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How To Salsa In A Sari (Kimani Tru) | WBRi Book Selection | A Story About Mixed-Race Teen Issues | Online Bangla Book store

Online Bangla Magazine & BooksWritten by Dona Sarkar - who has African-American & Indian roots. First, Issa Mazumder's nerdy boyfriend dumps her for popular Latina princess Cat Morena—as if Cat even likes him. She just hates Issa. And for good reason: Issa finds out that her mother not only has been dating Cat's dad, but is going to marry him. That means they're moving into Cat's huge house. And not only is Issa's stepsister-to-be a total beyotch, she has no respect for Issa's Indian and African-American heritage. But Issa gets some tough advice: if she wants Cat Morena to welcome her traditions, Issa had better learn how to salsa in a sari.  Writes The Compulsive Reader (Big Rapids, MI, USA): "Issa Mazumder is African-American and Indian and proud of it. She's been living with her Indian mother ever since her father walked out on them five years earlier, and when her mother announces that she is getting remarried, Issa couldn't be more horrified. To make matters even more unbearable, her mom is marrying Cat Morena's father. Cat has it out for Issa fro ages--to the extent of stealing her boyfriend just to spite her. Issa will do all it takes to keep her mother from marrying into Cat's family--even if that might mean stooping to Cat's level.

How to Salsa in a Sari is far from being your run-of-the-mill teen novel. Sarkar breathes a new and vivacious life into this classic plot. Issa is a smart and dynamite character, and the diverse cast will appeal greatly to what is becoming an equally diverse teenage audience. It is their intense humanity and their conflicts that stand out in this novel. Throw in a carefully measured dose of materialism and those miserable, honest mess-ups that are part of the package of growing up, all wrapped up with the perfect imperfect ending, and you'll find that How to Salsa in a Sari is a stellar, vibrant, and beguiling read that you won't want to let go of. It is novels of this caliber that are growing ever popular among the teenage set, and will soon dominate the genre."
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Gitanjali | Rabindranath Tagore | The Classic That Belongs To Every Bengali - get it from WBRi Book Store if you don't have it !

Gitanjali | Online Book Shop - WBRi Affiliate | Best Price | Great DealsGitanjali is an important collection of prose by Rabindranath Tagore, being a key Indian poet, author and of course Nobel Peace Prize winner. Individuals who are intestered in eastern poetry should embrace this book as it was written with eastern philosophy in mind. Tagore has long been known as an important author of works related to eastern philosophical beliefs, and has written an excellent collection of poetry which is featured in this publication. V. Ganesan (Kilauea, HI) writes: "If there is only one Indian poetry book you are able to read, it should be Tagore's Gitanjali. It is a delightful book. Originally, Tagore wrote it in Bengali, and then translated it to English. I'm glad he did that. The world is able to enjoy his poems. He was awarded the Nobel prize for literature, for this book.
These poems are the essence of the Indian culture. They reflect the soul of India. They are highly philosophical and yet simple as the rain clouds, summer rain, stars, shy bride and the parched land, which he describes. They are soothing, soft and gentle. One does not have to be a Hindu to enjoy this book. Tagore's God is formless and above religions. To him, God is mother, father, king, lover and friend. Indian poets like Subramania Bharathi have also portrayed God in such forms.
Tagore's Words:
"He is there where the tiller is tilling the hard ground and the path maker is breaking stones"
"Life of my life, I shall every try to keep my body pure, knowing that they living touch is upon all my limbs"
"My desires are many and my cry is pitiful, but ever didst thou save me by hard refusals"
"I had my invitation to the world's festival, and thus my life has been blessed. My eyes have seen and my ears have heard"
"Give me the strength never to disown the poor or bend my knees before insolent might"
"In this playhouse of infinite forms, I have had my play and here have I caught sight of him that is formless"
"The flowers have been woven and the garland is ready for the bridegroom. After the wedding the bride will leave her home and meet her lord alone in the solitude of night"

The beauty is endless. Every line is a gem. This is a book which will change your life forever.

