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Interview | Shaheb Bhattacharya - Topshe in Gorosthane Sabdhan,Naxalite Lover in Iti Mrinalini to Freedom Fighter in Chittagong

Germantown, Maryland, Dec 14, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The young handsome actor Saheb Bhattacharya recently created waves with his role of Feluda's assistant Topshe in his first feature film release Gorosthane Sabdhan (Bengali, 2010) - the latest Sandip Ray film featuring Sabyasachi Chakraborty as Feluda, Shaheb as Topshe and Bibhu Bhattacharya (interview) as Lalmohon  "Jatayu" Ganguly, Tinnu Anand, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Subhashish and others.

We caught up with Shaheb in Bangalore where he is shooting for a film that is still very much on the floors and thus too early to announce, and Shaheb chats with Arijit Chakraborty in this informal and intimate audio interview.

Sandip Ray's Feluda Movie GOROSTHANE SABDHAN
Gorosthane Sabdhan - Sabyasachi Chakraborty as Feluda, Shaheb Bhattacharya as Topshe, Bibhu Bhattacharya as Jatayu

Do not miss Shaheb's hilarious stories of how he would devise various schemes to scare Bibhu Bhattacharya and all of them having a lot of fun behind the camera. Shaheb shares with us some wonderful incidents from the shooting of Gorosthane Sabdhan.

Iti Mrinalini - Saheb Bhattacharya - Konkona Sen Sharma
Saheb Bhattacharya and Konkona Sen Sharma in Aparna Sen's Iti Mrinalini (2010)

Aparna Sen, Shaheb Bhattacharya, Konkona Sen Sharma - ITI MRINALINI Bengali Film
Aparna Sen instructing Shaheb Bhattacharya and Konkona Sen Sharma - shooting of Iti Mrinalini (Bengali, 2010)

Shaheb also plays the role of a naxalite and the love interest of Konkona Sen Sharma's character of a young actress in Aparna Sen's Sudhu Mrinalini (Bengali, 2010) which has started the film-festival circuit already with screenings at the Cairo and Dubai International film festivals. Iti Mrinalini is currently expected to release in Kolkata in January 2011. A story about the life of a film-actress told in four chapters in the film, Shaheb-Konkona appear in the first of the four chapters.

Saheb appears in Sanghamitra Chowdhury's film RUU (2011) with Paoli Dam, in the role of an automobile driver named Chiring Thapa from Sikkim. According to Shaheb, RUU is in some ways a travelog with visuals from fabulous locations from North Bengal, but also with a unusual storyline with a big surprise at the end.

Another great ongoing project for Shaheb is the film CHITTAGONG (Hindi, 2010) directed by Bedobroto Pain. Like the recent Abhishek Bachchan-Deepika Padukone starrer Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se (Hindi, 2010), Chittagong is based on the incredible 1930 armory raids against British occupiers of India by Surya Sen and his group of revolutionary freedom-fighter heroes. Shaheb plays freedom fighter Sukhendu in the film with Manoj Bajpai playing Surya Sen.

Yet another great project Shaheb is working with currently is Mahesh Manjrekar's first Bengali feature film AMI SUBHASHCHANDRA BOLCHI - a film that tries to inspire Bengalis to awaken from their slumbur and resume their leadership positions, stopping and reversing the erosion of their moral courage seen over the last three decades. Mahesh Manjrekar, being a great actor-director, has developed a deep understanding of the Bengali sentiment and the film's screenplay is far removed from standard mainstream Indian cinema. Ami Subhas Chandra Bolchi features none other than Mithun Chakraborty in the lead role to carry the message of the film.

As you know, Shaheb Bhattacharya is also the popular television host for ZEE TV show Sa Re Ga Ma PA Lil' Champ.

Shaheb Bhattacharya - Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Hero Saheb Bhattacharya - Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Hero

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Interview | Director GOUTAM GHOSH: Many Were Surprised When Prosenjit Was Selected As Lalan Fakir in Moner Manush

[Image: Tollywood Hero PROSENJIT CHATTERJEE as LALON FAKIR in MONER MANUSH (Bengali, 2010)]CALCUTTA, Dec 13, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Gautam Ghosh, the world-famous film-maker from India, directed yet another masterpiece on film in MONER MANUSH (Bengali, 2010) - a film about the Bengali poet, singer, song-writer and folk-song icon Lalan Fakir. Tollywood movie super-star Prosenjit Chatterjee has delivered the role of Lalon in a way that critics are saying from now on, whenever they think of Lalon, Prosenjit's image will flash across their mind.

