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You have already read all about MALABIKA BRAHMA and SANJAY BHATTACHERJEE who formed the Bengali Baul Jazz Fusion band BRAHMYA KHYAPA - the husband/wife team who are revolutionizing Bangla Baul-Jazz-Blues fusion, in WBRi exclusive feature coverage that we published here.

We are happy to present their first album BHROMOR, released simultaneously by us on the internet along with the store release in Kolkata. DOWNLOAD MP3 SONGS ONLINE BRAHMA KHEPA BHROMORDOWNLOAD Brahmakhyepa - BHROMOR in pristine audiophile MP3 Song format: CLICK HERE »

Amra Harina | Band-E-Mataram | Watch Bangla Band Music Video

Watch the music video free online.

Elektrik Kool Rock Revue 1 | Original Songs by Top Kolkata Bands | Watch Online Live Concert Videos & Pictures | WBRi Partner

WBRi - Washington Bangla Radio - in Online Partnership with Patrick Sanjiv Lal Ghose - proudly announces
The first of a live concert series with the greatest of Kolkata bands

Elektrik Kool Rock Revue - 1

The First of The Series of Live Concerts

Watch some pictures online from the Event:

Click on the image below to watch slideshow:

All pictures © WBRi. All rights reserved.

Watch Live Concert Videos Online:

Bertie Da Silva & Orphic Hat. Video © WBRi.

Bertie Da Silva & Orphic Hat. Video © WBRi.

The Supersonics. Video © WBRi.

The Supersonics. Video © WBRi.

The Supersonics. Video © WBRi.

The Supersonics. Video © WBRi.

Event Finale. Video © WBRi.

Elektrik Kool Rock Revue 1

The Big Concert Of Original Songs & Music From

Date & Time: Saturday May 30, 2009 @ 6 PM

Venue: GD Birla Sabhagar

Tickets: Rs. 150, available at the following Vodafone stores:
Park Street
22 Camac Street
Minto Park
South City
Salt Lake - Opp. City Center

Band Members


Ananda Sen on guitar and vocals, Avinash Chordia on drums, Nitin Mani on bass and Rohan Ganguli on guitar, harmonica and vocals.


Bertie da Silva on vocals, harmonica and guitar, Willy Walters on bass guitar, Jonathan Ram Gopal on keyboards, Anindyo Paul on vocals and Amlan Jyoti Singh on drums.


Neel Adhikari on vocals and guitar, Allan Ao on guitars and backing vocals, Arka Das on drums and percussion, Sayak Bandyopadhyay on vocals and percussion and Sanket Bhattacharya on bass.

Telegraph daily, Calcutta Telegraph article, May 26, 2009

Telegraph daily newspaper, published from Kolkata, writes: "The idea that was kindled in that evening is now taking shape with Elektrik Kool Rock Revue 1, to be held once again at GD Birla Sabhagar, on May 30. “In the course of producing Bertie da Silva in Concert, we realised that it was possible to present quality music to audiences in a concert hall and that there is a large and appreciative audience ready and waiting for such shows,” explains Patrick Ghosh of Hat Productions, an outfit that also crystallised after the November show." Read the complete Telegraph article HERE »

Telegraph daily, Calcutta Telegraph article, May 28, 2009

Kolkata's Telegraph newspaper has published an article on Elektrik Kool Rock Revue 1 that includes profiles of the bands playing their own compositions in this concert: THE SUPERSONICS, BERTIE DA SILVA AND ORPHIC HAT, and FIVE LITTLE INDIANS (FLI). This artcile also has encouraging words from current popular Indian Rock & Pop musicians BICKRAM GHOSH (Tabla player, world percussionist), AMYT DUTTA (Guitarist: Pink Noise and Skinny Alley), PRASANNA SINGH (Former manager, Cassini’s Division), VIKRAMJIT “TUKI” BANERJEE (Guitarist: Krosswindz). Read the complete Telegraph article HERE »

Krosswindz | Global Crest Music Podcast | Listen to Free Krosswindz Podcast Online

Krosswindz is featured in the New Podcast of Global Crest Music, The USA

They have just uploaded the Global Crest music podcast (Episode 1) on their website, which features Krosswindz music. There are five parts to Episode 1. Aqua Viva is on the first and second parts, Krosswindz is on the third. Watch the Podcast Free Online via Youtube.

