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Tollywood veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee acts as reader in program to mark the death anniversary of Kazi Nazrul Islam

kolkata veteran actor soumitro chatterjee Dadasaheb Falke award winner Soumitra Chatterjee recently acted as the reader in a cultural programme dedicated to the death anniversary of the great poet Kazi Nazrul Islam “Bulbul Kande Ghazal Gaane” is a program conceptualized by Somerita Mallik on the eve of the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s thirty seventh death anniversary. The program was conceptualized so as to pay tribute to the Rebel Poet. The program was organized with the support of Chhayanat and was held at ICCR. The poet, musician, revolutionary whose works were a spiritual way of rebelling against oppression is also the national poet of Bangladesh.

Interview | MOU SANYAL - The acclaimed Bengali singer from Kolkata with the sweetest of voices

An exclusive & intimate interview by Soumitra Talukdar on behalf of Washington Bangla Radio with Mou Sanyal, an acclaimed singer, also with a famous cultural background, a daughter of famous writer Narayan Sanyal who is known worldwide for his contribution to Bengali Literature.
Mou Sanyal Talukdar

CALCUTTA, Oct 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mou Sanyal started to learn music at an early age from  her elder sister Anindita (Sanyal) Basu. After that she received musical training in Rabindra Sangeet at Dakskhini . She was trained by Arati Bagchi in classical music at Saurav.

Watch the complete video interview and listen to Mou Sanyal and her songs at Washington Bangla Radio.

Sudipta Chattopadhyay from Cleveland, Ohio - talented singer, playwright and Shruti Natok (Audio Play) Actress

Sudipta Chattopadhyay Cleveland Ohio USA
Dr Sudipta Chattopadhyay performing in her home city of Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Sudipta Chattopadhyay, a current resident of Cleveland, Ohio, is a doctorate in Chemical Engineering and a scientist by profession, on top of all these she is a passionate aficionado of Indian Music. Sudipta is a professional, versatile singer, actress, reciter, creative writer, anchor, and music teacher. Her passion for music has taken her all over the world as an invited singer-performer-anchor.

Washington Bangla Radio presents an exclusive feature on Sudipta. Watch Sudipta performing live via WBRi On-Demand Video service.

Hans Vermeersch & Rajhans Orchestra | Europan & Indian Cross-Genre Music Composer, Conductor, Performing Artist from Belgium

Hans Vermeersch Rajhans Orchestra & Ensemble | WBRi ExclusiveAs a young boy, Hans Vermeersch used to hear music on the radio and on records, and not content with listening to music composed and performed by others, he decided to create his own music reflecting emotions his own way.

Later, after a visit to India, hans realized that a lot of Indian sub-continental principles in music were identical to those of 17th / 18th Century European music. Hans was heavily involved in 17th and early 18th century European music at that time. He approached Satyatjit Ray for a few days in 1989 with a plan for a multi-cultural orchestra. Ray was enthusiastic, and with his Ray's help and advice Hans went on a search across India and established the fabulous Rajhans Orchestra.

Hans is a true world-class and world-music composer with a long and growing list of fascinating concertos and compositions with both European and Indian instrumentation. Read all about Hans, listen to his music and watch music videos »

Krishna Chatterjee MP3 Collection | Rabindra Sangeet, Atulprasad, Rajanikanta, Devotional Songs MP3 Download

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Bengali Childrens' Songs | Chotoder Bangla Gaan. WBRi Exclusive Online Audiophile MP3 Download Album Release. Hear Free Samples.

Bengali Childrens Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Chotoder Bangla Gaan | Bengali Lullabys | Nazrulgeeti

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Bengali Childrens Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Chotoder Bangla Gaan | Bengali Lullabys | Nazrulgeeti

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Kazi Nazrul Islam 110th Birth Anniversary | Dao Sourjo Dao Dhoirjo - A tribute by Rituparna Sen. Abritti Bengali Poem Recitation

Send your songs/recitation/performance to us for global broadcast from WBRi. Visit our web-site and use the Contact form.

Kazi Nazrul Islam

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Rituparna Sen pays homage to Kazi Nazrul Islam on his 110th Birth Anniversary by reciting the inspirational poem "Dao Sourjo Dao Dhoirjo" : Listen to Bangla Kobita Abritti online.

Nazrulgeeti | Purabi Dutta | Songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam | Sedin Chilo Ki Godhuli Lagan | Rare Collectible Audio Cassette

Bengali Nazrulgeeti | Nazrulgiti | Songs of Kazi Nazrul IslamSedin Chilo Ki Godhuli Lagan is a very rare Nazrulgiti album by Purobi Datta in the form of audio cassette with extremely limited availability and is a collector's item.

This cassette contains 13 wonderful Nazrul Islam songs by Purabi Dutta:

1. Mukhe Keno Nahi Balo
2. Keno Ashile Bhalo Bashile
3. Eso Bandhu Phire Eso
4. Ahar Deben Tini
5. Bakul Champar Bane
6. Reshmi Churir Sinjinite
7. Kato Katha Chilo Balibar
8. Dolono Champa Bane
9. Bel Phool Ene Dao
10. Chander Moto Nirabe
11. Kholo Kholo Go Duar
12. Sedin Chilo Ki Godhuli Lagan
13. Pathahara Pakhi Kende Fere
14. Kabar Jia Rate Tumi

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Purabi Dutta Collection

Purabi Dutta is well known as a Nazrul singer in Calcutta. In addition to Nazrulgeeti, Purobi Dutta also Bengali Modern, Folk, Ghazals / Light Classical and Hindi Bhajan. Her father was a great Tappa singer, and composed Bhajans as well, one of Purabi Datta sang in the interesting album "MIDDLE CASTE RELIGIOUS MUSIC FROM INDIA - Musicians, Dancers, Prostitutes, and Actors" which WBRi Bangla Radio has already Featured HERE ». WBRi Kolkata Radio has also previously featured Purabi Dutta's excellent Nazrulgeeti album "Holud Gaandaar Phool" HERE »

For Bengali Music Lovers and Collectors (and it is rare to find a Bengali who is not either or both!) we present a collection of Purabi Dutta songs available for purchase at the cheapest prices from our trusted and secure partners

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Srikanta Acharya | Part -1 | Complete Online Discography | Listen to Free Previews & Download MP3 Bengali Songs Online | Bangla

Sadhana Sargam

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Srikanto Acharya, born in Kolkata, learnt singing at Dakshinee Music Academy - a music school known for excellence in the genre of Rabindrasangeet (Tagore Songs). One of the icons in contemporary Bengali Modern Songs (Bangla Adhunik Gan), Rabindrasangeet, Shyamasangeet (songs dedicated to Goddess Kali) and Nazrulgeeti, Srikanta Acharya has recently diversified into genres like Devotional Bhajans (you can download his excellent Offerings / Hindi Bhajan songs here).

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