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Everything In Temporary - Josh Funk Concept Album About the Dreams of a Man in a Coma Mp3 download release

Josh FunkChico, Calif. (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) September 14, 2010: Josh Funk, an independent and self-produced artist, today announced the release of his fourth original album, “Everything In Temporary”, a concept album that deals with the feelings of lost love through the perspective of a comatose man lying in his deathbed. This newest release is a stark contrast to Funk’s earlier emo-pop albums as he parts ways with his former works and explores the depths of his darker self, showing a truly integral side of him fans have yet to see before.

Kissing Lola of 1000 Years Fame Goes All The Way With 100 Fans

Kissing LolaPop/Rock Band Kissing Lola offers a lifetime of music, creative collaboration, concert tickets and limited edition merchandise for free to a select group of 100 fans

Beverly Hills, CA (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) September 14, 2010: Los Angeles based Pop/Rock Band Kissing Lola is creating a unique way to connect with their fans. The band is calling out to everyone who loves their music to be part of a cherished group of CORE 100 Fans. These lucky hundred will get exclusive perks directly from the band including personal contact and creative interaction, free limited edition merchandise, free music including non-releases and bonus tracks, free backstage passes and free concert tickets - for life.

Becon's Puja Album BAJBE PUJOR BAJNA Chandan Roychoudhury's music direction with singers Jojo, Rupankar, Raghab, Soma & Anindita

Bajbe Pujar Bajna album launch
Jojo, Chandan Roychoudhury, Dulal Lahiri, Angela Roy, Alok Roy
Image (C) Aditya Chakrabarty / WBRi

Becon Production has released their Puja Album ‘Bajbe Pujor Bajna where the music has been scored by Chandan Roychoudhury and the album has been produced by Alok Roy. The singers in this album are Jojo, Rupankar, Raghab, Soma and Anindita.

Kumar Sanu’s new Durga Puja album Keno Ele Na released

Kumar Sanu new Kolkata Bengali Pujo Album MP3 download release
Kumar Sanu, Ustad Rashid Khan, Nirmala Misra, Kumar Abhijit

Keno Ele Na - Kumar Sanu's new pujo album release
Kumar Sanu, Pt. Ajoy Chakrabarty, Nirmala Misra, Kumar Abhijit
Images (C) Aditya Chakrabarty / WBRi

Kumar Sanu’s new Puja album ‘Keno Ele Na’ a new album featuring contemporary songs was released by the singer and other celebrities like Haimanti Shukla ,Ajoy Chakrabarty,Rashid Khan, Nirmala Misra and others at Jamuna Banquets, Kolkata on 15.9.10.The album has been released by Dynamic Audio.

Mahalaya - Birendra Krishna Bhadra - MP3 download | Mahishashurmardini Durga Puja 4 AM classic full audio songs and recitation

Birendra Krishna Bhadra Mahalaya
Birendrakrishna Bhadra (image via Wikipedia)

The 4 AM hour-long radio program on the day of MAHALAYA that Washington Bangla Radio has been broadcasting from Washington DC inspired by the All India Radio (Akashvani Kolkata) telecast of Mahishashurmardini on that day has become an integral part of Durga Puja festival tradition. Soon there will be eight decades of the special Mahalaya morning broadcast.

The special radio program is, of course, synonymous with the performance of Sanskrit shlokas and elocution by Birendra Krishna Bhadra (1905 - 1991). Belonging to the first golden age of Bengali arts and  a contemporary of Pankaj Mallick and Nazrul Hasan, Bhadra worked with All India Radio in it's formative years in the early 1930.

Washington Bangla Radio presents the full audio MP3 files of Mahalaya program Mahishashur Mardini  by Birendra Krishna Bhadra. Listen to free samples online and download the MP3 audio:

Mahalaya Mahishasur Mardini - Birendrakrishna Bhadra - part 1 >

Mahalaya Mahishasur Mardini - Birendrakrishna Bhadra - part 2 >

Namah Shibayo Namah Shivayo (Shiva stotram) >

AUTOGRAPH (2010) Bengali Movie Full Audio Songs MP3 Download Released - Soundtrack OST from Srijit Mukherjee film

Washington Bangla Radio has previosuly brought you an exclusive interview of Autograph (2010, Bengali) movie writer-director Srijit Mukherjee in this post a few days ago. We also presented a fabulous informal interview of the reigning king of Tollywood - Prosenjit Chatterjee in this post.

We also presented the prodigal music director Debajyoti Mishra in an exclusive interview in this post. Now, Shri Venkatesh Films (SVF) have finally released the full audio songs from Bengali movie Autograph for MP3 download. You can also listen to free samples online.

Click on the poster below to download Autograph 2010 Kolkata Bangla movie film songs MP3:

Download Bengali Movie AUTOGRAPH songs » icon

BLUSH ON by Ipsita Mukherjee - golden oldie Bengali songs get a modern remix sound while preserving their eternal melodies

Washington DC, Sept 13, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ipshita Mukherjee has been learning music from a very young age, taking singing lessons in classical, light classical, ghazals and so on. As she grew up, she always had a strong regard and attraction for the golden oldies from the nostalgic period of Bengali and Indian modern and film songs - like most Indians who grew up in the latter part of the last century, Lata Mangeshkar, Hemanta Mukherjee, Manna Dey, Md Rafi and so on have always had a strong appeal to her. She strongly believes it is not possible to sing those evergreen oldies without having learnt Indian classical music first, and it is a mistake to attempt such songs without training in classical.

