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Kaisi Kategi Zindagi: Yash Raj Releases Rare Mohd. Rafi Film Song Gems from Unreleased Movies Composed by Madan Mohan

By Raksha Narang

Kaisi Kategi Zindagi Audio CDMumbai, July 26, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Yet again Yash Raj has proven that it lives up to its high levels of expectation when it comes to music. Their latest release, an album titled ‘Kaisi Kategi Zindagi.. ’, is a musical journey comprising of some incredibly rare gems composed by the late Madan Mohanji.

Kaise Kategi Zindagi - Mohd. Rafi Full Audio Songs MP3 Download


  1. Kaise Kategi Zindagi Tere Bagair  - Mohammad Rafi
  2. Har Sapna Ek Din Toote - Mohammed Rafi
  3. Mera Paighaam - Mohammad Rafi
  4. Kadamon Mein Tere - Mohammad Rafi
  5. Mere Dilse Aake Lipat Gayi - Asha Bhosle
  6. Mehbooba Meri Mehbooba - Mohammad Rafi
  7. Jahaan Mile Dharti Aakash - Mohammad Rafi
  8. Ya Illahi, Ek Haseena Ne - Mohammed Rafi
  9. Dhadkan Hai Tu Har Dil Ki - Mohammad Rafi
  10. Yeh Tera Husn - Mohammad Rafi

Pianist, Singer & Composer Debanjalee Banerjee Talks About "Rimjhim" Bengali Modern Songs Album (Anwesha & Debanjalee)

Debanjalee Badopadhyay - Singer & Co-Composer of RIMJHIM (Bihaan Audio)Washington DC, July 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Singer-Composer Debanjali Banerjee talks to Arijit Chakraborty about the international Bengali modern songs album "Rimjhim" (a Bihaan Music release) for which she has composed a couple of songs, including the title track that is performed by the prodigal Indian singer Anwesha Dutta Gupta (interview). Debanjalee has also performed two of the songs in "Rimjhim" - "Chena Ki Ochena" (a song that will invoke 1980s nostalgia with  Alisha Chinoy and Nazia Hussan ) and "Shudhu Gaan" - a number with heavy Jazz influence.

RIMJHIM - Anwesha & Debanjalee - Full Songs MP3 Audio Album Download: To listen to producer and co-composer Aninda Bose online and download "Rimjhim" feat. Anwesha & Debanjalee in MP3 Bengali audio songs format, check out our exclusive interview-feature on Aninda Bose.

Debanjalee grew up in Tanzania and Zambia, and is a trained western classical pianist who has performed with Indian and American artists in concerts. She has also composed and written a couple of songs in Rimjhim. Debanjalee now lives in New Jersey.

Listen to Debanjalee share with us the story of the making of "Rimjhim" exclusively on Washington Bangla Radio.

Album Review: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 OST (MP3 Download)

By MSam, Queensland, Australia

July 12, 2011 ( The 'Harry Potter' films will be heralded as canonical works of our generation, and since the franchise is adored by millions, it should be fitting that the finale of this series be given a phenomenal score. While I had high expectations, I think they were reasonable considering this was such a landmark movie event. Unfortunately Alexandre Desplat's score doesn't fit what I was expecting for the finale of the series, but even though the score is underwhelming compared to the original works of John Williams, having a huge number of generic battle moments and background noises, 'Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part 2' has some truly magical moments that compliment the film.

Some bits of this soundtrack are exquisite and compliment the movie impeccably. The score opens with the enigmatic and melancholic 'Lily's Theme', a gem on this album which highlights Desplat's esoteric approach to composing, in this case heard in the fusion of luscious strings with atmospheric drones to culminate in a beautifully bitter-sweet introduction - and a heartbreaking moment during its appearance in 'Snape's Demise'. 'Battlefield' immediately conjures up a vivid memory of the battle of Howgarts, and is one of the few engaging moments in the action where the music is powerful and imposing, managing to carry a discernible melody without drenching itself in so many generic techniques found through the album. 'Severus and Lily', the longest piece on the album, is a good representation of both Desplat and the series, led by a eerie clarinet over the top of the orchestra while beautifully utilising a solo piano and tubular bells, and it's followed by 'Harry's Sacrifice' which is short and sweet, moving and tragic. The best piece on the album is 'The Resurrection Stone', which is angelic and very mise-en-scène - the traits which made William's work so magical finally appear in Desplat's work, and the music is truly evocative and entrancing. I would say I liked the ending ('A New Beginning') but to be honest it's too brief and lacks the catharsis that you're looking for after hearing fourty something minutes of battle scores.

