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Purabi Dutta | Holud Gandar Phul | Assorted Songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam | Preview Free Download Bangla Gan MP3 Online Nazrulgeeti

Kazi Nazrul Islam would have been proud of Purabi Dutta, who is one of the most acclaimed singers of Nazrulgiti. You may agree that Nazrulgeeti is often ornate and more complex than Rabindra Sangeet, and Purabi Datta has been rendering Najrulgeeti effortlessly and with passion to much of our joy.

Khairul Anam Shakil with Nilufar Yasmin | Nazrulgeeti | Listen to Preview Free Online Bengali Songs & Download Bangla MP3 Music

As you may know, Khairul Anam Shakil is a leading artiste / singer from Bangladesh, famous for Nazrulgeeti. Khairul is the current General Secretary of the Chhayanaut Cultural Organization. Nilufar Yasmin (1948-2003) was an extraordinary skilled singer across many genres. Shakil and Nilufar Yasmin : Bangladesher Hridoy Hote Vol 1 (UD Series, Kolkata) is a wonderful album showcasing the immense talent of these two leading singers from Bangladesh. Listen to previews and download the album in high quality MP3 digital format instantly.

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