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Bengali Film Hits - An Album of Bengali Film Songs | Classic Bangla Movie Songs | Free Preview - Listen Online & Download MP3

Preview: Listen Free & Download MP3 Bengali Film Songs Album "Bengali Film Hits"BENGALI FILM HITS is a great album from INRECO containing Classic Bangla Film Songs. The Bengali Movie Songs in this record have been performed by the legendary Bangla Adhunik / Modern and Film Song Singers Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar.

There are 16 songs on this MP3 CD that you can listen to free previews of, and download in MP3 format instantly from WBRi Online Bangla MP3 Song and CD Sales affiliate store. The songs are from Super Hit Bangla Cinema like Anusandhan, Selam Memsaheb, Charmurti, Rajnandini, Preashee, Ogo Bodhu Sundori, Swarna Trishna, and Mother. Your purchased Hit Bengali Movie Film Songs MP3 download can be transferred to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player etc. or you can burn an Audio CD on your suitably equipped computer.

Listen to Bangla Movie Songs from the album "Bengali Film Hits" and Download it now.

Runa Laila | Discography

Runa Laila MP3 Albums - Listen to Free Clips and Download from WBRi Partner Music CD DVD Store Online:

1. The Loves Of Runa Laila
Runa Laila
2. Best Of Runa Laila
Runa Laila
3. Runa Sings Shahbaz Qalandar
Runa Laila
4. Runa Goes Disco
Runa Laila
5. Meri Pasand
Runa Laila
6. I Love To Sing For You - Runa Laila
Runa Laila
7. Bazm-E-Laila
Runa Laila
8. Runa In Pakistan (Ghazals)
Runa Laila
9. Geet / Ghazals
Runa Laila
10. Great Ghazals
Runa Laila Style
11. Superuna
Runa Laila
12. Runa In Pakistan (Geet)
Runa Laila
13. Kaaje Rakhben Ni Go Ma
Runa Laila
14. Bandhu Teen Din
Runa Laila
15. Khanchar Bhitor Achin
Runa Laila
16. Istishaner Railgarita
Runa Laila
17. Emon Ekta Case
Runa Laila
18. Taratari Bari Aiso
Runa Laila
19. Je Jan Premer Bhab
Runa Laila
20. Yaadon Ki Baraat Chale Hai
Ghulam Ali & Runa Laila Mehndi Hassan
21. Ranjish Hi Sahi
Runa Laila
22. Chokher Arral Hoile
Runa Laila
23. Baapjaan Nilana
Runa Laila
24. Bako Jhako Jaai Karo
Runa Laila
25. Saadher Lau Banailo
Runa Laila
26. Gharaonda
Bhupinder Runa Laila
27. Tindiner Bairagi
Runa Laila
28. Majhi Tumi Majh Gange
Runa Laila
29. Ganga Mar Ma,padma
Runa Laila
30. Sadher Lau Banailo More
Runa Laila
31. Moods & Emotions
Runa Laila
32. Baro Bujaan Daikya Koy
Runa Laila
33. Buke Amar Agun Jwale
Runa Laila
34. Jyotishi Go Jyotishi
Runa Laila
35. Kaler Gari Taratari
Runa Laila
36. Barir Manush Koy Amay
Runa Laila
37. Sujan Re,sei Je Gela
Runa Laila
38. Hai Re Smriti Baro
Runa Laila

Kabir Suman - Reaching Out | WBRi Exclusive New Album Release | Listen Online to Free Preview and Download New Songs MP3 CD

KABIR SUMAN - REACHING OUT - Listen Free and Download MP3 Songs Online

Hot new album by Kabir Suman, formerly known as Suman Chattopadhyay.  The famous post modern bengali singer, song writer, guitarist, poet, journalist, TV show host and actor is based in Kolkata. Hechanged his name from Suman Chatterji to Kabir Suman when he converted to Islam to marry Sabina Yasmin. He initially showed affinity towards the Bengal's Communist Left political parties, but eventually developed a relationship with Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress, earning a Lok Sabha ticket from Jadavpur constituency in West Bengal for the 2009 elections.

WBRi has already exclusively released his album "Nandigram" which is his protest album to atrocities committed on the residents of Nandigram in West Bengal. Listen to free previews online and download the songs in Kabir Suman - Nandigram in audiophile high-quality MP3: CLICK HERE.

WBRi presents another exclusive latest Kolkata Album Release from Kabir Sunman : Reaching Out. This latest album from Kolkata is Suman's first album to attempt to produce English songs to reach out and touch the souls of people who don't understand Bengali. As an Indian Musician he did not follow any set Western pattern for the music. He used the traditional Indian and Bengali style in writing and also in singing the beautiful songs of this album to be heard at home in an intimate atmosphere.

Listen free to online previews of the new songs in the latest Kabir Suman album REACHING OUT. Buy the album in audiophile quality MP3 Download format instantly from our official WBRi Store.

Kabir Suman - Nandigram | Exclusive WBRi Online Album Release | Lates Album | New Songs From Kolkata | Elections Special

Nandigram - Kabir Suman - Download - Free PreviewTowing the disastrous anti-industrial Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee partisan party line, Kabir Suman in this new latest album hot in Kolkata portrays his support for the farmers of Nandigram and neighboring villages against the ruling government's effort to create industry on villagers' agricultural lands. Kabir Suman, erstwhile Suman Chattopadhyay, is the minority candidate for a MP seat from Jadavpur.

