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KA: Cirque du Soleil: MGM Grand, Las Vegas


When Cirque du Soliel’s Iris team performed a show during the 84th Annual Academy Awards function at the Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles on 26th February 2012, the anchor Billy Crystal commented that he had a hamstring injury just watching the show for 5 minutes. Wonder what thousands of people who have watched Cirque’s KA at MGM, Las Vegas for whole 90 minutes would have to say?

Dunes & Bay (Traverse City, Michigan)


As we drove through Traverse City a clear blue sky reflected on the gleaming Lake Michigan with a unique contrast of green, light blue and dark blue.

Millennium Park (Chicago, United States)


I love the millennium park in Chicago; more because of Anish Kapoor and his mind blowing creation ‘Cloud Gate’ that has attracted millions of visitors like me to the city. In fact, when inside the park, one should not look at the watch…ever! It’s a total fun place with variety of entertainment for different kind of people; musical concerts, exhibitions, fun time festivals for kids, architecture, opera or even dance festivals…you name it and its there.

Smoky Mountains (Tennessee, United States)

My favorite color is green and so is Nature’s and I happily shared this similarity with her during our trip to the famous Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, United States.

Nautilus Inn (Daytona Beach, Florida)


In Greek the word ‘nautilus’ means sailor but here I am talking about a fine place to stay on the shores of Atlantic Ocean; in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Agrodome Rotorua (New Zealand)


During the first week of our stay in Rotorua, New Zealand, we went around exploring natural geysers, crater lakes, multi-colored sulphur springs, bubbling mud pools and even experienced the Maori (Tribal) culture and traditions. We even did our share of watching New Zealand’s national bird, Kiwi and the living pre-historic fossil, the Tuatara, the World’s slowest growing and the longest living reptile.  Then it was time to take a look at the other treasures that the city had to offer. 

Pictured Rocks (Michigan, United States)


Munising is Michigan Upper Peninsula’s best kept secret and its USP is certainly the Pictured Rocks and all other attractions that are listed under NPS’ Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. I woke up to a surprisingly warm morning on an early September day just to be awed by the magnificent sunrise on Lake Superior. Ours was a Lake facing room and the view was truly amazing. Later in the day, equipped by maps and brochures we set out for our much anticipated trip of the beautiful Lakeshore.

Capital Calling (Washington DC)


Torrential rain lashed our car window panes and windshield as we drove into DC. I was a bit depressed as whenever I thought of Washington DC, beautiful buildings, memorials, flags and monuments came to my mind .…not to miss out the grand Smithsonian museums and the chances looked bleak as the sky was overcast and it poured mercilessly. My prayers for a sunny next day continued and were answered as we woke up to a crisply cold morning next day. Our weekend trip to the capital city of the United States was like taking a walk through the past, present and the future of the country….a city that had loads of history to share.

When the 'Gladiator' met the 'Angels & Demons.' (Rome, Italy)


As we slurped big scoops of gelato on waffle cones, we debated, should we or should we not… Finally we decided that we would throw a coin on Trevi Fountain that would ensure our return to the eternal city. Honestly, I don’t believe in these legends but as I stood in front of the Fontana di Trevi and watched hundreds of people tossing a coin into the waters, I thought may be its worth giving a try and if it doesn’t work till the last day of my life, I can tell people ‘It’s not going to work.’ 

Swami Vivekananda (12th January 1863 - 04th July 1902)


The World will celebrate the birthday of Swami Vivekananda on January 12, 2012 and the Ramakrishna Math and Mission will begin a four-year-long celebration to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and carry out various projects in several states to commemorate the occasion. 

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