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The Feluda Stories
by Satyajit Ray
Penguin, India, 1988.
First published in Bengali by Ananda Publishers, 1971

This book is a collection of crime investigation / detecive stories starring Feluda and his partners, Topshe and Jatayu, set in Calcutta.The collection is unbeatable in value and includes:

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Online Bengali Books | Store | affiliate"Incident on the Kalka Mail" is a top-notch Feluda novel by Satyajit Ray, translated into English by Gopa Mazumder and published by Puffin Books, this is actually the Feluda Bengali Novel "Baksho Rahosshyo" which is the second Feluda novel with Jatayu / Lalmohan Ganguly. Baksho Rahasya was made into a New Bengali Movie of the same name by Sandip Ray, the son of Satyajit Ray (the English name for the movie is "A Mysterious Case" - I assume by "Case", a detective case as well a Suitcase are implied.)

In the intriguing story, two gentlemen on a train inadvertantly (or at least so in the first glance) end up with their suitcases (luggage) swapped. One of the suitcases (Baksho) contains an invaluable manuscript, the importance of which was largely unknow to the owner of that suitcase. Nefarious elements try to obtain that priceless manuscript, and Feluda has to deploy the full powers of his cranium and fire-power to keep them at bay.

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Online Bengali Books | Store | affiliateThis is the English Translation of Badshahi Angti, the first Feluda novel by Satyajit Ray originally published in 1969. Feluda & Topshe accompany Topshe's father on vacation to the historic city of Lucknow. They encounter some pretty interesting personalities, including Dr. Srivastav who had just received as a present a valuable Royal ring (Angti) from his buddy Pyeralal who was dying. Dr Srivastav's house was recently burgled, and he feared for the ring. Feluda also comes across a colorful fellow named Banbehari Sarkar with exotic and dangerous pets. The story revolves around dissapearance, protection and retrieval of the ring.

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English Translation of the iconic Feluda story "Bombaiyer Bombete" (বোম্বাইর বোম্বেটে in Bangla)  that was made into a movie recently by Sandip Ray, son of the legendary Hindi & Bengali Film director Satyajit Ray, starring Sabyasachi Chakraborty As Feluda, Parambrata Chatterjee As Topshe, Bibhu Bhattacharya As Jatayu, Ashish Vidyarthi As Gopinath Gorey, Rajatava Dutta, Joy Badlani, Paran Bandyopadhyay As Pulok Ghoshal, Anjan Srivastava, Rajesh Sharma and Mohan Sethi. In this story, Jatayu / Lalmon Ganguly's move director buddy Pulak Ghosal embarks on shooting a movie based on a crime thriller written by Jatayu in Mumbai. Feluda, Topshe and Jatayu are invited to the Bombay for the shooting, and get involved with the Bombay underworld and crimes committed.

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Killer in Kailash
Feluda Series
By Satyajit Ray
Published by Motilal (UK) Books of India, 2004
ISBN 0143335669, 9780143335665

A customer writes: "I first read the Feluda stories when I was about 17. I noticed a distinct influence of the Conan Doyle Stories in that Feluda is a lot like Sherlock Holmes. However, this does not take anything away from the author as the stories are a very engaging read. I would say that they are ideal for a younger audience (as the author really intended), but I still enjoyed them very much (at the ripe old age of 17). I would recommend this story for any young reader with a penchant for the mystery genre."

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Secret of the Cemetery: The Adventures of Feluda
By Ray Satyajit
Translated by Gopa Majumdar
Published by Penguin Group India, 2004
ISBN 0143335804, 9780143335801
120 pages

The English translation of the Feluda story "Gorosthane Sabdhan" by Satyajit Ray, one of my top favorite Feluda stories. Buy the book online.

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Online Bengali Books | Store | Buy Online Bangla Magazined & Books | affiliateThe Feluda series books by Satyajit Ray, in addition to being great detective / private investigator thrillers enjoyed by teenager, young adults and adults, are also known for their detail in describing the locations. One could almost use Feluda books as travel guides.

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Online Bengali Books | Store | affiliateWell - I can't read French (am guessing the following is French, hope I am right), but Google Book Search has these following comments about this Feluda book:

Qui a dérobé la douzième pièce des signes du zodiaque de Jahangir ? La petite statuette du dieu des morts égyptiens ? Un étrange instrument de musique fabriqué en Allemagne sur l'ordre d'un avocat célèbre passionné de musique et d'instruments laisse Feluda perplexe... Les derniers mots de ce personnage mystérieux ne le sont pas moins : la clef... la clef...

More details

By Satyajit Ray, Gopa Majumdar
Published by Editions Kailash, 1998
ISBN 2842680359, 9782842680350
164 pages

This book has a price tag that is seen to be believed. If you have to have this translated French Feluda series book, buy it online from Washington Bangla Radio Online Bengali Book Store.

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FELUDA | Washington Bangla Radio | Online Book StoreSatyajit Ray introduced the world to Feluda (ফেলুদা in Bengali) in 1965 in the legendary Bengali childrens' magazine Sandesh. Pradosh Chandra Mitter (or Prodosh C Mitter), aka Felu-da, along with Tintin, Asterix, The Hardy Boys, Alfred Hitchcock's Three Investigators (Pete Crenshaw rocked!), etc. - all of these are a part of my generation who grew up in the 1970s - and perhaps a couple of later generations as well. I am not so sure that is still the case, given the regrettable ascent of Bollywood, and recently the Indian subcontinent being associated with slums as well as snake charmers and maharajas (though I don't mind the Maharaja of Gaipajama variety, though.)

In any case, our favorite residents of 27, Rajani Sen Road, Kolkata 700019, and Gar Par in Calcutta (where Satyajit Ray himself grew up) have participated in 35 odd stories written by Ray. Fortunately, they have been translated to languages other than Bangla, including English and French.

For those visitors who have landed here via an unrelated search, Wikipedia has an excellent article on the bright sleuth Feluda, his assistant & cousin Topshe, writer & buddy Lalmohan Ganguly aka Jatayu and Satyajit Ray's masterful weaving of detective stories around various nefarious characters around the modern young private investigator.

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The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 1 & 2

Penguin has published the entire collection of Feluda stories, in a chronological order, in these two volumes.The volumes trace the emergence of Feluda from an unknown amateur crime investigator to a professional famous detective. Purchase these Feluda books online from WBRi Book Store.

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