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Toronto Tabla Ensemble - Acclaimed Independent Band Exploring World Music with Rhythms rooted in India

Washington Bangla Radio is pleased to present a selection of the beautiful and unique compositions of Toronto Tabla Ensemble (  for your listening pleasure. These audio tracks are presented courtesy of the Toronto Tabla Ensemble and their Artistic Director, Ritesh Das (e-mail: riteshdas [at] tablaensemble [dot] com). Click on the play button above to listen to the songs on WBRi On-Demand Radio.

The songs are:

  • Indo Africa -Toronto Tabla Ensemble. Composer Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri
  • Weight - Toronto Tabla Ensemble. Composer Ritesh Das
  • Tap Root -Toronto Tabla Ensemble and Donald Quan. Composer Ritesh Das & Donald Quan
  • Waterfall - Toronto Tabla Ensemble. Composer Ritesh Das
  • Joyfully Seven- Toronto Tabla Ensemble
  • Weaving - Toronto Tabla Ensemble. Composer Ritesh Das
  • Bable - Ritesh Das and Hari Krishnan. Composers Ritesh Das and Hari Krishnan.

About Toronto Tabla Ensemble

This critically acclaimed independent band from Toronto, Canada, is a total music experience. The TTE has developed its own powerful style using rhythms from India, while exploring contemporary musical landscapes with artists from other cultures.

Playing to sold out audiences since 1991, this influential voice in Canadian music, brings together the North Indian percussive tradition of Tabla, with some of Canada's best music and dance groups.

Staying true to form, content and feeling, the TTE moves what is traditionally a solo instrument to an unparalleled level of ensemble work.

The intricate rhythms and abundant tonal variations possible on the tabla combine to make it one of the most expressive of all percussion instruments. Add to this the versatility of mallets, percussion, voice, violin, bass and dance, and you have what the Ensemble is all about.

The Ensemble has performed at all of Canada's best folk, jazz and art festivals, has appeared nationally and internationally on Bravo!, CBC News World and Much Music, and in 2003 was commissioned to create the current theme music for the CBC RADIO 1's daily morning show Metro Morning.

MP3 Download

Toronto Tabla Ensemble albums are available in MP3 Audio download format online. Click on the album names below to listen to free samples and download Mp3 Audio tracks.

Band Members

Ritesh DasRitesh Das

Ritesh Das, composer and musician, has studied tabla with gurus Pandit Shankar Ghosh, Ustad Zakir Hussain and most extensively with Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. He has toured throughout the US, Canada and India, and performed with many of India's great music and dance innovators. Since moving to Canada, he has established himself as an extraordinary teacher of tabla and founded the Toronto Tabla Ensemble in 1991.

Joanna De SouzaJoanna De Souza

Joanna de Souza is perhaps the only Canadian born artist to achieve a Master's Degree in Indian Classical Kathak dance through Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, India. Her study of Kathak, which began in 1978, continues under Pandit Chitresh Das. Since her return to Toronto, she has gained reputation as an excellent Kathak dancer, teacher and choreographer. Her traditional and collaborative works have earned her a variety of nominations and awards. She is Artistic Director of M-DO and has been a member of the TTE since 1993.

Neel PunnaNeel Punna

Neel, a native East Coaster, began studying with Ritesh Das upon his move to Toronto in 1993. As an integral member of the Toronto Tabla Ensemble, he regularly accompanies kathak dance classes and is on the teaching staff of the M-DO and Toronto Tabla Ensemble Centre for World Music and Dance. Neel has traveled with the Ensemble on many tours and has attended all professional development workshops with Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri.

Jonathan GoochJonathan Gooch

Jono Gooch completed Grade 10 piano in 1996, under Clayton Scott at the Royal Conservatory of Music. A keen interest in rhythm lead him to the drums & he has been playing the kit drum since 1992 & has studied tabla with Ritesh since 1999. He has toured nationally with the Toronto Tabla Ensemble & plays locally with the Three Bears, Shiver Mc Timbers, Clocknuts and You Left Saving The Planet.

Heather ThorkelsonHeather Thorkelson

A passion for tabla lead Heather to begin studying tabla with Ritesh Das upon her return from abroad. She has toured internationally with the Ensemble and participates in all professional development workshops, including those with Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. She is a member of the Ensemble's Board of Directors and plays a vital production and promotional role in all concerts and fund-raising events.

