.

Shyama sacrificed the life of a young paramour of hers in order to save Bajrasen from death as she was infatuated with him and wanted him at any cost.

Chitrangada, the only child of the king and the one to inherit the throne, falls in love with Arjun, the third of the five Pandava Brothers in the Mahabharata. But after Arjun refused her as she was not an attractive woman. She changed her appearance by the boon of Kamdev in order to reach her goal.

Prakriti was shunned by everyone around her as she was born to a lower-caste untouchable family. Her life changed when Ananda, a buddhist monk asked for water from her and made her understand that she is as human as everyone in the world. Prakriti felt re-born as a human being and fell in love with him.

However, the outcome of their love was different also.

In spite of everything Shyama did to get her love, Bajrasen left her, when he came to know about the sacrifice of life in order to save him.

After changing her appearance Chitrangada did win herself Arjun, but Arjun being a warrior looked for Chitrangada, the warrior and she came back to her original form.

Prakriti wanted Ananda and even tried her mother's magic powers to obtain him. But at the end of the day he was a monk, a hermit - a saint who had no attraction for material matters.

Listen to our special presentation - a Washington Bangla Radio exclusive.

Rabindra Sangeet Icon DWIJEN MUKHERJEE Launches New Album by Tapashi Roy Chowdhury

Calcutta, Aug 8, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Renowned actress, singer, director and producer Tapasi Roy Chowdhury (WBRi Interview) started her acting career with Jatra - the spectacular unique live open-air theater form of  Bengal. She continues to play lead roles in Jatra and Bengali theater productions. Tapasi is also well known for her performances in TV serials - her role in Trishna, a mega-serial aired on Kolkata’s Doordarshan channel is specially memorable.

kolkata bengali movie actress Paoli Dam at "Palte Gelo Din Sheddho Bhaatey Kerosene" audio songs album CD launch by Tapasi Roy Choudhury
Paoli Dam & Tapasi Roychowdhury at "Palte Gelo Din Seddho Bhaate Kerosene" Launch

Having grown up in an environment of  performing arts including acting and singing, Tapasi is an accomplished singer as well, and released her first solo audio music album “Palte Gelo Din Sheddho Bhate Kerosene” under the label of Purple Music (Mp3 download). This folk-based modern songs album was released by leading Bengali actress Paoli Dham (full report here).

Inspired by the success of her debut album, Tapasi released her second solo album - a Bengali Rabindra Sangeet CD titled "Charano Dhorite Dio Go Amare" on August 8, 2011, coinciding with Baishe Srabon and the 70th death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. The album was released by Rabindrasangeet icon Dwijen Mukhopadhyay at Mahajati Sadan in Calcutta, where Dwijen and Tapashi performed some of the songs live as you can watch in the video.

Click Here to listen to free previews online and download Bengali Rabindrasangeet songs by Dwijen Mukherjee >

Tapasi Roy Chowdhury and Raja Hasan’s folk songs album “Praner Manush” (Cozmik Harmony) is also available for MP3 download here.

Charono Dhoritey Dio Go Amarey is a collection of popular Rabindrasangeet songs, mostly from Prem and Puja sections. Tapasi has her own style of performing Tagore songs while being fully adherent to the bard's music. Dwijen Mukherjee has compared Tapashi's album with an offering of a garland to the poet.

The album has been released under the label of Sagarika. Unfortunately at the time of writing, Washington Bangla Radio has no digital distribution agreement with Sagarika and we are unable to offer this album for MP3 download from our online WBRi digital MP3 download store.

Watch Dwijen Mukherjee singing live Rabindrasangeet in the exclusive video on Washington Bangla Radio.