Ipsita Mukherjee Blush On Bengali Retro Remix Album

Therefore, Ipsita concentrated on training herself in Indian Classical vocals for the last 14 years before attempting to perform the oldies classics only now when she is somewhat confident of doing justice to the eternal compositions.

Her new album Blush On - Evergreen Bangla Retros Remixed released by Purple Music of Kolkata contains 2 songs by Arati Mukherjee, 4 by Asha Bhsole and 1 each by R D Burman and Lata Mangeshkar. Interestingly, the music arrangement for these songs in Ipsita's new album is extremely contemporary - the songs have been reprised and remixed using modern instrumention and electronic influences giving them a fresh new sound. In the age of techno, trance and electronica, this album is an outstanding effort that has been lapped up Kolkata Bangla FM Radio Stations who are playing the songs regularly and frequently.

Ipsita explains in this exclusive and informal interview with Arijit Chakraborty of Washington Bangla Radio about the title of the album. A blusher is used in make up to make beautiful women look more beautiful, she says, and for the same reason she has named the album Blush On to convey a sense of having applied blusers to songs that are timeless to start with, giving them a younger and contemporary touch.

Purple Music full audio song albums are available for download in pristine audiophile MP3 format from the exclusive Washington Bangla Radio digital download store here >

Ek mutho jolshar kolorob - In memory of Pulak Bandyopadhyay (May 1931 - September 7, 1999)

By Kohinoor Dasgupta
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

On the evening of Tuesday, September 7, 1999, lyricist Pulak Bandyopadhyay killed himself by jumping off a launch into the Hooghly river at Howrah. He was 68. His body was retrieved on Thursday, September 9, 1999. Words were in short supply in the suicide note he left behind. After having worn his heart on his sleeve as a professional writer for four decades, he had nothing more to say.

Bandyopadhyay lived in Howrah. He was educated at Scottish Church College, Calcutta. He came from a family that enjoyed the Arts — drama, literature, music. Many of his songs were written for Bangla movies, tailored to suit “situations” outlined by screenplay writers and directors. The rest were songs written for the Puja releases and other albums of well-known singers.

आशा भोसले Asha Bhosle 77th birthday tribute complete full audio song MP3 collection - listen to free samples and download online

Kronos Quartet and Asha BhosleOne of the most versatile singers India has ever produced, the prodigal Asha Bhosle remains a pillar of Indian music. The expanse and range of her songs is mindboggling, second only to the amazing versatility and range of her uniquely melodic voice. There are many songs performed by Asha Bhosle - some many decades ago - that remain unmatched despie a myriad of attempts to recreate, re-mix, re-spin her majic - all Indian radio and music lovers will agree that landmark songs like Chura Liya Hai Tumne, Dum Maro Dum, In Ankhon Ki Masti, Dil Cheez Kya Hai and so on can never be re-created.

Asha Bhosle, born on September 8, 1933, will celebrate her 77th birthday in 2010 along with each and every Indian in India and abroad. Happy 77th birthday Ashaji !

Washington Bangla Radio presents the full collection of songs by Asha Bhosle availabled for digital download via it's affiliate MP3 online download store. Listen to free samples and download songs by Asha Bhosle and celebrate the Indian singing sensation's 77th birthday. Check out Washington Bangla Radio's fabulous affiliate store collection of Asha Bhosle MP3 digital full audio MP3 song downloads - CLICK HERE or alternatively HERE or even HERE for more choices.

Kyra Simone - The Scent | The new album from the soul singer from UK - MP3 download release

Kyra Simone | Washington Bangla Radio Exclusive On-Demand Broadcast

Kyra Simone is a renowned independent and talented soul singer from the United Kingdom. Her songs have been played frequently on BBC 1XTRA and recently on BBC Three Radio Counties, as well as many more radio stations across the UK, Europe and USA.

Listen to Kyra Simone's wonderful number Cup of Coffee from her Album The Scent. "Kyra's music is like sipping a full bodied soul-smooth glass of the finest beverage" says Alex Joseph - Creative Director, Creativity Media.

Download Kyra Simone's full album The Scent in MP3 audio format using the following link:

Kyra Simone: The Scent

Kyra Simone's popular radio show Soul Excursion features Special co-host Nonz Ski, interviews, Kyra's Rant, UKSoul.Org's Featured Artists, Topical Discussions, International Appreciation, Giveaways, UKSoul' top three radio chart show and most importantly the best in UK Soul Music. This is a weekly  two hour show aired live on in London, UK, every Thursday from 1400 to 1600 hrs GMT. The recorded podcast of the show is available here.

Also check out a music video of Kyra's upcoming single Let's just be friends currently being supported by DJ G Child and Ronnie Herel on BBC 1Xtra.

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