Bindu SadasivanBindhu Sadasivan

Bindhu made her debut with the Toronto Tabla Ensemble in 2007. She participates in all performances, classes and workshops and is studying the art of kathak dance accompaniment. Outside of the Ensemble, she works as a full-time occupational therapist.

Robin KalninRobin Kalnin

Robin had his first exposure to the Indian classical performing arts while completing a degree in music at the University of British Columbia. A saxophone player by training, he has composed music and played in a variety of jazz, classical and contemporary settings. Upon moving to Toronto, an interest in Indian percussion lead to studies in tabla. Robin performs with the Toronto Tabla Ensemble and accompanies kathak dance classes and performances.

Vitra GosineVitra Gosine

Vitra has been studying tabla for the last several years and made her debut with the Ensemble in 2007. She participates in all classes and workshops and is studying kathak dance accompaniment. Outside of the Ensemble, Vitra is an Investment Finance Analyst.

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Hridoy Ujar Kore - the Bengali Classic Songs Album by Jharna Rahman

JHARNA RAHMANJharna Raman's classic Bangla audio music album Hridoy Ujaar Kore contains the following songs:

  1. Ajo Ami Cheye Thaki
  2. Ecche Kore Dana Mele
  3. Akash Bhora Tarar Rate
  4. Hridoy Ujar Kore
  5. Sukheri Sur Baje
  6. Osru Diye
  7. Sudhu Gaan Geye
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Ustad Rashid Khan | North Indian Hindustani Classical Vocal - Live Concert DVD Release in North America (USA and Canada)

June 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) THE GURUS OF BANDISH - USTAD RASHID KHAN - LIVE DVD has been released online for Indian Classical Music lovers in North America.

The most widely accepted variety of Hindustani Classical Music today is called Khayal. Over the past fifty years, Khayal has steadily gained popularity in comparison with Dhrupad, a form with simple grandeur and lack of embellishments. Khayal, with its flexibility and ability to incorporate musical ornamentations, has effectively regaled the new listeners of Indian Classical Music, the middle and upper middle class. Khayal being the most popular and flexible form of Classical music rendition in India has to be presented in a concise form without interfering with their mood and content. Here is a collection of personally selected Bandishes for renditions from the rich and endless reservoir of compositions, which is presented by some of the most accomplished vocalists of our times. Rashid, the young genius - Rashid Khan, who started his life as a child prodigy, has developed into a brilliant musician and is today, one of the top vocalists of the Indian Classical Music world. His voice production and application of notes have an intoxicating quality. His taans are his strongest points. The clarity, in spite of the breathtaking speed of the taans, which cascade like a fountain is remarkable. His innate musical sense makes one feel, that he is a natural musician, and sings with the ease of a swan taking to water. Interview with Artiste. Full Notations of Ragas and Bandishes. Raga Bilaskhani Todi - Bandish - Kahe Karata Mosey Jaa Jaa RE Jaa Todi - Bandish - Langara Kankariya Aba Mori Naiya Basant - Bandish - Piya Sanga Khelun Marwa - Bandish - Gur Bina Gyan Puriya Dhaneshree - Bandish - Payaliya Jhankaar Khush Rahey Sanam Bihag - Bandish - Aliri Al Beli Desh - Bandish - Karma Kara Dije Nadaan Jiyara Chhayanat - Bandish - Jhanana Jhanana Megh - Bandish - Garajey Ghata Ghana Gagana Garajey Hansadhwani - Bandish - Laagi Lagana Accompaniments Samar Saha: Tabla Sudhir Nayak: Harmonium Soumya Bose: Harmonium Prasad Khapade 

Bengali Remix | DJ Aks presents Dushto Chele featuring Upol, Skib Khan and Sarah Ali from the album The Miracle

DJ Aks presents Dushto Chele featuring Upol, Skib Khan and Sarah Ali from the album The Miracle.

Washington Bangla Radio presents the latest Bengali DJ Remix that is taking Bangladesh Over. This song is also being aired on WBRi Live Bengali Radio channel.

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The sweet voice of NINA RAHMAN - Bengali Modern, Rabindrasangeet & Nazrulgeeti singer from California, USA

Nina Rahman - Bengali SongsNINA RAHMAN has a wonderful sweet voice as you will hear in the player and sings great Bengali modern as well as Rabindra Sangeet.

Born in Barisal, Bangladesh, Nina now lives in California, USA with her husband Dr. Mizanur Rahman and two beautiful children - one son and one daughter.

Read all about Nina and listen to the full audio songs from her album Taray Taray exclusively on Washington Bangla Radio.

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