Bangladeshi International Artist Reza Khan Releases A Simple Plan

New York, NY, June 3, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Online PR News) Reza Khan and Painted Diaries announce the launch of their new studio recording, "A Simple Plan", available now on the Painted Media label, featuring Andy Snitzer, Graham Hawthorne and Grammy Nominee Fabrice Dupont.

"It's like a nice walk on the beach with your family," says Reza Khan, speaking about his latest CD, A Simple Plan (on the Painted Media label). Following the 2009 release of Painted Diaries, a paean to the affecting stories of everyday life that "mostly disappear in peoples' diaries," Khan's restless artistry has turned inward now. A Simple Plan reawakens the special times in the artist's life, uncomplicated and familiar yet profound and inspirational, which he is happy to share, for he knows that his listeners, too, have lived these vignettes of time, feeling and spirit.

Interview: Composer-Producer Aninda Bose on Bengali Album RIMJHIM feat. Anweshaa & Debanjalee | Bengali MP3 Songs Download

ANWESA RIMJHIM BENGALI SONGS AUDIO ALBUM By Anindya BasuWashington, DC, July 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Aninda Bose is a co-composer and the producer of international Bengali modern songs album "Rimjhim" released under the label of Bihaan Music of Kolkata. Aninda talks to Arijit Chakraborty about the music album, his background and how he came about making Rimjhim with Anweshaa Dutta Gupta and Debanjalee performing the songs.

Listen to Aninda, watch the music video of Rimjhim feat. Anwesha & Debanjalee, and download the album in MP3 audio format online.

Rimi Basu - Bengali-American Singer's Pop Album "Crossing Over" & Music Video - Worldwide MP3 Download Release (WBRi Feature)

[Rimi Basu - Crossing Over - Bengali Pop CD MP3 Download]Washington, DC, July 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Versatile pop singer and dancer Rimi Basu, a Bengali originally from the USA, dropped out of a prestigious medical school, returned to her parents' motherland in Kolkata, and completed her first Bangla fusion album to make her mark on the Bangla music industry.

You might remember we previously spoke to Rimi in an informal and intimate audio interview which you can listen to online here.

Rimi has taken her first step by completing the first-ever female tribute to the King of Pop in Bengal: a high-energy music video to a dark and sultry number from her just-released pop album, “Crossing Over” which you can listen to online also here.

“This project is aimed at inspiring the youth to stay connected to their roots despite the fast globalizing world. It is the ‘crossing over’ of  boundaries and bridging the cultural gap with music……I have idolized Michael Jackson growing up and so I was thrilled to pay a tribute. It’s  all the more special because my tribute to him is in my mother tongue, Bangla", says Rimi.

Watch Rimi's music video and download her Bengali pop songs album "Crossing Over" in pristine HQ MP3 format via Washington Bangla Radio.

Suchetana Bhattacharya Launches Bengali Modern Songs Album "Aye Sawan" (UD Series)

Suchetana Bhattacharya, Dulal Lahiri, Rituparna Sen
Suchetana Bhattacharya, Dulal Lahiri, Rituparna Sen

Calcutta, June 30, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Suchetana Bhattacharya, an upcoming singer released her first album comprising of Bengali modern songs called ‘Aye Sawan’.

UD Series albums are available for download in MP3 format from our online download service.

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Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ Video Controversy

Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ Video Controversy

June 15, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work): It has been viewed for more than 12 million times, in about a week’s time! And it’s just a clip form R&B singer Rihanna’s latest music video ‘Man Down’ from her fifth studio album, ‘Loud’!

And the kind of response it got! Boy, loud it is!

Reggae-infused pop song that debuted last week on YouTube has caused outrage among watchdog groups, so-much-so that they want the clip to be banned from BET.

Wonder, why?

