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The programs on Siddhartha Shankar Ray made us more history conscious

We Indians are very much family minded people indeed. We just want to live a complete family and social life as a matter of fact. And another fact about us is that- we(Indians) are too much history conscious too. We never forget about the very rich cultural and the great historical heritage of our country.

Our this awareness and consciousness about our historical and cultural background and the respect we have kept in our hearts and souls and minds for our country can not be possible to hide anyways. It has to be reviled by any way, any occasion.

'RAAZ PICHHLE JANAM KA' is an interesting program. But is it credible too?

We all know about the fact of Neoton’s 3rd law. That is ‘Every action has same and opposite reaction.’ Yes, our daily life experience says that, it is true. And it is science also.

Any body of the world have no doubt about that, the ancient mythologies of our country India are the real storage of every kind of knowledge. And these Indian mythologies believe on good karmas (deeds), bad karmas (deeds), there results, after results, past life, rebirth etc.

'KOFEE WITH KARAN' is a program for the well educated people only

In India,the beloved mother land of ours, the Hindi Film Industry is a very big industry indeed. It plays a great role in our society as a matter of fact. Many of the Indians and other country people from all over the world, have been depending on this Hindi Film Industry of our country India for monitory reason in reality. Not only that, many peoples from the each and every corner of the planet earth, have been taking inspiration, solutions etc. for their daily lives too.

COLORS TV Indian Hindi Show: Rishton Se Bari Pratha

COLORS TV Hindi Social Drama Show: Rishton Se Badi Pratha - Poster
Image from COLORS TV Official site

Calcutta, Dec 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The popular COLORS TV channel in India has launched a new social drama serial titled Rishton Se Badi Pratha broadcast on weekdays at 7:30 PM Indian time.

According to the official COLORS TV web-siteRishton Se Bari Pratha is a story that revolves around two innocent souls (Abhay and Surbhi) passionately in love, where their love becomes the eye of the storm with the brute power dynamics, corrupt and of customs that have gone wrong, of notions perceived and interpreted to suit the ego of the male dominated society, where a woman has no right to choose a companion for herself. And if she dares to that, its not just the girl who faces the wrath of the society and her own family, but even the guy is killed in the name of the so called honor.

Vivel Active Fair Presents Sindoor Khela on STAR Jalsha Bengali TV Channel - A Shri Venkatesh Films TV Show

Sindur Khela on STAR Jalsha

Calcutta, India, Nov 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The new Bengali mega-serial television drama show Sindoor Khela is broadcast on Indian TV Channel STAR Jalsha on Mondays through Saturdays at 9 PM Indian time. The show is produced by the famous Bengali commercial film production company Shree Venkatesh Films.

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According to the promo, the serial revolves around a young girl "Simantini" who describes her name as meaning someone with a full line of Sindoor (vermilion worn by Indian women to signify they are married) on her head - probably implying a great successful marriage. Like all small girls in India, the protagonist also used to play with her mother's vermilion much to the amusement of her grandma and daddy who would tease her about looking like a bride - a very common occurrence in India.

Watch a promo of Sindoor Khela online via Washington Bangla Radio.

STAR Jalsha is a top Bengali channel in Calcutta and India, a serviceof STAR India, the leading media and entertainment company that has the highest reach among Indian broadcasters, beaming to over 168 million people every week across India and over 65 countries across the globe. STAR India is a fully owned subsidiary of News Corporation USA, founded by Rupert Murdoch. Click here for the 2010 News Corporation Annual Report.

Jhalak Dikhla Ja 4 TV Show | New Dance Reality Series Judged By Madhuri Dixit-Remo D'Souza-Malaika Arora

Mumbai, Dec 01, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog Press Release) JHALAK DIKHHLA Jaa, the popular dance reality show is ready to make a comeback with season 4. In this dance reality show, well known faces from film and television industry will perform with professional dance partners on a highly competitive stage. The concept of the show is based on a popular western dance reality show, Dancing with the Stars and is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions in India.

New season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa will start from December 12, after the completion of Amitabh Bachchan hosted quiz show, Kaun Banega Crorepati 4 on December 9. However, the regular episodes will be telecast on Monday and Tuesday during the prime time slot of 9 pm.

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"Munni" Malaika Arora Khan will share the chair of judges with "Dhak Dhak" actress Madhuri Dixit and dancer-choreographer Remo D’Souza. Earlier, it was speculated that Shahid Kapoor will judge the show, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa season four, but things did not materialise as the dates coincided with his filming schedule.

Indian Sab TV Channel Lapataganj Live Hindi Show - Sutti’s Shop In Trouble ?

Indian TV Channel SAB TV Show

Mumbai, Dec 02, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog ) In Lapataganj Live part 1 (Ep 233, TX- 2nd Dec, 2010), a government official named Kanya kumara arrives at sutti’s shop and tells him that his shop is illegal if he doesn’t have property papers with him. Sutti has already lost the papers so the official ordered him to purchase the shop form the government otherwise government will forfeit that property. Sutti laal has to pay 5 lacks for the shop which he doesn’t have. Mukundi arrives to solve the problem and finds that the government official Kanya kumara is his old time friend from college. Mukundi is forced to talk to Kanya kumara for Sutti laal by Lapataganj people on personal level. Mukundi goes to KK’s office and here he comes to know that KK was in deep love with him in their college days, she suggests Mukundi to involve media in this matter they might help sutti save his shop. Mukundi shares the idea to people and everybody agrees to it now suttilaal has to keep hunger strike to save his shop.

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In Lapataganj Live part 2 (Ep 234, TX- 6th Dec, 2010), Sutti starts his hunger strike. People from government arrive to break sutti’s shop but Lapataganj people resist them doing this and invaders runs away. Media arrives and they manipulate the situation that sutti is going to die for sure if government will forfeit his shop. Everybody is shocked of media’s reaction of this matter. Opposition leader arrives to support sutti in his rebel against government. Sutti is compelled to fast till death. Mukundi regret his decision of bringing media in this matter. Sutti is restless and badly stuck in this matter.

'SA RE GA MA PA SINGING SUPERSTAR' is little different from others

It is said by the ancient Indian mythology that, the music itself created from the Damru of the Lord Siva only. It is very difficult to us to say whether it is true or not . But, it is definite that, we Indians are very much music lovers. That is why we can see that, the music based programs, talent hunt shows etc. are taking places in the TV Channels of our country India mostly. And the viewers of every age groups have been liking those types of programs a lot.

We have learned many things from 'DANCE SUPER DANCE'

We are Indians. And we should proud of our this identification of nationality. Yes, we must,must,must be proud of being the Indians. Because, India is not the motherland of some of the people, who have been called as Indians only. India is the motherland of art, culture, creativity and the civilization as a matter of fact.

'MRS. INDIA' makes us confident and perfect

Basically, the wives or the mothers of the common Indian families are mostly just like the spinal cords as a matter of fact.

As we know that, if any body has any kind of problem with his or her spinal cord, then that particular person has to live a miserable life of a helpless handicapped person indeed.

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