WatchIndia.TV Christmas Sale - TV Box for the Special Price of $49.99

Calcutta, Dec 13, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) If you are a NRI missing live Indian TV shows, this Christmas our affiliate brings a fantastic sale for its customers and new users around the world - the TV set-top box price has been reduced by 50%. Now Indian TV viewers can watch all their favorite TV channels Live & VOD directly on their TV and get the TV box for the special price of $49.99 when joining one of our affiliate's yearly subscriptions. Click here for a free trial offer >

The TV box has made it possible for viewers of Indian TV channels to enjoy an outsized and evolving variety of television shows in a flexible and economical way by combining heterogeneous technology with secure network infrastructure. Users can enjoy better digital quality at a relatively low cost. All they need to do is connect the TV box to their television device and start enjoying the channels that they are subscribed to live and on demand directly from India.

The services offer full India TV channels & shows coverage to people residing in Diaspora. Zee TV, Sun TV, ETV Kannada, 9XM, Zee Marathi, NDTV Imagine, Zoom TV and many others are listed among live Indian channels.

Listen to Washington Bangla Radio online on Apple iPhone-iPod-iPad mobile devices streaming live

If you are a proud owner of one of Apple's wonderful mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod or iPad, and have a suitable data connection that you have subscribed to or have connectivity to (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi etc.), you can tune into Washington Bangla Radio online channel via your mobile device.

Here is how:

- Head to the iTunes App Store and download and install the FLYCAST.FM free app. Click here to get the FREE Flycast app from iTunes store » icon

- Launch the Flycast.FM Application

- Touch "Search"

- In the Keyword Search box, type in Bangla and then touch Search

- You will see two results called  "banglaradio"

- Touch on either to tune into free Washington Bangla Online Radio channel

- You can set this as a favorite on the Flycast home screen so that you do not have to search every time

- We encourage you to rate the songs that you hear!

For more information on Washington Bangla Radio support for mobile / cell phone / smart phone devices, check our online help page here.

Watch a video tutorial on how to listen to WBRi free online Bengali radio on your apple mobile device.

Watch Indian TV channels for half of the already nominal annual subscriptions - Diwali special one week only

Germantown, Maryland, Nov 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The popular WBRi affiliate online live Television service providers have announced and exclusive 7 Days Diwali Sale on Watchindia.TV - 50% OFF on All Yearly Subscriptions.

Diwali, the five day Festival of Lights, is an official holiday which carries the most significant spiritual meaning for most Hindus and Indians. Thousands of traditional clay lamps are lit in houses all over the country to celebrate the victory of good over evil. During Diwali people decorate their homes and share gifts and sweets with family and friends.

Watchindia.TV currently offers 50% discount on all yearly Subscriptions including all new Mega packs: Mega Hindi, Mega Marathi, Mega Bangla, Mega Tamil and more. This is a limited offer - Watchindia.TV Diwali sale will last only for 7 days until Nov 9th.

To enjoy this exclusive proposal at half price and watch your  favorite Indian TV channels live and on demand all year long subscribers will need to use special promo code while competing the Sign Up form: “Diwali10”. Please note that the promo code is case sensitive.

During the days of sale Watchindia.TV will broadcast some of India’s top special shows for FREE on "What's on TV" section. The broadcast will include 9 VODs and live streaming of Times Now. Visit Watchindia.TV website to find out further details.

Furthermore, wireless TV box will bring virtually any program to subscriber's TV for only $99.99. All Indian TV channels are ready to broadcast live and on demand in English, Hindi and other regional languages. Watchindia.TV focuses exclusively on content suitable for Indians residing in the country and in Diaspora.

For the limited time of one week only, Indian TV show lovers can click here and enter coupon code “Diwali10” to sign up.

Indian Brass Sculptures and Brassware - An exclusive exquisite South Asian art

If you mix the two metals copper and zinc, the resultant alloy is Brass. Brass is distinctly different from the other historic metal, Bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin.

Brass is well regarded for its similarity to gold as well as it's wonderful musical audio characteristics, and is revered greatly in two completely different forms of art - sculptures and musical instruments. It is a soft metal that is widely used in low-friction applications (brass locks and keys are still very popular) and it's great electrical properties make it useful in electrical applications. The resistance of brass to generating sparks from friction makes it a great metal to use in places (e.g. machinery operating in a volatile gaseous mixtures) where sparks could be disastrous.

The history of brass is ancient - in India, Brass is known to be in use from before 3,000 BC. Even today, artisans of Kashmir make Brass utensils, often oxidized. Uttar Pradesh is famous for it's Brass sculptures, frequently electro-plated. Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are also famous for their unique styles of Brass, Bronze and Metal sculpture.

Some fabulous Brass sculptures are available for purchase online from Washington Bangla Radio's international affiliate. Check out the unique and exclusive collection.

Sunil Gangopadhyay's MONER MANUSH - An Audio-Book CD Collection on writings on LALON FAKIR from Bangla Beyond Borders

Germantown, Maryland, Oct 21, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Published in 2008, the novel Moner Manush is a biographical account of Lalon Fakir - the Emperor of the Bauls - through the eyes of the acclaimed Bengali poet and writer Sunil Gangopadhyay.