Bangla Band Alokborsho | Subhajit | Pagol

Alokborsho is a next generation modern Bangla Rock Band from Kolkata. In the spirit of naive attempts at serious rock music by the nascent Bengali Rock movement, Alokborsho has released an album, which they have named Marijuana.

One of the ex members of the Bengali Rock Music Band Alokborsho, Subhajit, who is a singer & songwriter, wrote a song called Pagol. This song was later incorporated in their new Bangla Band album release. In the following video, posted at youtube by Arijit, Subhajit talks about the song "Paagol" and sings it and plays his guitar (acoustic). A very interesting snapshot into the current youth of Bengal, this song will bring back Chandrabindoo's wannabee social satire song about the planet mars (Mongol Groho.) Surprisingly, the first line of Subhajit's song  coincides with the first line of Suman Chattopadhyay's (now Kabir Suman, running on a Trinamool Congress ticket in Jadavpur for a Lok Sabha  / MP seat) song of the same name (Paagol), but Subhajit clarifies he wrote his song earlier than Suman this is sheer kaktaliyo ghotona.

Watch and Listen online to Subhajit, ex band member of Alokborsho, performing Paagol in an informal setting.

Rock Link | Bangla Rock Band / Underground Bengali Rock TV Show

Banglalink and ATN Bangla TV had come together in 2005 to air the famous  "ROCK LINK" Bangla Band program at midnight (Bangladesh time) every Thursday. Bangla Band, Bangla Rock and Underground music fans could not have enough of the show ! ROCK LINK was hosted by the famous Bengali Band personaliities: Sumon (Aurthohin) and Jewel (Miles).

Watch the first episode of ROCK LINK Bangla Rock / Band program online, uploaded to by

Balam | Balam | Get the album from the famous ex-Warfaze Singer and Producer from WBRi Online Affiliate Store


Album: Balam

Balam is a talented and versatile singer, performer and producer from Bangladesh and is well known for his unique blend of Bengali World Fusion. Balam is a natural in music. When Balam was in the eighth grade at school, he composed the popular Warfaze song "Mone pore jaye amar koishor". Balam was a cofounder of the Bangla Band "Renegades" in 1995, when he graduated from secondary school. Renegades released the album "Phiriye Dao" towards the end of 1995.

Prachir | Contemporary Alternative Rock Kolkata Bangla Band | Channel [V] Launchpad Finalists | Watch Song Videos Online

Prachir - Kolkata Bangla Rock Band Prachir are an alternative Bangla Rock Band from Kolkata. Read about the members of Prachir in their own writing. Relive the experience of Prachir at the Channel [V] Launchpad, 2009 where they were the only Kolkata Bengali Band invited. Listen to Prachir Songs Online via Videos from their Youtube channel.

Ajob | Folk Rock Fusion Bangla Band | Listen Online and Download Bengali Songs MP3 from WBRi Kolkata Live Radio MP3 Music Shop

Labik and Salim founded AJOB Band in 2001. Saion, Bariul, and Resalat - ex MIGRAINE members, soon joined AjabSaion and Resalat were also members of SELLOUT. Momtaz joined around the same time - Momtaz is also a member of MIB. Harold Rasheed, ex UJAAN, came aboard with lots of experience. With strong influences of folk compositions of Lalon Fakir, Ajob has an unique folk rock  fusion blend that is distinctive and pleasurable.

Kolkata Underground | Urban Music from Calcutta | Free Preview and Download MP3 Songs from WBRi Kolkata Bangla Radio Affiliate

Download in pristine MP3 song format the first volume of the Best of Kolkata Underground music album from our Affiliate store. Published by SaReGaMa, Kolkata The Underground - The Best Of What's Next is a snapshot into the contemporary urban Kolkata music scene, with progressive, urban, grunge and alternative and punk influences. This is music of global appeal, and reflects the pleasures and pains in that unique urban music landscape of any megapolis the size of Kolkata.

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