Click on the album front cover artwork  image below to listen to free preview and and download Kabir Suman's songs from the new album NANDIGRAM instantly from WBRi Official Music Store.

Swapan Basu - Ikir Mikir

Dwijen Mukherjee | Bangla Adhunik Gan / Modern Bengali Songs | Audio CD

This Bengali Modern / Bangla Adhunik Songs album contains the following songs by the great Romantic Nostalgia / Golden-era / Swarnajug singer Dwijen Mukherjee:

•  Seven-Strings Necklace Is for You
  •  Blushes Red Your Brow
  •  Your Sweet Eyes, May I Say
  •  I Will Return, Someday
  •  Oh! Beautiful Maiden, Your Beauty Flows On
  •  Waves of Youthful Beauty, Rocks to and Fro
  •  Heart Leaps Up
  •  Oh! Sweet Flower Champa Hear My Words
  •  Stars, by One and Two
  •  Many a Dream
  •  Oh! Beautiful Dark Damsel
  •  Amidst a Thousand Hearts
  •  Oh! Devine Krishna My Salutations
  •  Necktar Flows When My Mamma Smiles
  •  Oh! Again I Will Renew
  •  World Calls to Me
  •  Oh! Sweet and Melodious Pattering Rain
 Click here to purchase the album from WBRi CD Store.

Sukanya Dutta - Ganer Sedin Edin & Laag Velki Laag | Online Albums

Sukanya Dutta on Washington Live Bangla Kolkata Radio

Sukanya Dutta : Ganer Sedin Edin

The songs in this album, released under the Sprinkleart label, are: 1. Jhiri Jhiri Chaitali Batase 2. Nishiraat Baanka Chand 3. Tumi Je Amaar 4. Jeno Kichhu Mone Korona 5. Oi Ja Ami Bolte Bhule Gechhi 6. Tomar Bhubane Phuler Mela 7. Mukhar Palash Kuhur Kujan Shone 8. Aamar Ganer Shanchari 9. Chander Aalo Dekhe 10. Ogo Aamar Ja Chhilo 11. Tomar Majhei Nijeke

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Sukanya Dutta : Laag Bhelki Laag - Aajker Gaan

Sukanya Dutta - Lag Bhelki Lag - WBRI Kolkata Bangla Live Radio - Unlimited PopLaag Bhelki Lag is a recent album by Sukanya Dutta. The tracks are: Aamar Chaker Patai, Aami Jibonke Bhalobasi, Kajea Balai Kaaji, Laag Velki Laag, Macher Naam Mangeer Sol, Moina Tiya Chandana, Moner Monus Praner Manus, Myari Nachte Jane, Oi Nil Nil Akasher and Pirit Aamar Mitha. Lyrics are by Ratan Saha, and music is by Tarun Kar, Kanchan Bandopadhyay and Sukanya Dutt.

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Bappi Lahiri & Alaka Yagnik - Aajker Prem | Get The 1993 Hit Album | WBRi Kolkata Bangla Radio Special iTunes Partner Album

Ajker Prem is the big hit album from 1993, by Bappi Lahidi and Alaka Yagnik. Get the 8 songs from this popular Bengali Pop album now online from WBRi Live Kolkata Radio Partner iTunes Store.

Kabir Suman : Dekhchi Toke | Latest *NEW* Album | Election Special WBRi Exclusive Release - Listen to Free Preview & Download MP

Dekhchi Toke
by Kabir Suman

Kabir Suman, erstwhile Suman Chattopadhyay, is a pioneer in urban contemporary socially relevant songs, and reinitiated the deparrture from flowery romantic bengali film songs and adhunik / modern of the "nostalgia" / golden era period.

Kabir Suman has decided to fight a MP seat on a ticket from Trinomool Congress against communist Sujan Chakraborty in Jadavpur constituency of southern Kolkata. This is an interesting election, with Bengali Movie Superstars like Tapash Paul and Satabdi Roy also running races in the election.

Click here to listen to free preview online and download the album "DEKCHI TOKE" by KABIR SUMAN instantly in pristine audiophile quality 320 Kbps 48 Khz MP3 format that you can transfer to your iPhone / iPod / MP3 Player or burn to a CD using a standard CD Recorder software:
KABIR SUMAN - DEKCHI TOKE - Listen Free and Download MP3 Songs Online

Shyamal Mitra | Bangla Adhunik | Bengali Modern & Film Songs | Listen Free To Previews & Buy Cheap From WBRi Partner CD Store

One of the top singers in Bengal during 1950s through 1970s, Shyamal Mitra and his Romantic Bangla Songs are part of the definition of the Nostalgia evoking Golden Era (Swarnojug) of Bengali Music. Shyamal Mitra was also an excellent composer. His contribution to Bengali Film Songs and Bangla Adhunik is iconic, at par with his fellow contemporary icons like Manna Dey and Hemanta Mukherjee. Born on July 14, 1928 in Naihati, Shyamal Mitra lived in a Mess (a long-term residential hotel) in Kolkata, and studied singing with the great Sudhirlal Chakraborty. In addition to numerous Adhunik songs, each one a popular hit, Shyamal Mitra sang Bengali Film Songs for at least 9 Bangla movies, composed the music for at least 6 Bengali Films, and acted in at least 2 Bangla Films.

In addition to WBRi Free Live Streaming Always-On Internet Radio broadcast, you can listen to Free previews (clips) of Shyamal Mitra's songs online and buy his Bengali music  from our trusted secure affiliate store: Click Here »

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