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India 2020 : A Vision for the New Millennium | A Book By President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam & Y.S. Rajan |

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The opening message that stands out in this book is Learn to Walk Alone - surprisingly something Rabindranath Tagore has also inspired challenge-takers to do. Policy, development, business marketing, freedom and opportunity combined with the tremendous natural resources can take India to where the United States is by stressing on exactly these same values (surprise!) - but America had the wonderful fortunes of having their founders have the right vision.

Writing Songs & Lyrics | Techniques for Writing Better Lyrics & Rhymes for Your Songs | Turn Your Guitar Chords Into Great Songs

Here is a set of excellent books that guide you towards writing fantastic lyrics and great rhyming words for songs that you can compose to chords that you already play on your guitar, piano, keyboards or other instrument. With help from these books, writing great lyrics to your wonderful new tune will propel your songs and music to great height.

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Bangla ( Bengali ) Alphabet Book | A fun way to introduce your kid to the Bengali Language

This is a great book to introduce the Bengali ( Bangla ) script to your child in the United States or other countries where the social environment tends to make your kid more comfortable in English or the local mainstream language, unlike in Bengal where Bangla is learnt naturally. There are four sections in the book:

English - Bengali Dictionary | Buy Online Bengali - English Mini Picture Dictionary | Original Artistic Vibrant Pictures|

The Milet Mini Picture English to Bengali Dictionary is an Original Artistic Mini Picture Bengali - English Dictionary. Vibrant pictures encourage your child's creativity while they learn to identify object and words in Bangla. Another must-have item for your child to raise your kid comfortably secure in his or her roots.

Learn to Speak, Understand and Write Bengali | Teach Yourself Bangla | Complete Language Course | Buy Paperback & Two Audio CDs

Learn to Speak, Understand and Write and gain all-round confidence with one of the top most spoken languages in the world - Bengali, or Bangla. Progress quicly beyond the basics. Explore the language in depth. 2 Audio CDs with paperback book. Buy with confidence from WBRi Kolkata Bangla Radio Partner storefront.

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