Sandip Bose & Vikram Singh Reunite with Stairway To Heaven

Donovan and Jimmy Page got together a few days ago at the Royal Albert Hall - a big surprise relished by all lovers of rock 'n' roll since Page rarely appears in public these day. Among the myriads who must have wished they were there would be guitarist Sandip Bose and vocalist Vikram Singh.

Sandip Bose a.k.a. Sandy hails from Kolkata is the musical brains behind the recording. Primarily a lead guitarist, Sandy can play the guitar, keyboards, drums and can also sing - skills that have helped him to evolve on way to becoming a composer. Growing up listening to Tagore songs and western classical music; and then into Elvis and rock n roll, he evolved naturally into Classic Rock. He began his career as a guitarist in the early 90’s and played with some of the top bands of Kolkata. In the year 1999 he moved to London and played with a British Heavy Metal  band called “Through the storm” for 4 years. Coming back home, he got into the Bangla band scene and formed “Rudraa” which conceived an album titled “Neel Swapno Laal Golpo” . With an exposure to Indian classical music, he is  trying to fathom a way to incorporate it into his favourite, that is classic rock. Apart from his solo projects, he has also formed a band called “Blue Forest” which includes the acoustic guitar, sarod, tabla, bass guitar and the drums. They are into world music.... mostly Indian classical and cool jazz. He is also into teaching and producing very promising young musicians. He is also the guitar teacher of Birla High School for boys.

The vocalist Vikram Singh, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur was the front man on quite a few scintillating rock concerts in Eastern India in the early ‘90s. His influences include rock, sufi music and ghazals. He’s a natural singer who’s not afraid of attempting vocal challenges. By day, he develops cutting edge applications for iPhone and Android for his company.

Both played together in the same band for a year in the 90s and then again met again this May. "We believe that India’s time to give the world a fresh sound. Boundaries are collapsing and there is place for an eastern initiative that appeals to the critics and fans alike." says Sandip.

Listen to their cover of the Led Zeppelin classic Stairway to Heaven and share your views by leaving a comment.

Bengali-American Singer-Songwriter Rimi Basu Talks About "Crossing Over": Interview and Audio Songs from Her Bangla-Fusion Album

[Rimi Basu - The First Rock Diva in Kolkata]Washington, DC, June 11, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Those of us who live in the Washington D.C. area continue to have the pleasure of watching the spectacular rise of the remarkably beautiful young and talented singer Rimi Basu in the United States as well as in the Indian music circuit. In this informal and intimate chat with Arijit Chakraborty, Rimi talks about her career in music, her interests, her recent release of the outstanding fusion album "Crossing Over" (you can listen to the songs along with the interview audio using the player) and her other projects, including her scintillating new music-video tribute to Michael Jackson which is widely believed to be the first of it's kind by an American woman born to immigrants from Bengal (watch a teaser from the full music video online). Do not miss Rimi's extempore and solo singing in this interview of a Nazrulgeeti as well as a number from "Crossing Over" - you will perhaps get a glimpse of her talent from the fact that she naturally sings with beauty, delicacy and aplomb with no accompaniment and little warning that she might have to!

Rimi is a versatile pop singer and danseuse, and her Bangla fusion album "Crossing Over" was actually completed in Kolkata recently, making an immediate mark on the Bangla music industry.

The album has some of the very best talent in music and video production in Bengal today, including Dibyendu Mukherji as composer, Chandrani Ganguly as Lyricist, and Rajib Chatterjee as Production Director.  Instrumentalists on the album are also the current leaders in the rock music scene of Kolkata, including Mainak “Bumpy” Nag Chowdhury on bass, Ratul Shankar on percussion, and Vikramjit “Tuki” Banerjee on guitar.

The album features a mileiu of different flavours and spans a range of emotions.  "Nesha Nesha" is a seductive number featuring Rimi rapping for the first time as well as Dibyendu's own vocals; "Phire Jaao" is Rimi's angry and emotional tribute to an ex-lover.  The song "O Sayeba" is a full-on Latin pop song that will make anyone want to Salsa, while the
ballad "Ele Naa" slows down the pace, showing Rimi's versatility.

Download The Album In Hi-Def Digital Mp3 Format from WBRi Music Store »

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