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Interview: Actress Pooja Bose on her Bengali film Macho Mastana (2012), Hindi movie Rajdhani Express with Leander Paes, & more

Bengali Actress Puja Bose (Pooja Bose)Cleveland, Ohio, March 1, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The sight of a young and pretty actress winning over viewers with charming performances is indeed refreshing. Director Reshmi Mitra’s (interview) big-budget (and hugely anticipated!) forthcoming release, ‘Macho Mastaana’ (which was previously titled "Macho Mustafa" till the government-controlled Indian film censor board decided that name was potentially derogatory to Muslims) would feature the Tollywood debut of Puja Bose, the latest among the current crop of young actresses hoping to make a mark in the Bengali film industry. In an informal chat with Arijit Chakrabarty of WBRi, Puja talked about her ‘Macho Mustana’ experience where she appears as the heroine opposite a eight-pack abs equipped Hiran Chatterjee (interview), her first forays into the movie industry, her forthcoming releases and many things more.

The conversation started out with the young actress exchanging pleasantries with the interviewer. It was also pointed out by the latter that, thanks to the stylized promos of ‘Macho Mustana’ (which are being extensively aired on all premier Bengali television channels!), Puja Bose had already become a known face among the moviegoers in Bengal. Thanks to the expertly thought-out media campaign of ‘Macho Mustana’, we had the good fortune to have an early look at this ravishing newcomer!

Speaking about her entry into films, Puja revealed that, since childhood, it had always been her desire to become an actress (a wish since ‘birth’, as the young lady put it!). Puja had been determined enough to follow her heart too, joining the showbiz industry soon after the completion of her studies.

Interview: DOLON ROY - The Remarkable Character Actress of Bengali Cinema on her new movies

Bengali Actress Dolon RoyCleveland, Ohio, March 1, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) In the glitz and glamour of the Bengali movie industry, most of the limelight is often (understandably!) hogged by the leading actors and actresses. However, the character actors often turn out to be the true unsung stars in movies, propping up films with their honest and sincere performances. One of the most popular and accomplished character artists of our times, Dolon Roy, chats with WBRi correspondent Arijit Chakrabarty in a brief audio interview. In a candid interaction session, Dolon Roy reveals more about her roles in ‘Zameen’, ‘Charulata 2011’, ‘Macho Mastana’, her future projects and much, much more.

With Dolon Roy being one of the busiest actors in the Tollywood industry, it was indeed commendable on her part to have been able to take out time for a chat session at the studios of WBRi. The interviewer thanked her on this regard. The actress also displayed her pleasant disposition, as she exchanged cordialities with the show host.

Bengali Actress Dolon RoyThe interview started off with Dolon Roy being posed questions about her upcoming films, ‘Zameen’ and ‘Charulata 2011’, both of which are scheduled to release in theatres on the 2nd of March. Speaking about ‘Zameen’, Dolon said it was a ‘different’ film, which delved deep into the contemporary societal problems and political issues that plagued West Bengal in the present day. Praising the way in which the movie had shaped up, the actress referred to ‘Zameen’ as a film that sought to convey a rather complex topical message to the viewers in a relatively simple manner. The strong storyline of the movie helped a great deal too, Dolon Roy added.

Elaborating more about her role in ‘Zameen’, Dolon Roy said that she was essaying the character of a revolutionary lady in the film. Dolon quipped that, any revolution that is headed by a woman generally becomes highly successful and the same was the case in ‘Zameen’. Her character spans a total period of 13 years in the film, starting right from her marriage (at a young age!), to the birth of her child, till the stage where her son had already become established in life (and she had grown into an elderly lady). In effect, ‘Zameen’ featured the journey of Dolon Roy’s character, from a simple and straightforward young woman to a mature lady, who had witnessed several big changes in life.

The conversation then moved on to the other (and bigger!) release of the week, ‘Charulata 2011’. While Dolon Roy categorically stated that her roles in this film was totally different from that in ‘Zameen’ (thereby ruling out any comparison!), there was one basic similarity between her characters in the two films. In both the movies, Dolon’s role featured a profound love for her child (as is, of course, expected from any caring mother!). In ‘Charulata 2011’, it might initially seem that ‘Dolon’s character is only hankering after more money and wealth, but, later on in the movie, it is revealed that, the financial opulence that she was craving for was all for her kid, so that the latter could be brought up in the best possible manner. Similarly, in ‘Zameen’ too, ‘Dolon’ plays a strong-willed woman, who is prepared to stand up and fight against the society to ensure that she is able to hand over her family property and land to her offspring, as and when the latter manages to find a solid footing in life. According to Dolon, the wish to provide something of value to one’s own blood was the sole common feature between the characters she was portraying in ‘Zameen’ and ‘Charulata 2011’ respectively.

Interview: Director Agnidev Chatterjee on Bengali Movie CHARULATA 2011, Bugsy Malone's Affair with Rituparna Sengupta and More

Agnidev ChatterjeeCleveland, Ohio, March 1, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) It is always good news for filmmakers if their upcoming projects manage to generate enough curiosity, hype and buzz among movie buffs. Speaking of eagerly anticipated films, they don’t come much bigger than ‘Charulata 2011’, the Agnidev Chatterjee-directed flick that is slated to release on March 2. In an exclusive interview with Arijit Chakrabarty of WBRi, Agnidev talks about his big breakthrough film, ‘Charulata 2011’, his career in the Bengali entertainment industry and a whole lot more.