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The Heart of God: Prayers of Rabindranath Tagore | Book Selection | Available now at WBRi Book Shop

Bengali Magazines & Books | Online Book StoreRabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) is considered the most important poet of modern-day India. This inspiring collection of Tagores poetry represents his simple prayers of common life. Each of the seventy-seven prayers is an eloquent affirmation of the divine in the face of both joy and sorrow. Like the Psalms of David, they transcend time and speak directly to the human heart. Elizabeth A. Stewart (Santa Cruz, CA USA) writes: "This collection of seventy-seven poems of the Nobel Laureate poet of India is taken from seven sources of his poetry. The editor has skillfully degenderized and introduced contemporary language where he deemed appropriate. The beauty of Tagore's spirit and his eloquence will be augmented for some by the editor's gifts. Long familiar with Tagore's own translations of his poetry, I find in this collection extreme satisfaction in accessing the presence of the poet in images of rare beauty. This book is an important addition to the literature, providing
fresh acquaintance with a master poet.
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Rabindranath Tagore: An Anthology | WBRi Book Selection | On Sale at WBRi Affiliate Online Bookstore

WBRi Online Book Store | Bangla Books | Bengali Magazines | Great DealsThe first Asian writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, Rabindranath Tagore mesmerized the world with his spiritual insights and finely wrought writings. This comprehensive and engaging anthology gathers his polymathic achievement, from the extraordinary humanity of The Post Officer to memoirs, letters, essays and conversations, short stories, extracts from the celebrated novel The Home and the World, poems, songs, epigrams, and paintings. This inspired collection of works by one of this century's most profound writers in an essential guide for readers seeking to understand Indian literature, culture, and wisdom, and the perfect reintroduction of Tagore's magnificence to American readers. Available now at WBRi Book Shop.

Going to School in India | Lisa Heydlauff, Nitin Upadyhe, and Global Fund For Children | WBRi Selection Buy f Online Book Store

WBRi Book shop - buy best books from WBRi Kolkata Bangla Live Radio Book ShopWBRi Book Selections

99 Pages of brilliant color, celebrating the joy of children in challenging situations determined to dream of a better life. 12 different types of educational institutions are covered, including bare-bones tents to temples and Madrasas. Eight pages of wonderful photographs and a pull-out with lunch information complete the picture.

Doing Business in India For Dummies | Business & Personal Finance | by Ranjini Manian (Paperback - Sep 4, 2007)

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A must read for anyone thinking of operating a non-profit, charity, or business in India. India offers unique challenges - political, corruption related, culture wise and language wise - this book guides you exactly on how to navigate India for doing your business.

Neither Man Nor Woman - Hijras Of India, by Serena Nanda | WBRi Book Selection On Online Book Store | WBRi Book Shop

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A great book that discusses the ordinarily taboo subject of homosexuals and gays (Hijras) in India. Buy it instantly online.

5000 Designs and Motifs from India by Ajit Mookerjee | Copyright Free | WBRi Book Selection

WBRi Book Selection

This is a collection of incredibly rich treasury of authentic copyright-free designs adapted from artifacts of the Harappa culture, coins and pottery from South India, Ajanta and Bagh murals, Muslim monuments, Buddhist temples, textiles from Gujarat, Punjab, other regions, masks and tribal art, and much more. Immediately usable material or great resource for design inspiration. The compilation includes introduction and Notes. Buy online from WBRi Bookshop.

India | Stanley Wolpert | A fascinating historical journey along the Ganges from Indus Valley to British Rule | WBRi Bookstore

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India - an wonderful book by Stanley Wolpert - takes us on a comprehensive  culturally sensitive, sympathetic journey from the Indus Valley Civilization to Indira Gandhi's National Emergency declaration with simplicity. The paradox that is India is well captured.

The Washington Post writes: "Wolpert understands India ... Fluent, wide-ranging and often wise, this volume is a useful addition to a shelf of books on India."

India Travel Guide | The Rough Guide to South India 5 by David Abram, Nick Edwards, Mike Ford, and Rough Guides | WBRi Bookstore

WBRi Bookstore Selection: Buy this must-have book for people who are visiting south India, in spite of the North-East being the leader in Culture, Modernism and Intellectual achievement. Be it Kerala’s Kuttanad backwaters, the bustling metropolis and Maharasthran capital Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay), the southern style majestic temples of Tamil Nadu - especially the Venkateswara temple which is great in terms of architecture but a disaster in human relations being run by self-proclaimed holy people who have hijacked the vedic belief system into a very constraining "religion" named "Hinduism" for the purposes of inflicting maximum stress on visitors and greatest monetary returns, imposing balfries and baroque churches of Old Goa, , trekking in the Cardamom Hills, or scuba-diving in the Andamans. You will find excellent tips on places to stay, eat, and practice yoga if you so wish. Helpful clear maps and plans for every area are providede.

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