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Bangla (Bengali) DJ Remix. Listen to Free Bengali DJ Hot New Dance Party House Remix Songs Online. Bangla Folk Fusion Techno Mix


DJ Bappi has released the following great Bangla remix / folk - fusion songs. If you are looking for Bollywood style Bangla DJ Remix, check these tracks out:

  • Bangla Panjabiwala Minimal Mix
  • Phande (Fande) Poriya Boga Nache Re Mix

Bengali Baul Songs. Jazz Blues World Fusion. Brahmakhyapa - Bhromor. New Album - Exclusive WBRi Online Download | Audiophile MP3


You have already read all about MALABIKA BRAHMA and SANJAY BHATTACHERJEE who formed the Bengali Baul Jazz Fusion band BRAHMYA KHYAPA - the husband/wife team who are revolutionizing Bangla Baul-Jazz-Blues fusion, in WBRi exclusive feature coverage that we published here.

We are happy to present their first album BHROMOR, released simultaneously by us on the internet along with the store release in Kolkata. DOWNLOAD MP3 SONGS ONLINE BRAHMA KHEPA BHROMORDOWNLOAD Brahmakhyepa - BHROMOR in pristine audiophile MP3 Song format: CLICK HERE »

Bansuri Dreams | Instrumental World Fusion | Bansuri (Flute) Tanpura Sythesizer | WBRi MP3 Songs Online Download Store

World Fusion East West Fusion Listen Free MP3 samples & Download Online Store WBRi

Bansuri Dreams  by John Wubbenhorst

Includes the instrumental track "Bengali Folk Song". Great album for World Fusion Music enthusiasts.

1.     Heartrise
2.     Noon Mist
3.     Happy Journey
4.     Midnight Meditation
5.     Bengali Folk Song
6.     Peace, Thy Will Be Done
7.     Afternoon Prayer
8.     Initiation

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India Bengal Folk Songs | Bhawaiya Bengali Farmers' Work Song | Album: FOLK MUSIC OF PAKISTAN

Folk Baul Songs Free Preview & Download


The songs in the wonderful album "Folk Music Of Pakistan" are an eclectic selection from  ancient India, Pakistan and Afghanistan Folk traditions.The album includes a Bhawaiya song from Bengal as well, assumedly because Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan when this album was originally published.


  1. Dholak Geet - Folk song from Punjabi region    Iqbal Bano
  2. Mahiya - Love song from Punjabi region    Ali Bakhsh Zahoor
  3. Bhatiali - River Boatmen song from East Pakistan    Abdul Halim Chowdhry
  4. Frontier Melody - Folk tune from Sarhad    Unspecified
  5. Folk Dance - Folk dance from Sind region    Unspecified
  6. Kohiyari - Instrumental tune from Sind region    Ali Mohammed
  7. Dholak Geet - Folk song from Punjabi region    Iqbal Bano
  8. Tangtakore - Story Song from the Northwest Frontier District    Unspecified
  9. Pushtu Love Song - Love Song from the Northwest Frontier Province    Unspecified
10. Bhawaia - Bengali Farmers' Work Song    Mumtaz Ali Khan
11. Folk Tune    Unspecified
12. Khatak Dance: Dance music from the Katak people in the Frontier Province    Unspecified
13. Khatak Dance: Dance music from the Katak people in the Frontier Province    Unspecified

Bengali Folk & Baul Songs | Top 25 Hits | Hear free samples & purchase MP3 Download from WBRi Partner Digital Media Store Sale

Folk Baul Songs Free Preview & Download

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All time top 25 Bangla Folk / Baul Song favorites. Extraordinary collectible album featurting unforgettable songs by legendary  Baul & Folk Of Bengal Singers, including:

  • Nirmalendu Chowdhury
  • Geeta Chowdhury
  • Amar Paul
  • Purna Das Baul
  • Anwar Alauddin
  • Runa Laila
  • Swapna Chakraborty
  • Dindaradi Sain
  • Manju Das
  • Nabanidas Khepa Baul
  • Arundhati Holme Chowdhury
  • Gosthogopal Das
  • Arati Mukherjee
  • Prahlad Brahmachari
The timeless Bangla Baul & Folk songs in this album are:

