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Meghmallar - The Mega Serial on Indian DD Bangla TV Channel

MEGHAMALLAR Bengali TV SHOW on DD Bangla Indian Channel
Indrajit Deb and Master Guddu on Meghamallar DD Bangla TV Show
Picture (C) Aditya Chakrabarty / WBRi

A megaserial ‘Meghmallar’ is currently being aired on DDI/DD Bangla daily at 4pm.

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It stars Debjani Chatterjee,Arijit Choudhury,Rana Mitra,Rajasree Bhowmick, Indrajit Deb,Amlan Majumdar and others. The music is by Dron and the cinematographer is Santanu Dutta.The editor is Abhijit Poddar .The serial is being produced by Golden Eye Productions and it is being directed by Arnab Pal. Recently one got to visit the sets of the serial during shooting where a couple of artistes like Indrajit Deb,Master Guddu were present.

We should thankful to the judges of the show - 'ZIP ZAP ZOOM KIDZ'

We, the Indians are very much talented indeed. We do have the efficiency in dancing, singing, acting, painting, writing, stitching, sculpture, interior designing etc. etc.-- all most in the every aspect of the life as a matter of fact. In Indian point of view, the cooking is an art. Even we consider the physical relationship between men and women as an art. We are very much artistic, romantic and cultured people in reality. But, it seems that, among all the art forms, the dancing are the most preferable and demanding art form in our beloved country- India over and all.

The program'PUJOR PANCHALI' is realy an useful one

Our ancient Shashtras say that the Durga puja started by Raja Surath in the ancient time. After that, Raja Ramchandra has started this Akal Bodhan to resque his wife Sita Devi from the house of Lankeshwar Ravana. In the modern age,just 400 years back from to day Jamindar Kangsa Narayan resumed Durga puja in Sarat Kal. He spend 9 lack Rs. for the Durga puja. Then another Jamindar Kandarpa Narayan spend 10 lack of Rs. for that particuler puja of the Godess Durga only. In British period Maharaja Krishna chandra of Krishno Nagar made Durga puja a big festival.

We can find the fragrance of Durga pujo in 'PUJOR CARAVAN' very rarely.

We all have calenders in our homes, offices etc. Those calenders are indicating some thing constantly, and that is about the fact - the Duga puja is knocking the door now. Most of us mainly live in cities. So, we can not see the famous kash phul of Bengal,but we can see the see the sky. And the cloudless sky is saying to us -Durga puja is live in industrial areas, the festive session has started from that particular day of Viswa karma puja for them as a matter of fact. They enjoyed the puja very much.

The 'PUJOR SERA PREM'makes the viewers nostalgic.

'I was just a teenage girl of 14 years old, fallen love with one of my friends,who was a boy obviously. But could not tell him about the fact that I have a soft feeling in my mind,which is called love,for him only. Because, I was shy. And was expecting that particular proposal from him actually. I was immature at that time. I was thinking that he also loves me,as I love him. But, it was not like that. It was not true. He did not love me at all. It 'as my thinking only. I misunderstood him. I could not read the real language of his eyes as a matter of fact.

Elaine Lancaster of Fashion News Live Takes On The Real Housewives of Miami

South Beach, Miami, September 28, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / I-Newswire) - Bravo hits South Beach as sources have confirmed that the "Real Housewives of Miami" is far from the works and has already been shot and ready for T.V! Bravo isn't the only thing that hits the shores as the series uncovers twisted and unique characters! One of the featured "housewives" will be James Davis better known as Elaine Lancaster, the drag queen extraordinaire of South Beach. This won't be the first time Elaine steps in front of the cameras, either. Visit for exclusive Elaine interviews and more! Only Fashion News Live has the uncovered details about this fashionable diva! Check out for more details.

Meet Sandhya – Chutki’s Mami | Ek Chutki Asman Sahara TV Show

Bablya, around six years, is a housewife and loves gossiping with her neighbours. Sandhya is quite lazy and plump and always avoids doing household work citing illness whereas in realty she is extremely fit and fine.

CALCUTTA, Sep 27, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) - Sandhya is typical woman coming from a small hamlet in Konkan, Maharashtra. Sandhya is Chutki’s mami and wife of Chutki’s mama Ramakant, has a small son Bablya, around six years, is a housewife and loves gossiping with her neighbours.

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The name of the program- AADHI DUNIYA is symbolic and appropriate too.

The biggest festival of our state West Bengal is Durga puja undoubtedly. It is one of the biggest of our country India rather. The whole world knows about Durga puja in fact. The ancient Indian shashtras(the Puran etc.) say that the Devatas made Devi Durga with the help of their own divine power only. So Durga puja means the woreship of the super power as a matter of fact. Yes, Durga puja means the puja of Shakti(the power). In India we consider women as shakti only. Yes,we are women.

The world famous judges of 'SUR SANGRAM' have the ability to judge the contestants

It is said by the ancient Shashtras(which are the real knowledge banks for the world) of our motherland India (which is the original motherland of the civilization too) that,the music took birth in India in reality. We the people of the modern age can understand that those Shashtras had been saying no lie at all. We Indians are really very much music lovers by nature. Each and every body of us wants to live a truly musical life as a matter of fact.

From DADAGIRI we can discover different shades of Saurav's personality too.

We can find 2 types of things in the Earth. Those are -- the living things and the objects(who have no life). There are 2 kinds of living things here - the plants and the animals. Plants also have lives but they do not have brains:where as animal have the brains in the insides of there heads. They can think. Man is also an animal, But totally different from other animals. Among the animals, the man is very brainy as a matter of fact. Yes, the brain of a man is much more developed than of any other animal of this planet-Earth. That is why, man can think faster.Man can think a whole.

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