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‘Chotoder Cinemathequ' - Z Bangla has chosen a wrong time schedule to show the films for children

The children are the assets of our country -- of the world rather. They are our futures. They are the futures of this planet in fact. The whole civilization should remain grateful to the children for some other reasons too. In the very beginning days of the civilization, mothers had been trying to sing songs to make their babies sleepy in the night. The lyricists, composers and the singers of the songs were the mothers themselves. And the listeners were their babies only. The first song,created by a man was born in this way only.

Indian TV Channel Reliance BIG TV DTH aims to get BIG on social media connectivity

Everyone has come across the, now ubiquitous, Facebook ‘f’ and the Twitter ‘t’ buttons on websites. No one in today’s age can afford to ostracize social media and everyone’s hopping on to the social media bandwagon. 

Mumbai, India, Sep 20 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio USA - PRURGENT) The DTH industry is no different in this aspect and Reliance BIG TV is making a big push towards connecting with customers on a more direct and personal note than any customer care executive could.

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The Indian consumer today is an informed and smart individual, with all information and knowledge, quite literally, at his fingertips. He/she is very careful about his needs and preferences and rightly so. Connecting with him/her is very important and can translate into a win-win situation for both the brand and the customers. Reliance BIG TV aims to engage users in relevant conversations garner consumer sentiment on various issues, address consumer grievances, incorporate suggestions into their products and services and set up special online contests, get customer feedback. These are just some of the things that consumers can look forward to.

They are not thinking about the contestants at all

We all know that the peacocks dance when ever they watch rainfalls. We also like to dance. We are taking dance as an art form. Dance is an amassing art to us. We feel that the dance has the power to remove all the griefs from our minds,from our souls truly. In our shastras,we have read about the Tandab Nritya of Lord Shiva. Since the early days of civilization, dance has taken a great and respected place in our Indian Culture(which is truly too rich)and life style as well.

A friend in need

There are several planets in the cosmos. But Earth is the only planet where life is available. We can find different kinds of plants and creatures over here. Yes there are various types of creatures - animals in the Earth - the loving motherland of ours. The man is also an animal. But it has a very powerful and developed brain inside of it’s head. It is rational. Yes man is a rational animal over and out. We feel hungry- just like other animals. We need sex - just like other creatures of the Earth.

Is there anything to learn?

The back bitings,the gossips- these things are really very famous in our Indian society(specially in the middle class society). And, people says that,the ladies of our country are more active to do these kind of things. But, our daily life experience says that the Indian men are also very much interested in back bitings, gossips etc. Yes, this is true that all most all of us like to do back bitings and gossips.

It made the contestants perfect indeed

The healthy contest is very much well coming in any field of the world. A contest which is healthy in every aspect is good for the skills of the contestants in deed. It is good for the civilization as well. Contests enhance skills. Help people to make themselves perfect. In our country we find contests since the early stages of civilization in all most each and every possible field of the world. As we know that our respected country is the birth place of talent in reality. It has been producing talents since the historical age.

TV Show Review - 2

The all Shastras of our country always provoke us to become a totally fearless person. Yes,it is the real motto of our beloved motherland. A fearless person only can change the whole world very smoothly - we believe. That is why we chant ‘VEER BHAGYA VASUNDHARA’. In Colors channel, since 6th September of this year we are watching a new reality show(or contest ) ,called ‘Khatron Ke Khilari - tiguna(season-3)’. It is a fear factor based program - we all know that. The contestants are fighting with there own fears here.

Pavitra Rishta (Indian Hindi TV Show) team seeks Ganpati blessing at Shalini Arora's residence

Mumbai, Maharashtra, September 13, 2010 /Washington Bangla Radio / India PRwire/ This festive season with Ganpati Chants all around the corner, our actress from telly world Shalini Arora feels the vibes of Ganpati Bappa at her residence with her team of Pavitra Rishta.

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Amidst the busy schedules of balaji production 'Pavitra Rishta' and 'Tere Liye' Shalini like every years managed to bring Lord Ganesha at home with all the excitement and love."I am a true devotee of Ganpati bappa. I firmly believe that all my work is done with his blessings. At all times I feel his presence.

New York Television Festival - Ben Silverman, Michael Emerson, Mitchell Hurwitz, Michael Davies & Harry Shearer

New York Television FestivalIndustry Panel Series and Events to Focus on Web Television, Alternative Programming, Branded Entertainment and Breaking into the Television Business

New York, NY (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) September 16, 2010: The New York Television Festival (NYTVF) today announced the lineup for its New York Nonscripted, Digital and Development Days, featuring industry leaders Ben Silverman, Mitchell Hurwitz, Michael Davies, Harry Shearer and Michael Emerson. This daytime series of industry-focused panel discussions and events will take place during the sixth annual Festival, which kicks off Sept. 20 and runs through Sept. 25, 2010.

Who's Going to Win Dancing with the Stars Season 11 (DWTS) 2010 ? Celeb Cast International Personality Profiler Predictions

Kerri Hopkins is a personality profiler who consults in 5Continets on the correlation between a person's name &  their respective personality traits. She has written 3 books, one of which has been studied at Universities. She's been interviewed on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox & Friends and has been an analyst for Fox Network, Her work is informative and entertaining.

New York, NY, September 9, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Vocus)  The “Situation” has a new GTL.

Jersey Shore's Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is teamed with Karina Smirnoff - Looks like Mike has a new GTL – “Gitterbug", Tango & Lambada .. Mike & Karina will get along well, she'll like his personality and determination, he'll like that she has a creative flair & the willingness to do risky moves but he WON'T like her bossiness. $100 bucks “The Situation” tries to bang Bristol Palin & Florence Henderson before he’s booted off ..

Dirty Dancing meets a Caliente Paso Doble

Jennifer Grey is teamed with Derek Hough - She’s a hard working “people pleaser”, by the 3rd day of practice she’s gonna think –“If God had intended us to fly, he would have put a runway, 2 beers & an escape slide on the dance floor. But I’m guessing daring, adrenaline junkie Derek will have her airborne and twirling laterally in no time .. He’s going to love that she’ll be game for anything – as long as she thinks it will give her the approval of the judges and viewing audience! I like this team – they’re both hard workers, capable and Jennifer is very competitive – should be interesting to watch:)

Do You Have Any “Push Up” Stilettos ..

Audrina Patridge is teamed with Tony Dovolani. Her motto should be “Nothing risqué – nothing gained”. A person named Audrina really wants to prove herself. She hates to be vulnerable so she's going to try extra hard, so that the audience loves her. She'll love Tony - he'll be charming, capable and will always have a "Plan B". So if she can't learn the dance one way - he'll figure out another way to teach her. Audrina gets fortunate opportunities falling at her feet - so expect her to get the best song, best dress - or just when you think she's getting tossed from the show - she'll be saved 'cause someone leaves the show unexpectedly. Oh - and if she dresses anything like she does at the pools in Las Vegas - her cleavage is going to need it’s own pair of dancing shoes …

I Hoff-ten wonder if the Hoff can Cha Cha – better than he can walk a straight line.

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