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World Music Day June 21 2009, Kolkata. Western Classical & Rabindrasangeet Concert @ St John's Church lead by Abraham Mazumder.

Abraham MazumderWBRiMedia Radio KOLKATA MUSIC ACADEMY celebrated World Music day (under the baton of Abraham Mazumder) on Sunday 21st June 2009, 6:30 - 9:30 PM at St. John's Church (the Oldest Cathedral in the city where Job Charnok's Tomb is laid).

Live Webcast on WBRi India Kolkata Bangla Radio

SUNDAY 6.21.2009 9 - 12 AM EASTERN US TIME ON WBRI-2 (Washington Bangla Radio CHANNEL 2)

The concert was broadcast live by Washington Bangla Radio from its servers in the United States. This was the first concert live webcast from India.

Surdas Bhajan | Raga Malgunji | Vidyadhar Vyas

Hindu Devotional Bhakti Bhajan Kirtan Arti Online Songs CD Sales

Vidyadhar Vyas is an eminent vocalist of the Gwalior style, with a warm, round tone extending into a sweet and ringing tenor region. Vidyadhar offers a buoyant, well-structured rendering of the sweetly romantic raga Malgunji and a Surdas bhajan (devotional song) set in the bittersweet raga Bhairavi.

1. Raga Malgunji: Vilambit Bandish in Ektal (43:50)    
2. Raga Malgunji: Drut Bandish in Tintal (12:18) 
3. Raga Malgunji: Tarana in Tintal (7:37)    
4. Raga Bhairavi: Surdas Bhajan in Dipchandi Tal (11:20)

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Pandit Anindo Chatterjee | Live At Darbar Festival | Indian Classical Instrumental Tabla

PANDIT ANINDO CHATTERJEE: Live At Darbar Festival 2006

Between the 3rd and 5th of March 2006, a unique gathering of some of India's greatest musicians took place in Leicester to celebrate the life of Bhai Gurmit Singh Virdee, who sadly passed away on 3rd April 2005. A packed audience assembled at the Peepul Centre witnessed three days of exhilarating performances involving over 50 Indian musicians, a fitting tribute to Gurmit Ji's love of life, his musical talent, his spiritual endeavours and his selfless contribution to the music scene. Since the early 1950s, Bhai Gurmit Singh Virdee had been playing, promoting and teaching tabla. Respected throughout the Indian classical music circle, he performed with world-class artists and taught hundreds of students, many of whom are now renowned performers and teachers in their own right. Gurmitji developed Taal - Rhythms of India (1987-1996) the world's first dedicated organisation for promoting Tabla. Performances included Zakir Hussain, Swapan Chaudhuri, Anindo Chatterjee, Shankar Ghosh and many others. Tablaonline launched in May 2005 world's first portal percussion website. The 2006 Darbar Festival proved to be a landmark event on the UK Indian Classical Music scene and the largest of its kind in Britain to date.

Raga Ahir Bhairav Mira Bhajan | Arati Ankalikar Tikekar | Hindi Film Songs Of Bollywood Movie Sardari Begum By Shyam Benegal

Learn all about Indian / Hindustani Classical Ragas & the use of Ragas in mainstream Bollywood Hindi Film Songs as well as niche Art Films.

Belonging to the Agra Gwalior Gharana, Arati Ankalikar Tikekar is a recognized Indian Classical singer of the younger generation. Arati studied North Indian Hindustani Classical vocal music with Late Pandit Vasantrao Kulkarni of the Agra Gwalior gharanas, and later with Gana Saraswati Smt Kishori Amonkar of the Jaipur Atrauli gharana.Arati also briefly received guidance from Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar and is continuing her training under Pandit Dinkar Kaikini.

Latest Hot Bollywood Hindi Movie Film OnlineAmong her many achievements, Arati Ankalikar Tikekar performed as the playback singer for Hindi Film Songs of the Hindi Movie SARDARI BEGUM which is a critically acclaimed Bollywood Hindi Film by the great director Shyam Benegal.

The WBRi Hindusthani / Indian Classical CD Selection Raga Ahir Bhairavi / Meera Bhajan has the following songs:

    • Raga Ahir Bhairav: Vilambit Bandish in Ektal (46:10)
    • Raga Ahir Bhairav: Drut Bandish in Tintal (10:43)
    • Raga Mand: Mira Bhajan in Dipchandi Tal (11:48)
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Raagmala | Pandit Ajay Chakrabarty - Vocal | Kala Ramnath - Violin Instrumental | Hindustani Indian Classical Music Performance

WBRi CD Sales | Hindustani Indian Classical SelectionPundit Ajoy Chakraborty is, of course, one of the finest vocalists performing in the genres of Indian Classical & Light Classical Vocal today.

WBRi CD Sales | Hindustani Indian Classical SelectionKala Ramnath is an outstanding instrumentalist - a fantastic Indian Hindusthani Classical Violinist of the Mewati Gharana of North India.

We present two CD selections from the excellent Ragamala (garland of Ragas) collection from Sagarika that all Indian Classical Music aficionados should have in their collections.

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