Subhomoy Mukherjee caught up with Goutam Ghosh in Kolkata and had a little informal chat about Moner Manush just after Ghosh returned from the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa,  where an international jury presented the revered Golden Peacock award to the film. The master film-maker talks about Lalon, Rabindranath Tagore, Prosenjit and Moner Manush in this exclusive audio broadcast.

Interview | Phalguni and Rumki Chatterjee of Calcutta Theater Group Lokokrishti - LABORATORY Bengali Drama Production

CALCUTTA, Dec 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Phalguni and Rumki Chatterjee are veterans in the field of Bengali Professional Group Theater and founders of the renowned Bangla Theater group Lokakrishti. Their latest production LABORATORY, staged in commemoration of the author Rabindranath Tagore's 150th birth anniversary, is successfully running and critically acclaimed in Kolkata. Multiple award-winning film-maker Raja Sen was inspired by the theater production of Laboratory to make a Bengali film adaptation with the script written by Phalguni Chatterji. Subhomoy Mukherjee, WBRi correspondent in Calcutta, recorded this audio chit-chat with Phalguni and Rumki that you can listen to by pressing the Play button in the full feature.

The actor-couple Phalguni Chatterjee and Rumki Chatterjee are involved with theater from their childhood. They have seen golden age of Bengali Professional Theater, and subsequently the falling standard and eventual closing of theaters along with diminishing Bengal’s Professional Theater. They have also seen the craze of the audience for the theater in it's heyday. At the same time, they have seen the pillars and pioneers of Bengali Group Theater movement, evolution and changes in the scenario of Group Theater. They have experienced first-hand the challenges facing Group Theater regularly as they are running their own theatre group Lokokrishti for last 22 years.

Their recent production Laboratory, written by Rabindranath Tagore, is a homage to Tagore on his 150th Birth Anniversary. Though they are portraying Laboratory in it's original flavor, they include some contemporary thoughts within the play. The play is very popular now. The play has inspired renowned director Raja Sen (WBRi interview in USA) to make the film Laboratory (Bengali, 2010) and Phalguni has written the script for the film.

Interview - Mainak Biswas - Director with Arjun Gourisaria of Bengali Movie STHANIYA SAMBAD (2010)

Sthaniya Sambad Bengali Movie PosterGermantown, Maryland, Dec 5, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mainak Biswas is one half of the director-duo of the critically acclaimed Bengali film Sthaniya Sambad (2010) along with Arjun Gourisaria (WBRi exclusive interview »). In this WBRi exclusive audio broadcsast of a chit-chat with Arijit Chakraborty, Mainak talks about his background, film-making, Sthaniya Sambad and the real or perceived resurgence in contemporary Kolkata Bengali cinema and Tollywood film industry.

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Interview - Arjun Gourisaria - Award Winning Film Director-Editor-Producer Bengali Movie STHANIYA SAMBAD (2010) PATALGHAR (2003)

Sthaniya Sambad Bengali Movie PosterGermantown, Maryland, Dec 4, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Arjun Gourisaria and Mainak Biswas have directed the Bengali film Sthaniya Sambad (2010) that has received rave reviews and audience reactions across the board. In this informal, comprehensive and intimate audio chit-chat with Arijit Chakraborty, Arjun talks about his background, thoughts, experience and career in film making leading upto the spectacular Sthaniya Sambad.

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Interview | Parijat Chakraborty - Actress-Model-MC: Bengali movies: Kache Acho Tumi, PAGLU, Kolkata The Metro Life

Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Actress PARIJAT ChakrabortyGermantown, Maryland, Dec 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Parijat Chakraborty is a young and upcoming actress-model from Kolkata who is also well-known for her charismatic anchoring as the MC of events and  shows. Parijat's first full-length Bengali feature film Kache Acho Tumi (2010) released on Nov 19, 2010 directed by Pallab Ghosh co-starring Jishu, Swastika, newcomer Tollywood hero Rohan and others. Newcomers Parijat and Rohan have lead roles in Kache Acho Tumi along with established Tollywood artists Jishu and Swastika. In this exclusive, informal and comprehensive audio chit-chat with Arijit Chakraborty, Parijat talks about her background and experience and shares her thoughts for  the future.

Parijat was born at and spent her childhood in Dhanbad in the present state of Jharkand, and moved to the Lake Gardens area in South Calcutta over a decade ago with her family. She has been participating in skits and dramas as a student, and studied English at college. Parijat then had a portfolio made towards initiating a career in fashion modeling and acting. Barely a year after starting, she has alrady has a substantial number of completed modelling assignments and brand endorsements all over India and many forthcoming asignments as well.