Agnidev Chatterjee also recounted several memorable incidents that happened during the shooting stint of ‘Charulata 2011’. In particular, Agnidev related a hilarious incident that involved his own boxer pet dog, ‘Bugsy Malone’ (quite innovatively named, one must say!). The animal had, during the shooting of the film, grown extremely fond (‘fallen in love’, as the director put it!) of Rituparna Sengupta. In fact, the dog had grown to like the ace actress so much that he even tried to bite anyone who even tried to touch the latter. During an intimate scene that was shot (featuring Rituparna and Arjun Chakrabarty) during the film, the dog created a quite memorable incident. He had gone ahead and bit the other leading actor of the movie, Dibyendu Mukherjee (who was watching the scene on a monitor at the sets!) right on his nose! Fortunately, the actor did not require stitches but the incident remained etched in the memories of everyone related to the film. Agnidev fondly said that, to this day, his pet dog simply loved to hear Rituparna’s voice (some crush that, what say?!).

Hot Bengali Actress Rituparna Sengupta Scene with Dibyendu from Charulata 2011

Interview: Tollywood Bengali Hero Hiran Chatterjee - The All-New Eight-Pack Leading Man Of MACHO MUSTANA (2012) Bangla Movie

Tollywood Hero Hiran Chatterji, Director Reshmi Mitra and Bengali Actress Puja - Macho Mustafa (2012) Bengali FilmWashington DC, Feb 25, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) One of the best things about the Bengali movie industry is that, there is no apparent dearth of young and promising actors in Tollywood. While Dev and Jeet have been hogging all the limelight with hugely hyped movies, Hiran Chatterjee has been one of the actors who has been quietly (and successfully!) climbing the ladders of stardom at a rapid pace. In a tete-a-tete with Arijit Chakraborty from WBRi, Hiran talks about his early life, his newly acquired 8-pack body, his big-budget upcoming film, Macho Mastana and a whole lot more. It is to be noted here that Macho Mastana is the new title of the film previously titled Macho Mustafa - the change in the title was driven by a direction of the Indian Film Censor Board which found the usage of the name Mustafa inappropriate due to religious sentiments.

After the exchange of initial pleasantries, Hiran was questioned about his journey into the world of Bengali cinema. The young man revealed that becoming an actor had always been a dream that he had nurtured from his childhood. However, his humble roots (Hiran was born in small village in Bengal, where even electricity was not available) initially prevented Hiran from attaining his goal. From a young age, Hiran had been an avid movie-watcher, with Uttam Kumar and Mithun Chakraborty being his personal favorite actors (not a bad choice of idols for an aspiring actor, one must say!).

Hiran fondly recalled the day when he had once bunked a mathematics examination to catch a ‘Mithun-da’ flick! The young man even used to study with a mirror in his hand (at which he constantly kept looking) – such was his conviction that he was indeed cut out to be a Tollywood hero.

While the modest circumstances that surrounded Hiran during his formative years (both his school as well as his home had tiled roofs, while his village did not even have a paved roadway!), the youngster regularly used to perform in plays that were organized in his locality on the occasions of Saraswati Puja, Kali Puja and Durga Puja. Hiran had a quiet chuckle in his voice as he said that he often used to forget his dialogs during these dramas, leading to embarrassing situations, since a prompter was a missing luxury in these local productions.

Listen to Hiran Chatterjee chat with WBRi in this audio interview and also do not miss his singing in his own voice of the superhit film song Rukega Badal from Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie "Macho Mastana" (2012).

Interview: Up Close and Personal With Indian Food and Cuisine Guru SANJEEV KAPOOR (Audio)

By Bidisha Bagchi

Michigan, USA, Feb 16, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) He became a household name in India with his super hit cookery show on the Indian Television. Everyone who was passionate about cooking or eating waited eagerly for him to appear on the screen and teach them some exotic dish in the simplest way. Yes, we are talking about Khana Khazana and the internationally acclaimed master chef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor.

Atul Maru, Madhuri Dixit and Sanjeev Kapoor
Sanjeev Kapoor (right) at launch of Sanjeev Kapoor's Kitchen DVD by Madhuri Dixit. Atul Maru, Jt. MD, Shemaroo Entertainment at left.

On a crisply cold Thursday morning WBRi caught up with the super chef and chatted about Indian food in the USA, his books, the upcoming Varli food fest in New York and his TV channel, ‘Food Food’ that he started exclusively for food.

So how did this idea of starting a channel exclusively for food come to him?

He said, when he first started his TV show he knew that there was always room for a TV channel being only focused on food. In India there were channels exclusively for sports, music, movies so why not one on food? Like in America, the food network has its own channel and there is great demand for it. So he always thought somebody should do it but never imagined that he would be the one starting it.


Listen to the number one chef from India talk about Indian cuisine and his remarkable efforts in spreading simple Indian cooking without giving away the taste in this exclusive audio interview on WBRi.

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