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"Expatriates from South Asia spread fanaticism in the region" writes Nirendra Dev in "Ayodhya : Battle For Peace": Book Review

[Cover of Nirendra Dev' "Ayodhya : Battle For Peace"]
Nirendra Dev shows some confidence to pen the lines effectively often punctuated with sarcasm - this new book is an exploration of common people’s changing soul through the history of decades-old confrontation.

Calcutta, March 22, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Expatriates from the South Asian nations settled in the west also play a major role with regard to the growth of communalism in the region, says a new book on India’s highly disturbing Ayodhya dispute even as it claims that the future “cannot be very good for the sectarian forces” either in India or even in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Penned by a New Delhi-based Bengali journalist, Nirendra Dev, the book, ‘Ayodhya: Battle For Peace’, says the fundamentalism “would bury its ugly head soon” and cites the instances of return of Sheikh Hasina regime in Bangaldesh and the matured response to 30 September, 2010 verdict on Ayodhya verdict in India to strengthen the argument.

“Actually, one should not blame the NRIs. Many say, in the west or in a country like Australia under a growing racial structure, fundamentalism like Hindu radicalism or hardline Muslim practices often tend to represent the national pride and identity – howsoever faulty,” it says.

Dev, at present working with daily ‘The Statesman’ in New Delhi bureau and stationed during the verdict days at Ayodhya, says among other things “The manner in which people responded to the September 30 ruling offers enough reasons to keep the secular disposition optimistic that the days of fundamentalism are numbered for the common man has had enough of it and long since rejected the same”.

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The Talking Guns North East India »
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Dev, who had earlier authored a book on Gujarat riots of 2002 titled, ‘Godhra - A Journey To Mayhem’, analyzes the political fallout of the Ayodhya verdict, and quoting the local residents of Ayodhya and Faizabad, predicts that it could have adverse political fallout for Congress, the ruling party in India.

Quoting Md. Zameer, Naib Imam of Faizabad’s major Tatshah Masjid, the book says, “Muslims are saddened. We firmly believed it (disputed structure) was a Masjid as namaaz used to be performed. Now Congress will have to pay a price for this” ...

Best of Tamil Cinema Launch By Kamal Haasan in Chennai (Book Review)

Chennai, Mar 10, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) 'The Best of Tamil Cinema: 1931 to 2010', a two-volume publication with 700 plus pages, is the first-ever book written in English about the best movies of Tamil film industry. The book covers eight decades of Tamil cinema, from Kalidas (1931) to Nandhalala (2010). Written by Mr. G. Dhananjayan, Chief - South Film Business of UTV Motion Pictures, the book is a profound account of expert opinions and views of the performance of 232 iconic Tamil movies till date.

Interview: Cricket Journalist Gautam Bhattacharya talks about SACH - his book on Sachin Tendulkar released in the USA

Sachin Tendulkar - Launch of book SACH by Gautam Bhattacharya
Sachin Tendulkar and others at the launch of Gautam Bhattacharya's book Sach

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble at SACH book launch
Gautam Bhattacharya, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble at SACH book launch
Pictures courtesy of Utpaal Sorkkar

Gautam Bhattacharya - Author of SACHWashington, DC, Feb 19, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Renowned award-winning writer and sports journalist Gautam Bhattacharya talks to us from Dhaka, Bangladesh in this informal chit-chat with Arijit Chakraborty. At the time ths interview was recorded, Gautam was in Dhaka for the inaugural ceremony of the World Cup Cricket championship of 2011 which is jointly being hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. You will surely be infected with the cricket bug when you hear Gautam share his thoughts about the inauguration which featured a great, some may even say overdone, cultural extravaganza. The opening ceremony was of particular pride to Bengalees as Bangla songs like O Amar Desher Maati and Amar Sonar Bangla ("My golden bangla, I love you"- the national anthem of Bangladesh) were performed with people across many nations watching live. Gautam also shares with us his best educated guesses on what might transpire in this Cricket World Cup, but, needless to say, anything can happen in the game of cricket.

Gautam Bhattacharya has recently written a book titled Sach about the iconic Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar, a man who dreamed big, stretched his arms towards the sky and reached the summit. Sachin is applauded the world over for his cricketing feats and the person he is. This book, however, is not just another tome on Sachin. The book sizzles with new features, and a foreword by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. As Gautam puts it in this interview, Sach - the title of his book - is not just a nick name of Sachin, the word also means "the truth". In the book, a record 83 individuals, all path-breakers in their own right speak out on what Sachin means to them. If Asha Bhosle calls him 'God's apna aadmi', and Kapil Dev wants him 'to stand as tall as Mahatma Gandhi', Viv Richards gives him '10 upon 10'. Taking the reader through Sachin's journey of life, Gautam steps boldly on what has been 'forbidden' ground till now - the controversy surrounding the erstwhile Indian coach Greg Chappell, who breaks his silence on Sachin after four long years. The high-point of this must-have book is a set of 40 never-before-asked questions put to Sachin by Gautam.

Sach is available for purchase online in both USA via and India via using the links in this exclusive interview-feature on Washington Bangla Radio.

Discuss Asish Basak's M-Factor about Muslim impact on India from Md. Ghori-Timurlane till Shahrukh Khan-Katrina Kaif

M-Factor by Ashish Basak
M-Factor by Ashish Basak - click on the picture to zoom in

‘M-Factor’, written by Asish Basak, is an absorbing tale from vehement times of Mohammad Ghori and Timurlane till the rollicking days of Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. It begins when Islam appeared like a desert-storm in the Arabian peninsula and thundered to India on stomping hooves and flailing swords, It maps Muslim impact in India’s ‘Mission Possible’, and how the Muslims slowly Indianised to become a part and parcel of this wonderfully endowed time-tested civilization.

A Beautiful Mind (Cosmic Healing)

She has a beautiful mind and she heals the mind and body of those who seek her help. A software developer by profession with a Master’s degree in Computer Application, Ms. Shivi Dua is now a known name in Cosmic healing. She spared some time out of her busy schedule to talk about her therapies to the readers of WBRi. 

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