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Holde Shobuje - A Bengali Modern Song by Tripti Sanyal

Tripti Sanyal

Tripti Sanyal presents a Bengali modern song (Bangla Adhunik Gan) titled "Holde Shobuje". The music video is edited by Tapan Sanyal.

জাগো বাংলাদেশ | "Jago Bangladesh" - An Independence Day Song

Washington DC, March 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) "Jaago Bangladesh" is a Bengali song written and composed by Ahsan Kamrul, with music arranged by Partho Barua. The song is performed by Ahsan Kamrul, Abeer Nayan and Rwodry Moriom.

Payel Kar - The Rapidly Upcoming and Talented Singer from Kolkata: WBRi Exclusive Interview-Feature

[Kolkata Bengali Singer Payel Kar]Calcutta, March 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The young and rapidly upcoming Bengali singer Payel Kar from Kolkata talks to Subhomoy Mukherjee in this informal chit-chat. Also listen to a few songs by Payel, including one written by Rabi Guha Majumdar with music by S D Burman.

Singer-Composer Suvodeep Mukherjee talks to Soumitra Talukdar - Extempore Performances and Interview

Subhojit MukherjeeCalcutta, Feb 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) On behalf of Washington Bangla Radio , Soumitra Talukdar talks to Suvodeep Mukherjee in an exclusive video interview with entertaining extempore performances.

Birangona - A Song for The Great Freedom Fighters of Bangladesh - Abeer Noyon, Ahsan Kamrul, Tanveer Alam Shawjeeb

Germantown, Maryland, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali composer Ahsan Kamrul has written and composed the song  Birangona as an expression of an anguished soul for the atrocities caused to women of Bangladesh by the Pakistani Military and Bangladeshi Collaborators (Razakars) in the great Bangladesh Freedom War of 1971, and thereafter a national forgetfulness and sufferings caused by their own families and society to "The Great Freedom Fighters of the Country", "Birangona" - "The Birangona Freedom Fighters". The song is performed by singer Abeer Noyon with music arrangement by Tanveer Alam Shawjeeb.

It is time now, to voice for the "State Honour" of the "Birangona Freedom Fighters". It is time now, for the nation to voice and take the first step towards trying those criminals and honouring the sacrifice of women and men in our Great Freedom War, the process has begun already, which has been awaiting justice for close to four decades.

Listen free online to the full Bengali audio song Birangona and watch the music video via Washington Bangla Radio.

The Complete Pintu Bhattacharya Bengali Audio Songs MP3 Download Collection

Calcutta, Jan 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Having a melodious and intense voice, Pintoo Bhattacharya was one of the popular Bengali modern singers in the seventies and eighties, having delivered timeless Bengali super-hit songs composed by the top Bengali composers and music directors incuding Salil Choudhury and Sudhin Dasgupta. As Nilanjan Nandy touchingly writes in this obituary, no visit to Digha (a popular beach-town on India's coastline with the Bay of Bengal) will be the same without Pintu Bhattacharya.

The following songs by Pintu Bhattacharya are available online in MP3 Download Format - click here to listen to free samples and download these timeless Bengali audio songs classics online >

Interview | MOU SANYAL - The acclaimed Bengali singer from Kolkata with the sweetest of voices

An exclusive & intimate interview by Soumitra Talukdar on behalf of Washington Bangla Radio with Mou Sanyal, an acclaimed singer, also with a famous cultural background, a daughter of famous writer Narayan Sanyal who is known worldwide for his contribution to Bengali Literature.
Mou Sanyal Talukdar

CALCUTTA, Oct 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mou Sanyal started to learn music at an early age from  her elder sister Anindita (Sanyal) Basu. After that she received musical training in Rabindra Sangeet at Dakskhini . She was trained by Arati Bagchi in classical music at Saurav.

Watch the complete video interview and listen to Mou Sanyal and her songs at Washington Bangla Radio.

BLUSH ON by Ipsita Mukherjee - golden oldie Bengali songs get a modern remix sound while preserving their eternal melodies

Washington DC, Sept 13, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ipshita Mukherjee has been learning music from a very young age, taking singing lessons in classical, light classical, ghazals and so on. As she grew up, she always had a strong regard and attraction for the golden oldies from the nostalgic period of Bengali and Indian modern and film songs - like most Indians who grew up in the latter part of the last century, Lata Mangeshkar, Hemanta Mukherjee, Manna Dey, Md Rafi and so on have always had a strong appeal to her. She strongly believes it is not possible to sing those evergreen oldies without having learnt Indian classical music first, and it is a mistake to attempt such songs without training in classical.

Ipsita Mukherjee Blush On Bengali Retro Remix Album

Therefore, Ipsita concentrated on training herself in Indian Classical vocals for the last 14 years before attempting to perform the oldies classics only now when she is somewhat confident of doing justice to the eternal compositions.

Her new album Blush On - Evergreen Bangla Retros Remixed released by Purple Music of Kolkata contains 2 songs by Arati Mukherjee, 4 by Asha Bhsole and 1 each by R D Burman and Lata Mangeshkar. Interestingly, the music arrangement for these songs in Ipsita's new album is extremely contemporary - the songs have been reprised and remixed using modern instrumention and electronic influences giving them a fresh new sound. In the age of techno, trance and electronica, this album is an outstanding effort that has been lapped up Kolkata Bangla FM Radio Stations who are playing the songs regularly and frequently.

Ipsita explains in this exclusive and informal interview with Arijit Chakraborty of Washington Bangla Radio about the title of the album. A blusher is used in make up to make beautiful women look more beautiful, she says, and for the same reason she has named the album Blush On to convey a sense of having applied blusers to songs that are timeless to start with, giving them a younger and contemporary touch.

Purple Music full audio song albums are available for download in pristine audiophile MP3 format from the exclusive Washington Bangla Radio digital download store here >

Sudipta Chattopadhyay from Cleveland, Ohio - talented singer, playwright and Shruti Natok (Audio Play) Actress

Sudipta Chattopadhyay Cleveland Ohio USA
Dr Sudipta Chattopadhyay performing in her home city of Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Sudipta Chattopadhyay, a current resident of Cleveland, Ohio, is a doctorate in Chemical Engineering and a scientist by profession, on top of all these she is a passionate aficionado of Indian Music. Sudipta is a professional, versatile singer, actress, reciter, creative writer, anchor, and music teacher. Her passion for music has taken her all over the world as an invited singer-performer-anchor.

Washington Bangla Radio presents an exclusive feature on Sudipta. Watch Sudipta performing live via WBRi On-Demand Video service.

Ek mutho jolshar kolorob - In memory of Pulak Bandyopadhyay (May 1931 - September 7, 1999)

By Kohinoor Dasgupta
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

On the evening of Tuesday, September 7, 1999, lyricist Pulak Bandyopadhyay killed himself by jumping off a launch into the Hooghly river at Howrah. He was 68. His body was retrieved on Thursday, September 9, 1999. Words were in short supply in the suicide note he left behind. After having worn his heart on his sleeve as a professional writer for four decades, he had nothing more to say.

Bandyopadhyay lived in Howrah. He was educated at Scottish Church College, Calcutta. He came from a family that enjoyed the Arts — drama, literature, music. Many of his songs were written for Bangla movies, tailored to suit “situations” outlined by screenplay writers and directors. The rest were songs written for the Puja releases and other albums of well-known singers.

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