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Kolkata Kali Puja Online: CHETLA YOUNG STAR- WBRi Special 2011 Calcutta Kali Pujo Parikrama Photo Feature for NRIs


Kolkata Kali Puja Online: CHETLA VIDYARTHI SPORTING - WBRi Special 2011 Calcutta Kali Pujo Parikrama Photo Feature for NRIs


Kolkata Kali Puja Online: Janbazar Collin.St Yubakbrinda - WBRi Special 2011 Calcutta Kali Pujo Parikrama Photo Feature for NRIs


Kolkata Kali Puja Online: ARMHARST STREET - WBRi Special 2011 Calcutta Kali Pujo Parikrama Photo Feature for NRIs


Kali Puja - India, USA & Worldwide - a Global Puja Parikrama


According to Ramkrishna Paramhansa Deb, darkness is the Ultimate Mother, or Kali:
My Mother is the principle of consciousness. She is Akhanda Satchidananda; indivisible Reality, Awareness, and Bliss. The night sky between the stars is perfectly black. The waters of the ocean depths are the same; The infinite is always mysteriously dark. This inebriating darkness is my beloved Kali.

Evergreen Attractions


A beautiful plant eating up small birds or insects, how does it sound? It’s a nightmare for vegetarians to even believe that such a living thing exists on planet earth. But ask those who have some interest in Botany and they will tell you loads about a Nepenthes, a pitcher plant, a carnivore to the core, beautiful,  colorful and attractive. 

Greek Food


You certainly don’t need to be in Greece to enjoy their wonderful cuisine as most big cities in the World have a couple of good Greek restaurants. True, you may not get the specific ones like an estiatorio that serves foods from the oven, a psistaria, a grill house where one could eat roasts, grills and salads and a taverna, a restaurant with a small menu and ideal for long meals and lots of wine. But what you are sure to get are the souvlaki shops, selling mouth-watering kebabs and gyros.

Fall & Festivals


My friends in India often wonder why do we refer to autumn as fall? Well, it’s just another name for autumn, may be associated with the fact that the leaves are continuously falling from all the trees and it is a change of season, from the bright and lush green summer to a cold and barren winter. A season of harvest, a time to celebrate the bounty of Nature or if I may quote John Keats’ Ode to Autumn, then it’s just:

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;

Durga Puja 2011- Bangladesh


Dr. Loya Islam of Dhaka took time out of her busy schedule to capture the wonderful Pujo moments in the city.  Shared with WBRi by Ms.Asmita Mukherjee: take a trip down the streets of Opar Bangla's Dhaka and enjoy the spirit of Puja.

Durga Puja 2011-Worldwide


Sydney's Das Barir Pujo

Bengalis are there all over the World and it is said that wherever there are 3 Bengali families, there has to be a Durga Puja. Well, may not be quite true but the fact that Durga Puja is ‘Sarvajanin’ i.e. for everyone, Bengalis try to start a Puja whenever there is enough number of enthusiasts. Calcutta has the cream of Pujas but this feature is about the Pujas that are held Worldwide, organized by the NRIs. 

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