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Bhajans | Devotional Songs | Chants Of Devi | Devaki Pandit, Hariharan, Ajay Chakrabarty, Suresh Wadkar, Sanjiv Abhyankar

Chants of Devi - Hindu Devotional Songs by famous Indian Classical / Hindustani Classical singers. Dedicated to Ma Durga The Holy Mother and her forms of Devi Chandika & Ma Santoshi. The songs in this Hindu Chants / Devotional album available online are:

  1. Jagdambike -Devaki Pandit
  2. Vigneshwari - Hariharan
  3. Jagat Janani - Sanjiv Abhyankar
  4. He Dayalu - Hariharan
  5. He Bhavani - Ashit & Hema Desai
  6. Jai Jai Jag Janani - Pundit Ajay Chakrabarty & Suresh Wadkar
  7. Jai Durge - Hariharan
  8. Ridhi De Sidhi De - Hema Desai
  9. Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu - Devaki Pundit
  10. Jagdamba Ki Arti - Hema Desai
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Ragas of Northern Indian Music. Theory Of Indian Ragas. Selected Recommendations from WBRi Online Bookstore. Know your own Music

Discover and learn all about the great heritage of one of the oldest musical traditions of human civilization - the South Asian / Indian Classical Music tradition. You can listen free to samples online and download classical songs, music, vocal and instrumental records and CDs from the new web site In the meanwhile, we recommend the following selection of books which you may want to buy and read from our online Bookstore.

Ustad Aminul Haque | Classical

Ustad Aminul Haque - classical singer & music composer - grew up in Bangladesh and currently resides in Australia. He is also equally adept at other genres of Bengali songs - Nazrulgeeti, Rabindrasangeet, Nostalgia / Nostalgic, Bengali Modern Songs (Adhunik), Kheyal, Thumri.

He has a bunch of albums to his credit. International journals have published papers written by him. Ustad Haque is working on a book in English about the theory of Indian Classical Music.

SADHANA KALPANA: Bengali Light Classical Songs, Midnight Ragas and Bhajans



SADHANA KALPANA: Midnight Ragas, Bhajans, and Bengali Light Classical Songs

Sadhana Kalpana is a singer and teacher of Hindustani classical music living in the Boston area.  She was born in 1943 in Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.  She began learning music as a young child from her mother, who was a singer.  From this early stage of artistic development, she learned to use pure sound for mental, emotional, and physical healing.

Listen to Free Previews of the following songs and Buy The CD From WBRi Affiliate CD Shop:

    1 Raga Abhogi - Khayal – Laja Rakhi
    2 Raga Bageshri - Tarana
    3 Thumri – Mishra Bhairavi – Choda De Galawa Mora
    4 Kabir Bhajan – Mat Karo Moha Tu Hari Bhajana Ko Maan Le
    5 Brahmananda Bhajan – Mere Matiya Hari Hari Hari Guna Ga
    6 Kabir Bhajan- Bhajo Re Bhaiya Ram Govinda Hari
    7 Raga Darbari Kanada – Khayal - Ya Re Mon Bia Bia
    8 Bengali Light Classical - Mishra Des – Ghono Shyam, Gopira Aj
    9 Bengali Light Classical – Mishra Vatiyar – Jharnar Kalatane Jhir
    10 Bengali Light Classical – Shyam Kalyan – Jatone Rekhechhi E Moni
    11 Bengali Light Classical – Mishra Gara – Shiuli Phuler Mala
    12 Bengali Light Classical – Jaita Shree – Shohena Shohena Tor Oi D
    13 Bengali Light Classical – Thumri – Balaa Na Balar Bani Du Noyone
    14 Bengali Light Classical – Thumri – Shondha Tara Bujhi Jwalena

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Kishori Amonkar - Malhar Malika - Vol 3 (Vocal) | Audio CD by the legendary South Asian Classical Performer

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Malhar Malika (Vol 3) by Kishori Amonkar (RPG)

Purabi Dutta Collection

Purabi Dutta is well known as a Nazrul singer in Calcutta. In addition to Nazrulgeeti, Purobi Dutta also Bengali Modern, Folk, Ghazals / Light Classical and Hindi Bhajan. Her father was a great Tappa singer, and composed Bhajans as well, one of Purabi Datta sang in the interesting album "MIDDLE CASTE RELIGIOUS MUSIC FROM INDIA - Musicians, Dancers, Prostitutes, and Actors" which WBRi Bangla Radio has already Featured HERE ». WBRi Kolkata Radio has also previously featured Purabi Dutta's excellent Nazrulgeeti album "Holud Gaandaar Phool" HERE »

For Bengali Music Lovers and Collectors (and it is rare to find a Bengali who is not either or both!) we present a collection of Purabi Dutta songs available for purchase at the cheapest prices from our trusted and secure partners

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Rupande Shah | Aanand | Devoted Rabindra Sangeet & Classical Singer & Dancer | Best Price from WBRi Affiliate Online CD Shop

Rupande Shah has a major contribution to the development of cultural and music institutions in Gujarat, India. This live recording from Saptak Festival is an example of her dedication and inspiring performance.

WBRi Secure Digital Music Storew: RUPANDE SHAH - AanandTracks
1 Raga Kedar - Khayal 'Sej Nis Nind na Aaye' in Vilambit Ektaal
2 Raga Kedar - Khayal 'Chatur Sughar Balama Re'in Drut Ektaal
3 Raga Basant (Khayal 'Phoolwa Ab Phool Rahi Baname' in Madhya Tee
4 Raga Basant (Khayal 'Sarasarang Phool Rahe' in Drut Ektaal

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