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Shoppers' Paradise (Singapore)

Michigan, March 11, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio): Every visit to Singapore triggers off a tug-of-war between the mind and the purse; It’s a pure conflict between passion, obsession on one side and credit cards or cash on the other. No prizes for guessing which side wins.

Simply Thai! (Thai Food)

Michigan, March 7, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) : A word of caution for the hardcore carnivores; be ready to switch to vegetarian dishes in case you visit Bangkok and find crickets being dipped in batter and deep fried and people buying those like hot cakes and munching away merrily…as exciting as our very own ‘Chana jor garam’….repulsive it may sound and look, forget tasting, but those are supposed to be low in calorie and very high in protein…God save the universe. 

Trevi Fountain (Rome, Italy)

Michigan, March 03, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio): The Trevi Fountain Square in Rome reminded me of the college common rooms; young people generally roaming around, friends talking, gossiping and munching food. The only difference was, the crowd around the fountain was of all ages, youngsters, middle-aged people and senior citizens.

নিউ ইয়র্ক (New York City, United States)

Michigan: 01st March 2011: আজ বহু বছর আমি কলকাতা ছাড়া......খুব ‘মিস’ করি আমার এই প্রিয় শহর কে। হোক না ভীড়, তবু ভীষন সুন্দর। তাই যখন নিউ ইয়র্ক শহর কে প্রথম দেখলাম, মনে পড়ে গেল কলকাতার কথা। আর মনে পড়ল ‘রাস্তা চলেছে যত অজগর সাপ, পিঠে তার ট্রাম গাড়ি পড়ে ধুপ ধাপ, দোকান বাজার সব নামে আর ওঠে, ছাতের গায়েতে ছাত মরে মাথা ঠুকে......ট্রাম গাড়ি তো নেই, তবে বিশাল লাক্সারি গাড়ি আর বাস, সব যেন ধাক্কা ধাক্কি করে চলেছে...গায়ে গায়ে সব দোকান, নানা দেশের লোক নানা জিনিস বিক্রি করছে আর গগনচুম্বি সব অট্টালিকা, যাকে নাকি আমরা বলি ‘স্কাইস্ক্রেপারস’...নীল আকাশ প্রায় দেখাই যায় না।

Floatel--The Floating Indulgence (Calcutta, India)

Michigan, February 24th, 2011: I first saw Floatel while I was driving down Strand Road in Calcutta (yes, I prefer to call it Calcutta). Quite an interesting concept, I thought and made an appointment with the manager to have a dekko at this floating indulgence.


Michigan: February 18, 2011: In Japanese, teppan means an iron plate or a steel sheet, and yaki, stir-fried food or stir-frying and Teppanyaki is stir-fried meat and vegetables cooked and eaten off a large, table-top grill.

Agra Fort (Agra, India)

February 16, 2011: Michigan: The show ended with Aurangzeb taking up the throne of the ‘Sultanat of Hindusthan,’ amidst thousands of mosquitos, trying to taste the blood from each and every exposed part of the body and the fort authority, desperately trying to get rid of the menace with the help of smoke.

Romance(in) the Niagara (Canada)

In case anyone ever thought that the mesmerizing ‘Niagara’ would overpower the honeymoon romance, she or he would definitely be proved wrong. The mystical natural wonder will rather enhance it. Couples have made Niagara their choice for years even though the area has not made it onto the Top Ten list of lovers' destinations for quite some time.

WOW Club - Women On Wanderlust - Inspiring All Women Travel

When I first read about Sumitra, the first thing I remembered was a clip of dialogue from Yash Chopra’s super hit film ‘Chandni.’  Vinod Khanna, the owner of the travel club explains to his newly appointed secretary, Sri Devi about the job and he says ‘hum logon ko duniya ki sair karate hain’ (we take people around the world) and Sri Devi replies, yani ke, jo sapney woh dekhtey hain, aap usey poora kartey hain (which means, you fulfill their dreams of travelling around the World)
That is exactly what Ms. Sumitra Senapaty is; she can make your travel dreams come true. An internationally known travel writer who has extensively travelled across the globe , Sumitra is the answer to all your travel dreams. She spared some time from her busy schedule to talk about what WOW is. 

Let there be peace... (Cairo, Egypt)

With the recent political turmoil in Egypt and with Cairo being turned into a semi battlefield with thugs and protestors clashing, the only thing that the World can pray for that country now is Peace. I have travelled across the World extensively and Egypt was perhaps one of the nicest of all countries that I have visited in my lifetime. So, this is a prayer to God Almighty to restore peace in that “otherwise” peaceful nation. The country is full of historic treasures, nice, polite and friendly people, great food and the majestic river Nile… let peace be restored and let everything and everyone be safe. 

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