Fakir Lalon Shah was a folk philosopher and composer, born in 1774 in the present district of Kushtia in Bangladesh. The novel depicts the life experiences of Lalon: his childhood; the tragic separation from his family; his settlement in the forest away from locality and the growth of his follower community and his simple philosophy of life. Lalon's life and his beliefs have a huge relevance in todays world when religion has divided our society. Lalon lived between institutional religions and called for a unified approach towards realising the presence of 'God' within the human body. His songs give subliminal exposures to the reality that lies beyond the material world and show the triviality of any attempt to divide people both materially or spiritually.

Watch a video preview of the Audio-book online.

List: Complete Movies (Bollywood, Tollywood-Bangla Films, Audio Full Song OST Soundtrack Album Release available Online (Part 8)

This is the eighth installment of our fabulous list of DVD and Blu-Ray releases available on-line. Not only movies, but also full audio song and music soundtrack OST albums are also part of this list. Check out the fabulous prices in Indian Rupees from our affiliate online store, and decide for yourself why you should buy Bengali movie DVDs in US dollars from US retailers like Amazon, Netflix, Best-Buy etc. when you can buy the same movies at unbelievable discounts from our links below. For example, at the trime of writing (9/14/2010 22:12 EDT), Arin Pal's acclaimed film DOSHTA DOSH aka 10:10 is available on DVD for Rs.299 / US$7.12 and Manoj Michigan's groundbreaking film Hello Kolkata for a stunning Rs.40 or US$1.33 !

Check out the complete list.

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Into the Radio's future with IRA - Wifi Internet Radio Adapter

Do you have wireless Internet? Do you want to get FREE music, sports, and news from around the world? Tired of confusing terminology and confusing features? Meet Ira – The Internet Radio Adapter that connects automatically to any wireless internet network. Extra features were intentionally removed so you can quickly listen to free music, sports, and news, without the extra hassles. Just take it out of the box, plug it in, connect it to your home stereo or boombox and use it. Automatically sets up in about three minutes and doesn't need a computer. All cables included. Ira has over 11,000 stations from just about every country in the world. Filter by location or genre to find new stations in under 30 seconds. Listen to Washington Bangla Radio or your favorite local channels in CD like quality. Includes On Demand Podcast programming for many stations so you can listen to your favorite shows when you want. Includes a one-touch “STAR” button to store up to 40 of your favorite stations.

Available online for order here >

  • Internet Radio Adaptor that connects automatically to any wireless internet network in about 3 minutes without the need of a computer
  • Listen to Washington Bangla Radio or your favorite local channels in CD like quality.
  • Ira features over 11,000 stations from just about every country in the world. Filter by location or genre to find new stations in under 30 seconds
  • Includes On Demand Podcast programming for many stations so you can listen to your favorite shows when you want.
  • One-touch STAR button to store up to 40 of your favorite stations. Remembers your favorites even if it is unplugged or in case of power loss.

Cybersherrif writes, "We live in a fairly rural area. Strong/clear radio signals are hard to come by. Initially, we had access to free XM internet radio since we had previously purchased a "lifetime" subscription to XM satellite radio. Then beginning in March 2009 we were told we'd need to start paying $3/month to continue XM internet radio access. Seems this fee was waived if you had any level of service less than "lifetime". It was a case of the more you paid XM; the less you got. So we bought a MYINE. It's easy to set up, you don't need a computer, has access to thousands of music/talk stations around the globe and if you hook it up to an FM transmitter as we did, you can wirelessly broadcast and receive the transmission on any FM radio you possess. So now we don't need XM radio and have terrific music service as well."

Tune into the first ever online global celebration of Tagore's 150th Birthday | WBRi WASHINGTON BANGLA RADIO Special Event

Photo of Rabindranath Tagore, taken in 1905 or...

Image via Wikipedia

To celebrate Rabindranath Tagore's 150th birth anniversary, VNN Bangla News Network ( and WBRi Washington Bangla Radio are organizing a gala live radio show bringing together singers, elocution artists and narrators from across the world in a single 3-hour long program on May 9, 2010.



CHANNEL: WBRi CHANNEL-2 - available here

The program will be anchored in VNN Bangla studios in Baltimore, Maryland while live production and broadcast will be done by CHANNEL-2 (Special Programs) of WBRi Washington Bangla Radio from the WBRi Studios and Corporate Headquarters in Germantown, Maryland, USA. The landmark show will be jointly hosted by VNN and WBRi. Various artists from across the planet will participate in this first-of-a-kind radio show sitting in their own room in their own country.

Please tune in and make this pioneering effort a huge success.

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Thank You

Thank You

We appreciate your interest in participating in VNN-WBRi Rabindra Jayanti global radio show 2010.

You will hear shortly back from one of us.

The show will be broadcast live online on Washington Bangla Radio Channel-2 which you can tune in by clicking here.

Thanks again.


VNN News Team:

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