Talented Rabindrasangeet Singer Sunanda Ghosh from Kolkata on her Music, Albums, Career and Experience - WBRi Feature

[Sunanda Ghosh]Kolkata, June 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) In this video interview, Sudipta Dasgupta talks to Sunanda Ghosh, the talented singer from Kolkata specializing in Rabindrasangeet (songs written and composed by Rabindranath Tagore.) Sunanda holds a Masters degree in Rabindrasangeet from Rabindra Bharati University and is also a Geet Bharati (Rabindrasangeet) degree holder with distinction from Geeta Bitan, Kolkata. Sunanda has been trained by eminent exponents Anadi Dastidar, Subinoy Roy, Ramesh Bandopadhyay, Bade Gulam Ali, her father Saila Kr. Ghosh, Maya Sen and also Nihar Bindu Bandopadhyay in Classical Vishnupuri vocal.

Sunanda has four published albums, with more upcoming:

  • Pratibadi Rabindranath (2007)
  • Bishwabandanaye Rabindranath (2009, Saregama)
  • Cholochitre Rabindranath (2011, Raaga Music) - launched by Dwijen Mukherjee
  • Aalor Pathajatri - launched by Sunil Ganguly

[Sunanda Ghosh & Sunil Ganguly]
Writer-Poet Sunil Ganguly launching Sunanda's album "Aalor Pathajatri"

All four albums feature modern instrumentation that will appeal to the current generation and have been received well. Sunanda is currently involved in a Govt. of India sponsored project on a patriotic album with pan-Indian appeal.

Payel Kar - The Rapidly Upcoming and Talented Singer from Kolkata: WBRi Exclusive Interview-Feature

[Kolkata Bengali Singer Payel Kar]Calcutta, March 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The young and rapidly upcoming Bengali singer Payel Kar from Kolkata talks to Subhomoy Mukherjee in this informal chit-chat. Also listen to a few songs by Payel, including one written by Rabi Guha Majumdar with music by S D Burman.

Singer-Composer Suvodeep Mukherjee talks to Soumitra Talukdar - Extempore Performances and Interview

Subhojit MukherjeeCalcutta, Feb 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) On behalf of Washington Bangla Radio , Soumitra Talukdar talks to Suvodeep Mukherjee in an exclusive video interview with entertaining extempore performances.

Apratim Mukhopadhyay: Singer-Songwriter-Composer From Kolkata

Apratim MukhopadhyayGermantown, Maryland, Feb 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Apratim Mukhopadhyay is a Kolkata-based modern Bengali singer-songwriter, musician, poet,  TV presenter, and Entrepreneur.

Subhomoy Mukherjee has an informal chit-chat with Apratim in this audio interview presentation that also features some songs performed by Apratim.

Interview | MOU SANYAL - The acclaimed Bengali singer from Kolkata with the sweetest of voices

An exclusive & intimate interview by Soumitra Talukdar on behalf of Washington Bangla Radio with Mou Sanyal, an acclaimed singer, also with a famous cultural background, a daughter of famous writer Narayan Sanyal who is known worldwide for his contribution to Bengali Literature.
Mou Sanyal Talukdar

CALCUTTA, Oct 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mou Sanyal started to learn music at an early age from  her elder sister Anindita (Sanyal) Basu. After that she received musical training in Rabindra Sangeet at Dakskhini . She was trained by Arati Bagchi in classical music at Saurav.

Watch the complete video interview and listen to Mou Sanyal and her songs at Washington Bangla Radio.

Sudipta Chattopadhyay from Cleveland, Ohio - talented singer, playwright and Shruti Natok (Audio Play) Actress

Sudipta Chattopadhyay Cleveland Ohio USA
Dr Sudipta Chattopadhyay performing in her home city of Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Sudipta Chattopadhyay, a current resident of Cleveland, Ohio, is a doctorate in Chemical Engineering and a scientist by profession, on top of all these she is a passionate aficionado of Indian Music. Sudipta is a professional, versatile singer, actress, reciter, creative writer, anchor, and music teacher. Her passion for music has taken her all over the world as an invited singer-performer-anchor.

Washington Bangla Radio presents an exclusive feature on Sudipta. Watch Sudipta performing live via WBRi On-Demand Video service.

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