1.     Bhalo Koira Bajan Go Dotara    Nirmalendu Chowdhury
2.     Torsa Nadi Utal-Patal    Geeta Chowdhury
3.     Matir Pinjiray Hasan    Amar Paul
4.     Manus Hoiya Janma Nilam    Purna Das Baul
5.     O Amar Daradi Age Janle    Nirmalendu Chowdhury
6.     Jago He Ei Nagarbaasi    Amar Paul
7.     Bandhu Tin Din Tor Barite Gelam    Anwar Alauddin Ali, Runa Laila
8.     Boudidi Go    Swapna Chakraborty
9.     Sohag Chand Badani Dhani    Nirmalendu Chowdhury
10.     Kotha Achhe Re Sei - Dindaradi Sain, Prahlad Brahmachari
11.     Loke Bale Bale Re    Nirmalendu Chowdhury
12.     Runur Jhunur Pay    Nirmalendu Chowdhury
13.     Hari Balo Re Madhumakha    Purna Das Baul
14.     Je Jan Premer Bhab Janema    Runa Laila
15.     Rai Jago Rai Jago Bole    Amar Paul
16.     Sagar Juler Naiya Re    Nirmalendu Chowdhury
17.     Milan Habe Kato Dine    Manju Das
18.     Prabhat Samaye Sachir Angina Majhe    Amar Paul
19.     Mon Chalo Ruper Nagare  - Nabanidas Kshepa Baul,  Purna Das Baul
20.     Prem Jano Na Premer Hate    Arundhati Holme Chowdhury
21.     O Amar Dayal Re O Amar Bandhab Re    Gosthogopal Das
22.     Hari Din To Gelo Sandhya Holo    Arati Mukherjee
23.     Sadher Lau Banaila More Bairagi    Runa Laila
24.     Guru Amar Upay Bolo Na    Prahlad Brahmachari
25.     Majhi Baiya Jao Re    Amar Paul

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Bengali Baul & Folk Songs | Nirmalendu Chowdhury | WBRi Partner MP3 CD Albums Sales

NIRMALENDU CHOWDHURY | Bengali Folk Songs | Bengali Baul Songs | The Bauls of BengalNirmalendu Chowdhury
Bengali Folk Songs & Baul Songs Collection

Songs available for download:

Tomar Lagiya Re
Phul Hoia Futio Bandhu
Bhalo Koira Bajao Go
Nimitita Nishinda Tita
Tomar Mato Dayal Bondhu
Sohag Chand Badani Dhani
Sohag Chand Badoni Dhoni
Runur Jhunur Paye
Sarol Mone Etoi Dukh Dile
Sujon Re,jiboner Aar
Guru Kangal Janiya Paar
O Amar Daradi Age Janle
O Amar Dardi
Nach Kare Sundari Go
Sagar Juler Naiya Re
Loke Bale Bale Re
Bhalo Koira Bajan Go Dotara
Ami Bondhur Premagune
Prem Jane Na Rosik Kala
Katha Koy Re Dekha Dei
Amar Sadher Nao
Musalman Bale Go Allah
Padma Hase,padma Kande
Runur Jhunur Pay
Sagar Kuler Naiya Re
Loke Bale Bale Re

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Bangla Baul Folk & Tribal Songs Of Bengal - A Guide by Gopal Bandopadhyay | Nimai Sanyas, Prabhati, Poush Parbon, Dehatatwa etc.

The multitude of genres and sub-genres of Bengali Baul / Folk / Tribal music are defined and discussed. Listen to online songs of many types and subtypes of Bangla Folk & Tribal performed by Mr Gopal Bandopadhyay for WBRi.

Gopal Bandopadhyay Presents
Folk & Tribal Music of Bengal - A Guide

Free WBRi Bangla Radio Bengali Online Broadcast | Folk, Tribal songs The following article is a rough guide to the various folk musicals forms of West Bengal, India. This article is penned by Shri Gopal Bandopadhyay. We have previously featured Mr Gopal Banerjee where he has briefly written about Bengali Folk tradiitons and you can watch Mr Banerjee live in concert - click here.

Nimai Sanyas

These songs revolve around the concept of opting for the lifestyle of an ascetic by Nimai and thereby leaving his Grihasthya or family life. These songs were composed on the basis of the pitiful appeal by his wife Bishnupriya and his sorrowful mother Sachimata.


These songs are usually sung in the morning time by Vaishnavas throughout rural Bengal praising the glories of Radha, Lord Shri Krishna and Gauranga. These songs help the villagers ...

Swapan Basu - Ikir Mikir

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Original Olympic LP Record.  Folk traditional.

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