Listen to the complete interview via Washington Bangla Radio on-demand audio broadcast.

Interview - Arin Paul : Film-Maker - Doshta Dosh - 10:10, Jyanto Durga - Durga Live,

ARIN PAUL - TOLLYWOOD CALCUTTA BENGALI MOVIE DIRECTORDec 1, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Arin Paul - the smart young and talented director from Kolkata, talks to Arijit Chakraborty about his background and career in this exclusive, informal and intimate audio interview broadcast on-demand from WBRi.

Arin Paul was born in Belur but moved to the picturesque mountain town of Shillong with his parents when very young, and grew up in Shillong. He returned to Calcutta where he graduated from high-school and went to college. Soon after graduating from college, he studied at the famous Asian Academy  of Film & Television (AAFT) of NOIDA, and started assisting directors in making films, initially at New Delhi and then in Calcutta. Read on ...

Interview : SAMIR CHANDA - Award-Winning Film Production Designer & Art Director on Goutam Ghose's MONER MANUSH

Kolkata, Nov 19, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / IBNS) Renowned production designer Samir Chanda was in the city to discuss about his experiences about recreating the period of Lalon Fakir in the movie ‘Moner Manush’. IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra caught up with Chanda in an informal chat. Excerpts:

Tell us something about your experiences while working in ‘Moner Manush’?

Experiences of working with Gautam da (Gautam Ghose) is itself very interesting. Especially when you are doing a period film. I feel that Gautam and the entire unit are like a family. I loved the experience. I enjoyed my work. Siliguri, where we shot was an excellent place. Given a chance I will come to North Bengal once again. It’s like coming to your home land.

Interview - Babul Bose - Acclaimed Bengali and Hindi Film Music Director

Calcutta, Nov 19, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) On behalf of Washington Bangla Radio, Soumitra Talukdar and Mou Sanyal talk to Babul Bose, the famous Music Director of Mumbai & Kolkata in a comprehensive, intimate and exclusive interview.

In his childhood , there was not particularly an atmosphere of music in his family .But he felt an enormous interest in music .When asked how Babul Bose started his career as a guitarist ; he said that there lies a fun story behind .In their joint family of , his cousin had a Spanish guitar and had been learning guitar in a music school in Kolkata. His brother was very possessive about his guitar and no one was allowed to touch it.Babul Bose took opportunity of his elder brother’s absence when the latter would go out and started secretly practicing on his brother’s guitar , taking help of his cousin’s notation paper. He would return the guitar in the place where it was exactly kept before his brother returned home and nobody found out that he was stealthily playing his brother’s guitar. Suddenly an opportunity came .His brother was asked to play the guitar in a Band by an uncle as the guitarist of the band was absent on that day. But his brother was just a beginner and did not have the confidence to play guitar in such a big function .Babul Bose approached the uncle confidently and all the musicians and family members were astonished to watch him playing guitar like a professional guitarist.

Watch the complete interview video online exclusively via Washington Bangla Radio.

Interview: Punjabi Movie Singer-Actress MANNAT (Sukhi) Loves Sridevi Films

Mumbai, Nov 17, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / prlog) Mannat a renowned Punjabi Actress and singer will soon be seen in Movie “Tere Ishq Nachaya”, she is popularly known as Sukhi all over Punjab and abroad for her Acting and Singing. This movie was a dream project of Mannat, as she worked hard for 2 years. And it is also special because her co-Actor is Dakssh Ajit Singh which is her partner not only in Reel life but in Real life also.

She started her career with theatre and then did some videos for music albums which gave her utmost popularity. As per her Dad wish she wanted to be a professor but destiny had something else for her and now you can see where she is. When asked about her career journey she replied, “I have done theatre in Delhi and Punjab for many years and then did number of videos, Sung Punjabi folk songs and now a movie.”

When questioned how was your experience of the movie she answered, “I liked the professionalism of my co-stars Deep Dhillon, Amar noorie and Kawaljeet, everyone was sweet it was like family we enjoyed a lot.”

What is your role in the movie, Mannat replied, “It’s a story about a girl who is like a kid though she is a youth, she doesn’t know the responsibility and sensitivity of a girl about love and then some incident occurs in her life which changes everything.”

Read the complete interview and watch the full movie trailer via Washington Bangla Radio.

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