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Purabi Dutta Collection

Purabi Dutta is well known as a Nazrul singer in Calcutta. In addition to Nazrulgeeti, Purobi Dutta also Bengali Modern, Folk, Ghazals / Light Classical and Hindi Bhajan. Her father was a great Tappa singer, and composed Bhajans as well, one of Purabi Datta sang in the interesting album "MIDDLE CASTE RELIGIOUS MUSIC FROM INDIA - Musicians, Dancers, Prostitutes, and Actors" which WBRi Bangla Radio has already Featured HERE ». WBRi Kolkata Radio has also previously featured Purabi Dutta's excellent Nazrulgeeti album "Holud Gaandaar Phool" HERE »

For Bengali Music Lovers and Collectors (and it is rare to find a Bengali who is not either or both!) we present a collection of Purabi Dutta songs available for purchase at the cheapest prices from our trusted and secure partners

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Haimanti Shukla | Bangla Adhunik / Modern & Bengali Devotional / Shyamasangeet Collection

Trained formally in Indian Classical Vocal, Hoimonti Shukla is a renowned singer across all genres of Bengali music, covering the entire spectrum from Bengali Modern / Pop to Devotional Bhajans / Shyamasangeet (songs dedicated to Goddess Kali). She is also an excellent concert performer, and has traveled globally participating in numerous events organized by expatriate Bengalis. Listen to Bengali Songs on our Live Internet Online Streaming Radio Station, and buy Bangla Songs online at the best prices form our secure trusted Digital Sales Partner Store:

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Ami Tomake Bhalobashi | Bengali Infant Message Chant | Download Bangla MP3 Song | Online Free Preview Experimental World Fusion

The Album Wee Chant - Chants, Songs and Lullabies From Around The World by Marylee is a fascinating collection children are sure to enjoy while being exposed to global diversity early on. The track "Bengali Infant Message Chant" is a great example of the Bengali classic ghum parani gaan going global - make sure you listen to the free preview even if you decide to not buy this album from our online partner store.

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Sumantra Sengupta - Sarat Chandra Galpo Paath | A Fascinating Recitation Of Stories / Plays by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay

SUMANTRA SENGUPTA: Sarat Chandra's Audio Story-Play

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay is the most popular Bengali writer from the early 20th Century. Recently, his stories have been hijacked and made pop-culture friendly by producers of TollywoodBollywood movies like Devdas. This contemporary desecration by box-office hit driven Hindi and Bengali Film Industries is somewhat alleviated by albums like Sumantra Sengupta's Narration Based Story Play of stories written by Sharat Chandra Chatterji. Sumantra Sengupta and Basab Dasgupta collaborated to compose the audio form of these stories, and the album has been produced with care by Debasis Chowdhuri. One hopes if Bollywood's Devdas caused the departed soul of Sarat Chandra Chatterjee to wince, albums like this bring happiness and peace to him.

The CD contains the following audio plays:

Amra Kojon - Sessions | The Popular Bangla Group From Boston, MA | Bengali Modern / Bangla Adhunik, Rabindra Sangeet

A collection of songs performed by the popular Bengali group from Boston, including well-known works by Joan Baez,

Bhushundir Maathe | Pratik Chowdhury, Rupankar, Subhamita, Kharaj, Jojo, Haimanti Shukla, Srikanto Acharya | Bengali Music Drama

"Bhusandir Mathe" is a Bengali Musical Drama, featuring most of the contemporary top Bangla singers:
  • Haimanti Shukla
  • Srikanto Acharya
  • Pratik Chowdhury
  • Rupankar Bagchi
  • Subhamita
  • Jojo
  • Kharaj Mukherjee

Written and Directed by Kharaj Mukherjee, this album, running slightly under an hour, is sure to provide great entertainment to the young and the old.

Listen to free preview online and download the album in high quality MP3 format:

Srikanta Acharya | Part -1 | Complete Online Discography | Listen to Free Previews & Download MP3 Bengali Songs Online | Bangla

Sadhana Sargam

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Srikanto Acharya, born in Kolkata, learnt singing at Dakshinee Music Academy - a music school known for excellence in the genre of Rabindrasangeet (Tagore Songs). One of the icons in contemporary Bengali Modern Songs (Bangla Adhunik Gan), Rabindrasangeet, Shyamasangeet (songs dedicated to Goddess Kali) and Nazrulgeeti, Srikanta Acharya has recently diversified into genres like Devotional Bhajans (you can download his excellent Offerings / Hindi Bhajan songs here).

Pamela Jain | Jhum Jhum Raat Ti Namey | Lata Mangeshkar Remix in Bengali | Preview Free and Download Bangla MP3 Songs Online

Pamela Jain | Zum Zum Ratree Naame | Free Preview | Download MP3 Bengali Bangla Songs Online

Pamela Jain sings foot-tapping Bangla Remix songs - covers of Lata Mangeshkar Bangla Modern Songs -  in "Zum Zum Raatee Naame (Bengali Songs)" which will appeal to pop music listeners. The album Jhoom Jhoom Raat-ti Name (Venus Records and Tapes) are remix cover versions of classic nostilgia eliciting Adhunik Bangla Gaan - Bengali Modern Songs - by Lata Mangeshka

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Chaitali | Parthajeet | Kumar Sanu | Shreya | Subhankar Bhaskar | Jagari Chatterjee | Santanu Roychowdhury | Download MP3

Preview the following tracks free and download the Bengali Modern Songs online from our Partner store:

Album: Modern Bengali Songs
Subhankar Bhaskar, Jagari Chatterjee, Santanu Roychowdhury
West Bengal or East India where East is West for Music and New Talents ...
1. Aej Swapner rong
2. Bashite bhangalo je ghum
3. Aek Sagar
4. Jhri jhiri brishti aelo
5. Koto din gayloje bashi
6. Gobhiro nishite keno    
7. Chuti aeye chutir dine

Tarun Banerjee | Bangla Adhunik Gaan | Bengali Adhunik Songs | Rabindra Sangeet

Bangla Adhunik / Bengali Modern songs & Rabindra Sangeet / Tagore Songs by Tarun Bandopadhyay are evergreen favorites of Bangla Music lovers. Tarun Banerjee is one of the shining stars of the Bengali Music Golden Nostalgic Period / Nostalgia Age / Swarna Joog of Bangla Gaan. His Adhunik / Bengali Modern Bangla Songs and Rabindra Sangeet songs are cherished collectibles in a majority of Bengali households even today.

The nostalgic Bangla Adhunik Songs of the Bengali Swarnajug era are famously romantic and are mostly Bengali love songs in nature. Various subtle and strong sentiments are expressed with poetic license in extraordinary beautiful albums that are great works of art. The dry reality of post-modern Bengali song writing and music composition found today is a far cry from nostalgia era bangla adhunik gaan. Focus has also shifted away from high art to the physical, and though love is still often the subject, it is not uncommon to find a bangla song about sex and the human body any more. Western Rock has long celebrated making love in love songs, and Bengali music is not far behind.

Listen online to free samples & download Bangla Adhunik Songs & Rabindra Sangeet MP3 by Tarun Bandopadhyay.

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